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Top 10 Apps Like Brigit Most Reliable Loan Apps in 2023

apps like brigit

Find The Apps Like Brigit Alternatives

When you’re in a predicament, what do you do? Of course, you employ Brigit. This apps like brigit provides you with a loan without credit checks or high-interest rates. Apps like brigit which has over 1 million users, has proved to be one of the most dependable cash advance applications available right now.

Apps like brigit not only provides you with instant cash when you need it, but she also assists you in making your finances back on track. It helps you keep track of your spending, prevent overdrafts, and receive real-time notifications not to miss any payments.

You can borrow up to $250 from Brigit, which should be enough to cover any unexpected expenses. If you need additional funds, the following applications, such as apps like brigit, can assist you in getting by before your next paycheck.

Apps such as Brigit


MoneyLion lives up to its name by offering a comprehensive set of features to users seeking a simple way to obtain payday loans. This app, like apps like brigit, allows you to borrow $250 per day. The only condition is that you must use a checking account to register.

One of the best features of MoneyLion is that your loan amount is transferred directly to your bank account the same day. But keep in mind that the expense you can borrow cannot exceed 10% of your direct deposit.


When it comes to cash advance applications, no list will be complete without Dave. It has a sizable user base, which is unsurprising given the ease with which users can borrow money.

Dave has many of the same features as apps like brigit, but it provides a smaller payday loan. The upper limit is set at $100. Although this is a smaller number, it will assist you in borrowing just the right amount of money to cover unexpected expenses. The $1 monthly charge hasn’t deterred a large number of loyal users from using the app.


Chime is a bit different from the other apps like brigit on this list in terms of how it operates. Since it works just like a mobile banking app, you can prevent overdrafts, set up automatic deposits, and conduct safe online transactions.

However, many people use it to get paid early. You will get your paycheck up to two days before with Chime, and there are no hidden fees. When you consider the rest of the app’s functionality, it’s easy to see why it’s won so many awards.

Ingo Money

Ingo Money’s credibility is founded on pace. You can rest secure knowing that you’ll get your money almost instantly after approval if you use this cash advance app. Many people compare it to apps like brigit because it has some features that assist you in keeping track of your finances.

Paying credit card bills, purchasing Amazon gift cards, and transferring money between accounts are just a few of the features available. There’s also a referral plan where you can win points by convincing someone to download the app using your referral code.


Even is one of the best financial planning apps on the market. As long as you’re working for a qualified employer, you can get cash advances worth up to 50% of your earnings.

It’s a good apps like brigit substitute because it has many of the same functions, such as assisting you in allocating funds for particular expenditures and submitting reminders to prevent penalty and overdraft fees. You must pay an $8 annual fee to become an Even Plus member.


The branch is a must-try if you’re looking for an app that operates similarly to Brigit. It’s a payday loan app with social features like the ability to chat with coworkers, adjust your work schedule, and monitor your daily work hours.

You can borrow up to $500 per pay cycle or $150 per day. Only keep in mind that your employer is required to use Branch as well. Furthermore, each cash advance is only valid for a limited time. This means that with each application, you’ll need to upload a new collection of working hours.


In terms of how the app operates, Affirm is unique. Rather than just being a cash advance app, it has several features that make it simple to maintain track of your accounts, assign funds to each, and make safe payments by converting the app into a virtual credit card.

Although it isn’t a typical loan app, it can still be helpful if you do a lot of online shopping. You can also give money to other Affirm users in a matter of seconds.


Earnin has all of the functionality you’d expect from a money-lending app but none of the monthly payments.

Thousands of workers use Earnin to get a cash advance. If you put in many work hours, you could be eligible for a loan of up to $500 per day. That’s a substantial sum, and it should cover any unexpected expenses. Your loan balance is transferred to your bank account the same business day with its Lightning Speed software.


On the surface, DailyPay seems to be a tool for employers rather than workers. Though, it has much in common with Brigit. When you put in more hours as an employee, the balance rises.

And if you find yourself in a financial bind, you can use your balance to get immediate access to your payday earnings. When the next payday comes along, the money you lent will be deducted from your salary. It only costs $1.25 to transfer money from your DailyPay balance to your bank account.


Another software that workers can use to check their earnings before payday is Activehours. You can depend on Activehours as a source of funds in an emergency if your employer uses the app as well.

This app is excellent because it enables you to withdraw up to $100 a day, making it a standard option among people who work long days. It also has a feature that lets you track your expenditures, which can help you learn how to manage your money expertly.

Are These Brigit Substitutes Worth the Money?

Obtaining a loan is now simpler than ever. You won’t have to deal with background checks, interest rates, or long bank lines. These money-lending apps have limited criteria and mostly transfer money on the same day.

However, just because they provide fast cash doesn’t mean you can take advantage of them. Keep in mind that these loan apps are designed to assist you during a financial emergency. Use them wisely and educate yourself on spending money wisely, saving money, and cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

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