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Top 12 Best Free File Manager For Window 10 in 2023

The default Windows Explorer performs an excellent job of searching for and listing files and folders on your computer. Other File Manager for Windows 10, on the other hand, comes with extra features and tools that may make your job a lot simpler.

I’m confident you’ll appreciate the many options for labeling your files, applying watermarks, and batch processing names, among other things. Other Windows file explorer options, which we shall review today, have these capabilities as well.

Windows’ default file manager for window 10 is fantastic for most purposes. However, for power users, it isn’t enough. Windows Explorer causes problems for anyone who works with media files often. If you’re one of them, we’ve got three fantastic Windows to file manager options for you to test right now.

Top 12 Best Free File Manager For Windows 10 in 2023

The Best File Manager For Windows 10 is a list of the best file managers available. Here is a list of some of the best PC file management applications. These applications will make handling directories and files a lot easier for you.

1. Free Commander

Free Commander is a free dual-pane file explorer. It allows you to quickly copy or move files from one folder to another. In addition to folders, you may access network drives. It is a very basic file explorer for Windows with a clean design, but it does not allow you to access OneDrive or the cloud.

2. Explorer ++

Explorer++ is a Windows file manager that is both free and open-source. It also has folder tabs and only one disk with a dual-pane UI. To explore your file, you may also bookmark a tab. Filtering, sorting, moving, cutting, and dividing files are just a few of the fundamental tasks included. This program works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Explorer ++ is the way to go if you want a simple file explorer for Windows.

3. Directory Opus

It’s a simple, ancient file manager. The program has a file tree that makes it simple to navigate across folders. A search bar, indicators in various files, and many more features are included. ZIP, RAR, image uploader, and converter are all supported by Directory Opus.

4. Q-Dir

Other file managers have a dual-pane interface, while Q-Dir has four. With this file manager, you can manage several folders. You may also arrange them horizontally and vertically. You may also make it more natural-looking by modifying it. Q-Dir is a file manager for Windows that is extremely efficient.

5. One Commander

One Commander is a free file manager that seems to be identical to Windows’ default file manager. It has two lovely themes to choose from. It is more efficient since you may execute several folders at the same time. The history panel, the address bar, and an integrated audio and video file preview are among the other features.

6. Xplorer 2

Xplore 2 is a file manager for Windows that is both sophisticated and contemporary. A ribbon-style interface and a menu bar are available options. It has a color-coding system for easy file identification and analysis. To maintain tidy arrangements, the interface may be modified. The business-oriented premium model includes file network distribution.

7. WinDirStat

It’s another file manager for Windows, and it’s particularly useful for seeing how much disk space has been utilized and how much space is still available.

Windows cleaning tools are included with this program. It assigns a color code to make it easier to find the folder. Clour cod is also used to display how much disk space is being used. You may look around and determine how you want to use the area. WinDirStat is a user-friendly file manager for Windows.

8. XYplorer

Xplore, like the majority of the others, is a file manager with a dual-pane interface. Support for tabs with a specified configuration is one of the key features. A tree, when used in conjunction with a folder, provides for easy file navigation. Tagging is a simple way to keep files organized. Fuzzy matching, search, regular expressions, and a number of other capabilities are also available.

9. Clover

Clover is a basic Windows file manager. If you want to avoid complex technology and headaches, this is the ideal option. Bookmarks merge, and easy access to frequently used folders are among the fundamental functions included.

10. Files & Folder Lite

The UI of Files & Folders light is simple. Expandable navigation windows on the left side allow you to quickly access any file. It works with OneDrive as well, but not with Google Drive. It is the most basic Windows, file manager.

11. Total Commander

Total Commander is an older piece of software that continues to surprise users with each new release. It has a simple and straightforward interface that allows for speedier navigation and less confusion.

In fact, it’s the finest file manager for transferring large amounts of data. In addition, Total Commander supports a wide range of file types as well as several keyboard shortcuts that may be customized. You may also add plugins for file types that aren’t supported by default.

12. f Man

F Man is a file manager for Windows and Mac that is entirely controlled by the keyboard. It has a dual-pane interface that allows you to move files across folders quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, hitting Ctrl+Shift+P will take you to the Command Palette if you are unfamiliar with utilizing hotkeys.

The best thing is that this explorer has a plethora of plugins that allow you to design your own features. When you type “Install Plugins” into the Command Pallete, it will display all of the available plugins for you to pick from.

Final Words

So there you have it, a list of the finest file managers available. I’m confident that at least one of them will meet your requirements. In the comments box below, tell us which one is your favorite. We’ll catch up with you in future articles.

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