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Top 10 Best Kodi Repositories updated 2021

Best Kodi Repositories

Best Kodi Repositories is open-source software that lets you browse, stream, and play games while you’re online. Games can also be played on the same platforms as ToyGame, LEGO, and various other well-known video game platforms. In different words, Best Kodi Repositories is a centralized media player add-on that allows you to watch your favorite videos, live channels, sports, and other moving image sources for a set amount of time. There are hundreds of Kodi add-ons available to help you get the most out of your device’s Kodi capabilities.

Downloading Kodi add-ons often necessitates the use of Kodi repositories or an electronic database containing a variety of Kodi add-ons. Some Best Kodi RepositoriesKodi repositories have add-ons that aren’t included in other repositories. TheBest Kodi Repositories for downloading Kodi add-ons are concerned with more than just user safety.

Instead, the best Kodi add-on repositories let you enjoy your favorite Kodi add-ons in their unique ways. Some of these Best Kodi Repositories, for example, have the best Kodi add-ons.

Here are the top 10 Kodi repositories for downloading Kodi add-ons, as well as the most common Kodi add-ons in each repository:

In 2021, the top ten best KODI repositories for downloading Kodi add-ons are as follows:

1. KodiBae

Here is yet another excellent Kodi repository from which to obtain Kodi add-ons. Despite being a newcomer to the Kodi add-on community, KodiBae has managed to attract so many Kodi users that it is now one of the most famous Best Kodi Repositories. When it comes to KodiBae, the first thing that comes to mind is Exodus, and the same can be said for the different way around.

Exodus has been removed from the KodiBae repository since it has gone offline. Nonetheless, the developer was able to reclaim the reputation of their customers. You can also download add-ons individually from KodiBae’s GitHub page. The ability to download add-ons one at a time allows you to explore your add-on collections in a way that other Kodi repositories do not. Furthermore, KodiBae’s GitHub page allows you to ZIP your separately downloaded add-ons.


For a reason, this Kodi repository has become one of the best Kodi repositories to download Kodi add-ons. Yes, the majority of the add-ons are only available in German. However, you can get around this by using VPNs (also to make your entertainment through Kodi add-ons safer).

At the same time, KodiNerds has established itself as a trustworthy source for Kodi add-ons not found in other repositories. This is one of KodiNerds’ distinguishing features that sets it apart from other Kodi add-ons. After all, you may not find DAZN in other Best Kodi Repositories, but this Kodi add-on can be found in KodiNerds. YouTube Music is one of KodiNerds’ most common Kodi add-ons. Those who enjoy watching music videos (MVs) or listening to podcasts will appreciate VEVO or DailyMotion as Kodi add-ons in KodiNerds.

3. Kodil Repo

If you’re looking for Kodi repositories to download your add-ons or watch Exodus, one of the most popular add-ons in the Kodi community, Kodil Repo is one of your best options.

Since it is a famous Kodi repository in the United States and Canada, Kodil Repo is accessible via most free VPNs. After all, free versions of American and Canadian VPNs are often available. Other Best Kodi Repositories organize their add-ons by categories, such as anime, gaming, foods, videos, movies, and different types. Even though categorizing makes it more straightforward, if your Kodi repository doesn’t sort alphabetically, you won’t have an easier time.

Kodil Repo becomes your answer in this case since it sorts each of the available categories alphabetically. Aside from Exodus, some of the most common Kodi add-ons for watching movies and free TV shows are 123Movies, StreamHub, FOX Movie, iConspire, and SafeHouse Movies. So, in addition to some of the most common Kodi add-ons, there are a plethora of movie add-ons available via Kodil Repo. Furthermore, connecting Kodil Repo to other devices, such as the Amazon Firestick, is easy.

4. Super Repo

Super Repo, also known as Super repo, has almost every Kodi add-on you could need. Other Kodi repositories will contain hundreds of Kodi add-ons that you can install to maximize your Kodi capabilities for streaming, gaming, podcast listening, and many other activities.

The Super repo, on the other hand, has about 2,000 Kodi add-ons that can be installed. More than half of the Kodi add-ons that can be installed are for games, music videos, and other media with moving graphics. These vast figures are just the icing on the cake. Not content with that, Superrepo has over 1,000 sub-add-ons for each of their categories.

The numbers increase with each update, ensuring that you have a diverse range of options in your Kodi entertainment. DramaGo is undoubtedly one of the most common add-ons in this Kodi repository. If you’re a drama fan, this Kodi add-on is for you. It allows you to watch your favorite drama movies from around the world.

There are also various add-ons available for those of you who are either experienced chefs or food enthusiasts. Some of the most common food add-ons in this one of the best Kodi repositories to download Kodi add-ons are Food Network and Gordon Ramsay CV. Other Kodi add-ons, such as racing, anime, and different genres, are available via Superrepo.

5. DK-XBMC Repository

DK-XBMC Repository is different from other Kodi repositories in that it is now only accessible on GitHub. DK-XBMC seems to be more exclusive as a result of this. As a result, you might believe that the DK-XBMC Repository has many more exclusive genres to download and enjoy than other non-exclusive Best Kodi Repositories. That is particularly true for the anime genres, which have become DK-XBMC Repository’s primary focus. For drama fans, there is a DramaGo, and for anime fans, there is an AnimeGo.

