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TOP-10 Web Design Trends For 2020

The UI experts say personalization and emotional design will be the key requirements for the website design in 2020. Does it mean we can still use site builders or need to come back to the custom design and development from scratch? 

We opened Weblium website builder to check out whether templates are still suitable for creating a site that looks trendy. And you know what? They do, especially when you keep in mind the following list of highlights. You might want to use some of the recent web design agency to launch a stunning website.

1. Dark mode

The “switch to the dark mode” tendency that has taken over the app design is also becoming popular in web design. Dark backgrounds are more relaxing for eyes and energy-saving. Until someone proves it wrong, they will remain popular. 

2. 3D elements

Immersive graphics and 3D rendering are engaging and interactive. They help to get rid of boundaries between you and a user. 3D objects will look interesting regardless of the website type. They are especially important for e-commerce, real estate, and interior design.

3. Layered images

We don’t talk about pure realism or the end of flat design. Meanwhile, floating elements and shadows help to make images more “dimensional,” emphasized, and as a result more interesting and “real.”

4. Custom illustration

2019 was the boom of illustration. Genuine illustrations help a brand to stand out, demonstrate its identity, and manifest its uniqueness. The best option for website design is an abstract illustration related to the business niche. It shouldn’t remind an animation movie design, but neither has to be too general.

5. Mixing illustration and realism

Blending photography and graphics is a way to create a customized message and introduce a brand’s personality. These images stand out, they are memorable. Besides, collage-like visuals are suitable for all cases – from nostalgic and family-oriented messages to complicated financial stuff.

6. Glowing effects

Think about using bold luminous color schemes. Go with a futuristic space theme – blue, purple, and bright pink shades will do just right. Add glowing neon signs with your key message. It is a good way to stand out, even if you use a dark theme or go with minimalism.

7. Gradients

Gradients have been in the spotlight since 2018. They add depth to flat colors and look equally good on mobile and web. Gradients are also versatile – you can use different colors and contexts.

8. Bold fonts

In 2020, the focus will be on simplicity and readability. Choose familiar fonts, just put more weight to add a contemporary feel to a message. Bolding can be overwhelming so don’t overuse it. Try to contrast these fonts with simple backgrounds.

9. Data visualization

Visually engaging stories are always easier to read. And don’t forget about the short attention span. An image is always more effective than a long text. Explaining complicated information interactively is the only way to deliver it to wide audiences. 

10. Minimalism

Minimalism focuses on navigation in this season. People may want sophisticated visuals, but certainly not sophisticated navigation. In 2020, the website content will be more video with voice scripts and fewer texts. A user who spends enough time listening and watching wants to find the further through the site easily.

Bottom Line

Trends tend to change pretty fast. Does it mean you need to change your website every time? Of course, no. It would be unreasonable and maybe even impossible. Instead, make your website design flexible so you will be able to alter something easily. Use a site builder instead of writing code from scratch.

Weblium(https://weblium.com), Wix, Squarespace – these and many other online platforms offer customizable templates for different niches and tastes. These templates are customizable so you will be able to adjust them to any trends you prefer. By the way, smart website launching is also a trend.

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