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Top 10 Best Sites Like WiziWig Alternatives in 2021

wiziwig alternatives

When wiziwig alternatives was not a victim of Spanish law, it was a well-known brand among its user base. According to its operator in an interview, this excellent website was strangled to death within a day. According to them, the website’s problems began when the English Premier League began to show hostility and aggression toward WiziWig.

Top 10 Best Sites Like WiziWig Alternatives in 2021

If you’re familiar with wiziwig alternatives , you’re probably aware that sports fans can access the most up-to-date feeds as well as free live streaming of a few sporting events. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest wiziwig alternatives for you to feed your sports-obsessed spirit. You can watch live sports events for free on our website.


CricFree is designed specifically to live wiziwig alternatives stream cricket matches across the world, but it also has 12 other sports categories where you can watch a variety of sports activities. If you’re a die-hard cricket lover, you should check out this website. Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 are two prominent sports networks that may be freely streamed. Other sports, such as tennis, soccer, rugby, basketball, baseball, and hockey, maybe streamed using the website’s simple and user-friendly design.

The schedule of live events for various sports categories may be found on the site’s homepage. Engage in live chat with other viewers, which is a fantastic feature of this website.


Stream2watch is a great option for individuals who want to watch all of their favorite wiziwig alternatives sports channels in one place. When you have all of your channels in one spot, you save a lot of time since you don’t have to go from one website to another to find the ideal one for you. Stream2Watch provides a wide selection of sports videos, including soccer, basketball, the Winter Olympics, cricket, hockey, golf, tennis, and a few more activities, all of which are available for free.

Stream2Watch may be used on numerous devices, such as your phone, iPad, or PC, in high quality and in any language. NBA, NHL, MLB, EPL, and Champions League are some of the regular and prominent game leagues you may watch on this website. More than that, you may watch networks like FOX, NBC, HBO, MTV, Discovery, NAT-GEO (National Geographic), and others on this site. Go for it if you’re one of a kind.

3. 12th

12th Player is the finest option to wiziwig alternatives for treating your football fever. This site was created specifically to broadcast and stream all football-related news and updates. All major leagues and sporting events are available for free live streaming here.

Because this website is entirely free to use, it contains some advertising that might be annoying at times. However, free implies you don’t have to spend anything to obtain what you want, so giving it a go will just take a few minutes of your time. Basketball, hockey, rugby, and tennis are among the other sports that may be live-streamed.

4. Sport

SportP2P is all you need, with a nearly basic and great UI. At the top of the webpage, you’ll notice a bar that allows you to quickly pick from a variety of game categories, such as basketball, tennis, football, rugby, motorsports, and ice hockey. You may also use this bar to get the live score and highlights.

Furthermore, you may watch games by selecting a nation from the website’s homepage’s left column. As you browse through the homepage of SportP2P, you’ll see a schedule of all live and future sporting activities across all sports. It saves you a lot of time in locating entertainment, such as the Champions League, Europa League, and the European Championship since it is very useful and structured.


This website, as the name implies, allows you to watch live wiziwig alternatives sports activities such as games and tournaments from across the world. The NHL, NBA, EPL, Champions League, German Bundesliga, and UEFA are all available to view. Although the site may appear a little disorganized at first, as you explore it further, you will learn more and feel more at ease.

LiveTV is organized into categories, including ‘Upcoming Broadcasts,’ ‘Popular Videos,’ ‘This Month’s Sports Events,’ ‘League Table,’ and ‘Match of the Day.’ You may pick to watch the sporting event of your choice using these tabs. Browse sub-categories like ‘New on LiveTV,’ ‘Matchups of your Teams,’ and ‘Best Odds Today,’ to improve your online experience.

6. WiziWig New

If you liked WiziWig, your quest for WiziWig alternatives stops here, because WiziWig New has a lot in common with the original. The site appears nearly identical to its predecessor and offers the same material that WiziWig did. You may watch live-streamed games and sporting events from all around the world, including rugby, tennis, football, cricket, and other sports.


The NFL stream is like an ocean of everything you could ever want in terms of sporting activities. You may live stream for free wiziwig alternatives across a variety of topics under this umbrella. It can’t be the case that they don’t have anything in sports that you can think of.

Football, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Racing, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Formula One, Motorsports, Cricket, Boxing, Darts, Snooker, Handball, Cycling, WWE, Badminton, Winter Sports, Water Sports, Volleyball, AFL, and everything else you can think of are all represented. This service not only allows you to watch movies for free, but it also allows you to post and bookmark your favorites. The only drawback is that this site may be blocked in your location, but you can always use a VPN to satisfy your sports-crazed soul.


Despite not appearing very attractive, ATDHE is one of the finest wiziwig alternatives to WiziWig due to its easy-to-use interface and user-friendliness. This site is as simple to browse as learning the ABCs, and it has a minimalistic appeal with sports categories such as Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Moto GP, Poker, Rugby, Soccer, and Tennis.

You may obtain live sports event information on their webpage for a variety of games throughout the day. If you’re not from the United States or the United Kingdom, we recommend using a VPN service.


Sport365 is a well-known name in the world of live football streaming. Aside from live streams of various sports, you can also obtain the most recent news and updates on a variety of events and leagues. You may also watch matches from many sports, like basketball, cricket, hockey, and tennis.

When this website delivers a lot of popups and advertising, it looks like it is snagging. The sports categories are likewise disorganized, and navigating is difficult. However, the streaming quality is very good, so you should at least give it a shot.

10. New Soccer

NewSoccer is a football-focused website that may be utilized instead of WiziWig if you’re a football fanatic. Tune in to NewSoccer to watch any international football league or club game from across the world. Aside from being able to view live matches and leagues, you can obtain additional football-related news and updates.

Because it is solely dedicated to football, it also provides information on teams, available tickets, and various players for a variety of sporting events. Again, if it isn’t working in your area, utilize a VPN provider.

Final Words

 If you’re a sports fan, you should check out these wiziwig alternatives websites. While some of them are entirely free wiziwig alternatives to using, others may require you to create an account before you can watch anything live. Suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

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