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Tips To Maintain Headphones

Going for a walk, planning to go on a road trip, trying to kill some extra and boring time, doing housework, reading a book, watching a movie, or even driving yourself to the office; there is one must thing that is with us all the time. No matter what we are doing, where we are going and what time it is; whether we are listening to music, watching movies, playing fun videos in the group chat or seeing lecture videos online we need one thing, and that is a headphone. 

This small device has changed and revolutionized the way we use our cell phones and computers. Let us consider a small if here! What if we do not have headphones and earplugs of any kind? How we would use our mobile phones and laptops in public then? How we would enjoy listening to the music of our interest while going on group trips and flights. 

However, this problem will not only be limited to only music then. Apart from entertainment purposes, we would also not be able to take the benefit of this device during conferences, and also not be able to use our mobile phones and laptops freely in public, irrespective of the use. 

Almost all the big tech companies have invested heavily in this device and bringing the latest models like Shure SE846 to keep the demand high and feature most updated. Apple, Sony, Bose, Xiaomi, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, JBL, Plantronics, Beats are among the most renowned and demanded brands that produce headphones and introduce new technology and features. Buying these headsets require a heavy investment and assure long-time running and super quality features. Still, after investing a large amount that almost cost you in between $150 to $300 but not able to guarantee longer running. But blaming the brand is always not the right thing to do. 

When it comes to earphones, you need to take some precautions and use it with care so it can remain functional for a long time. Technology is prone to so many outside accidents and cannot beat each of them no matter how strong the system they are running by. Therefore, if you love your headphones and have invested more than what you possibly can, then you must take this headphone-caring advice and make them live longer than they used to:




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Keeping headphones and earplugs clean is not just necessary for the device life but also good hygienically. Make sure to clean the earplugs just before using it and just after it. Also, try to not share your headphone with others, unless it is very necessary. Because hygienically it is not good and in the process may transfer harmful bacteria and germs. 

Also, cleanliness is very important because otherwise dust particles and too much of ear wax can damage the inside functioning that involves ear cups, speakers and transducers that is responsible for audio waves into sound waves. Because machine needs cleanliness as much as we humans need to better the function and keep the parts intact. 




Do not let laziness ruin your favorite set of headphones. You are a big music lover and always listen to music no matter what you are doing. Going to a college, bus stops at your station and despite putting the headsets in cover or push you just throw it in your bag or push it in your pockets. If this is you, then we have bad news for you. Your headphones will not be able to survive for a long period. 

Or actually, while being thrown may break one of its wire and get turned off immediately. Also, a big bottle in your bag can crush it! Several possible situations can happen and ruin your major entertainment part of life. Therefore, it is advised to always keep a small pouch in your bag and put the earphones in them. 




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Most of us do this all the time and keep the headphones plugged into the device even if we are not using it or intending to use it in near time. This put your headphones on the risk of getting damaged. Also, try to unplug the headphones from the connector. Pulling the wire to disconnect the device is a no-no. because it can damage the wire or in the worst-case scenario break the wire from the connector. 




If you want your headphones to remain functional, then follow this easy advice. It is not only important and beneficial in keeping them running for longer but also helps in maintaining the sound quality. Try to keep the volume just a little below then the device’s available volume option. In this way, you can hear the more clear sound and get rid of the sound glitches. 




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This is a very helpful tip. As we know, just like humans, machines and equipment also need a little breath of relaxation in between all the work and labor. If you are having Apple earplugs, or Beats and Sony headphones and thinking that you can use them for how much time you want and as long as the brand is guaranteeing, then you are wrong. They may come with better features and are more durable then the Xiaomi headphones but still if being overused or not with the proper protocol then their lifespan and quality are affected. 




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Before nighttime sleep and daytime naps, there comes a session called music therapy. Most of us love listening to music and thinking about the events that have occurred on that particular day. However, that time itself can become a big event if you get into sleep without putting your headphones off. Because in sleep, you can either damage the wire or in the worst case, your ear with the earplugs. This is why make sure to put them on the side table when you are about to sleep. 


There are several small things that one should do to avoid losing their favorite headphones. Because, when it comes to repairing it can cost the amount that equals the new one. Also, most of the time, repairing is not even an option. Because the speaker gets a break or being water shocked, then you cannot repair it unless you put a new one into it. This is why taking care is the best option. It is best because it does not demand very complex things to be done. But little small things and you are great to go!


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