You can see your favorite Japanese TV shows and Japanese animation or anime with this Kodi add-on. Do you want to see your favorite anime characters in dorama (Japanese drama) versions of their shows or sequels? Look no further than DramaGo or Drama Crazy, both of which can be found in the DK-XBMC Repository.

6. Diamond Wizard Repo

Diamond Wizard Repo is a new player in the Kodi repository industry. It has shown to be one of the best Kodi repositories for downloading Kodi add-ons, flawless connections in the repository, and no major bugs that affect the add-ons you want to install.

Diamond Wizard Repo has one of the several distinct and distinguishable add-on features among Kodi add-ons. For example, mirror versions of famous songs are available on YouTube, and play your favorite songs backward.

Diamond Wizard Repo is a video streaming paradise, in addition to those including songs and playlists. Diamond Wizard Repo contains Kodi add-ons specializing in video streaming, such as Cartoon Network, Best British Comedy, and even YouTube. You can watch YouTube without Kodi repositories; Kodi repositories enhance YouTube’s visuals—Diamond Wizard Repo is an example). Not only does Diamond Wizard Repo work with Amazon Firestick, but it also works with other smart TVs, including Fire TV and Android TV.

7. Octopus Repository

Octopus Repository, unlike other Kodi repositories, does not have a large number of Kodi add-ons. Along with reducing the data use, Octopus Repository has a smaller file size than other repositories, like but not limited to Lazy Kodi Repo. The Octopus Repository also has one of the most stunning and beautiful visuals. As a result, Octopus Repository is one of the best Kodi repositories for downloading Kodi add-ons for viewing or streaming videos, films, and other similar material. This beautiful Kodi repository provides access to YouTube and Cartoon Network.

You should try downloading TVTap or SportsDevil if you get bored with these two video watching and streaming add-ons. SportsDevil is particularly appealing to watch if you’re a sports fan or adrenaline since you can see your favorite athletes and battlegrounds in realistic moving picture frames.

8. Dimitrology

Dimitrology is one of the best Kodi repositories to download Kodi add-ons for newcomers or people using Kodi for the primary time because of its accessible user interfaces. After all, Dimitrology includes a list of add-ons that are compatible with one another. In other words, other Kodi add-ons would not exist if Dimitrology’s add-on lists did not assist, and Dimitrology’s add-on lists would not be more substantial if other add-ons did not help.

Dimitrology also has unique Kodi add-ons like Dimi on Demand and DimiTV that aren’t included in other Kodi repositories. Additional add-ons are more “simple,” such as Fresh Start, Mediaset Play, Tutorials, and a slew of others. However, Kodi users need these “simple” add-ons to get the most out of other add-ons (and sub-add-ons).

9. Lazy Kodi Repo

Best Kodi Repositories that host add-ons are not like Lazy Kodi Repo. In this scenario, Lazy Kodi Repo gives you access to other add-on repositories. You don’t want to lose time going back and forth between repositories to download add-ons you wish to use on your smart TV or devices. Since it already has access to millions of repositories and their add-ons, Lazy Kodi Repo saves you time.

Lazy Kodi Repo saves your data use by having such a nature. Most of the repositories Lazy Kodi Repo, such as the Sandman Repo, TV Add-ons Repo, or Maverick Repo, already have “facilities” to reduce the add-on sizes to when you download them individually, there would be far less force close or shut down of any sort.

10. The Official Kodi Repository

What repository is better (and safer) than the official Best Kodi Repositories? Since you know the provider is the official Kodi repository, you avoid unwanted problems like viruses or even government-related issues. They find out you use some piracy software you use the official Kodi repository to download the add-ons you want.

This repository becomes your solution because it is the official Kodi repository, mainly if this is your first time using Kodi. If you have any problems using Kodi or the official Kodi repository, you can always contact Kodi’s live chats or support team. The official Kodi repository is also a great place to learn more about what kinds of add-ons Kodi can accept and import from it.

Try installing TVMaze for a fresh start, as nearly every other add-on in other Kodi repositories is connected to watching and downloading movies, videos, films, and a variety of other stuff. If you’re a gamer who’d like to have live streamings of your game via a Kodi repository, Twitch is another option. So there you own it: the top best Kodi add-on repositories.


How do I add Best Kodi Repositories to my system?

Installing Kodi repositories is simple with this method.

Follow the steps outlined below!

First and foremost, if you want to install third-party Kodi repositories, go to Main Menu > Settings > System > Add-ons and choose “Unknown Sources.”

Double-click on add source in the Kodi Main Menu > Settings > File Manager.

Click the “None” section, type the connection to the repository you want to install, and then click “Done.” You may also assign the storage an alias by typing it in the following text box and clicking OK. Return to your home screen and choose Add-ons. Then, to “Enter Add-on Browser,” click on the box-like icon.

Best Kodi Repositories can be installed using a URL

You can also use the Zip file to mount it. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Add-ons > Install from Zip File, then choose the name of the Best Kodi Repositories you installed earlier. If the repository has been installed, you will receive an add-on enabled email. Installing add-ons is as simple as clicking the Install from Repository button, selecting the warehouse, and then going to the add-on you want to install. That’s it! You’ve completed your mission.

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