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Top 10 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Boxes In 2021

waterproof outdoor storage box

Extra storage space is always beneficial, especially in the summer when you need a place to neatly keep anything from pool toys to sofa cushions. waterproof outdoor storage boxes are available in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from small, beautiful ones that function as side tables to 200-gallon monster-size alternatives. Whether you have a lot of items to store and keep dry, or you just want to clean up the deck or patio, these are the finest waterproof outdoor storage box bins and deck boxes to buy right now while they’re still available.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Boxes In 2021

Waterproof outdoor storage box containers are hard to come by. Because there aren’t many viable alternatives on the market. These outdoor storage boxes, on the other hand, are certain to meet your needs. They’re great for storing little items next to your outdoor storage bench, or you can use them as a small table for your patio furniture. It’s a fantastic and fun method to keep things organized, with a plethora of alternatives to play with. So have a peek at the selections below – you won’t be disappointed.

What to Think About

Capacity and outside dimensions are generally at the top of the list when looking for a waterproof outdoor storage box; the equation is often the greatest storage space with the shortest footprint. The next step is to choose a building material that is water-resistant. The most preferred material is resin, which is a tough, rigid plastic that repels moisture and will not fade or dent. Wood always appears more expensive, but it also takes more upkeep and may need to be housed indoors throughout the winter. Another important aspect is whether or not the box has to be lockable. Most bigger resin models include this function, which is usually a benefit, especially if you have little children. Aside from that, added features like liners, mesh-organized boxes and pockets, and wheels all offer value. Outdoor storage boxes can also be used as additional seats, coffee tables, or sidebars for serving food and drinks.

How We Decided

All of the waterproof outdoor storage boxes listed below have received four stars or higher. We looked at dozens of models and read countless customer reviews, focusing on durability and hardware quality, including features like hydraulic pistons for easy opening and closing. Our selection includes a variety of materials and sizes ranging from 22 to 200 gallons, as well as options at various price points.

1. 22-Gallon waterproof outdoor storage box

This waterproof outdoor storage box small is ideal for storing outdoor furniture pillows or cushions, as well as pool towels. The 22-gallon resin storage box in deep coffee brown is water-resistant and will not fade in the sun. With a weight of fewer than ten pounds, it’s easy to transport and can be used as a pull-up seat or a side table. It’s also a value-packed purchase, priced under $50 at the time of writing, and reviews give it good ratings, with an average of 4.8 stars from more than 1,140 consumers.

2. 90-Gallon waterproof outdoor storage box

Graphite finish with faux-wood slats. This 90-gallon waterproof outdoor storage box large would look great on any deck or pool patio. The deck box is composed of long-lasting resin that won’t fade, rust, or peel, and it’s water-resistant, so the furniture cushions inside won’t mildew. It also features a locking top to keep your belongings safe. It has a maximum weight capacity of 573 pounds and may be used as an extra seat.

3. 120-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

This elegant 120-gallon capacity black waterproof outdoor storage box is constructed of plastic like the one above, but it has a gorgeous wood-like embossed finish. Another useful feature is the hydraulic pistons, which allow for simple opening and shutting without crashing down on fingers. The weather-resistant recyclable polypropylene box includes a lockable lid and is made of sturdy, weather-resistant polypropylene. It may also be used as a bench for extra sitting, with a weight restriction of 800 pounds or more.

4. 150-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

Here’s another eye-catching alternative for an additional waterproof outdoor storage box large. This 150-gallon deck box has received positive feedback from over 900 buyers, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. It is made of weather-resistant resin that will not fade or peel and has a wood-like paneled exterior with a two-tone pattern. Inside, a hydraulic lift mechanism makes it simple to open and close the lid while keeping it attached. The deck box is also lockable and may be utilized as an extra seat or coffee table, with a weight restriction of 660 pounds.

5. 200-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box


This grandaddy resin outdoor storage box has a capacity of 200 gallons and a sleek style with stone grey paneling and charcoal grey lid and trim. It’s locked, has a hydraulic lift mechanism inside, and can withstand the weather, so the items within stay dry and mildew-free. It’s higher than some other alternatives, so it may not be as convenient or pleasant to use as a bench, but it does offer a flat surface and a 660-pound weight limit for emergency seating.

6. 165-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

This plastic deck box with a bleached wood look is guaranteed to liven up your deck or patio. The 165-gallon lockable storage chest is weather-and rust-resistant, with two handles on either side and a top with hydraulic hinges that effortlessly swing up and down to save the lid from crashing down on young fingers. The lid also features a latch in the front that allows you to secure the contents with a padlock.

7. 36-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

If you don’t have much outdoor space, or if you have a huge patio and want to create a comfortable lounging area beneath your pergola, this round waterproof outdoor storage box small doubles as a tiny side table. Everything from magazines and novels to blankets and extra pillows may be stored within since the cover fits firmly into the base to keep the contents dry. It’s composed of resin and has a 36-gallon capacity, as well as an additional seat for one.

8. 123-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

Design-conscious people who don’t want to trade aesthetics for functionality in an outdoor storage box will like this alternative. The mocha brown, 123-gallon capacity cabinet is made of strong, water-resistant resin and has basket weave-designed panels on the twin front doors, which lock shut. Although the top is somewhat rounded, it may be utilized to serve beverages and nibbles. It is equally suitable for storing fabric cushions and towels as it is for gardening tools.

9. 80-Gallon Resin Wheeled Deck Box

This attractive outdoor storage box can be easily moved around thanks to a set of wheels on the base. The 80-gallon deck box is made of espresso brown water-resistant resin braided like rattan and has two broad handles on either side. There’s plenty of room inside for wet pool toys. It is also lockable and has a hinged lid. It has a maximum weight capacity of 550 pounds, making it suitable for use as supplementary sitting.

10. 67-Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

While this option is not as large as others, no plastic box can ever compete with the elegance of genuine wood. The 67-gallon deck box is made of solid wood collected from the Cypress tree family and has a warm, honey-colored finish as well as an acrylic stain for weatherproofing and mildew resistance. It includes a flat top and a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, as well as lots of extra seats.

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