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Top 9 Best Cantilever Umbrellas For Outdoor Space 2021

Cantilever umbrellas are great for lounge-style seating spaces since the base rests outside the cluster of chairs and are perfect for outdoor dining tables without center holes if yours does have a center hole, the best cantilever umbrellas and base would suffice. There are cantilever umbrellas for almost any situation, whether it’s a little deck with a 36-inch tablet or a huge patio that gets burned by the noon sun.

Top 9 Best Cantilever Umbrellas For Outdoor Space 2021

They not only provide shade, but they are also a fantastic way to add a burst of color when couches and side chairs are done in neutral tones. In the event of an unexpected downpour during your barbeque, heavy duty cantilever umbrella will keep you dry.

What to Think About

The first thing to determine is the size of the cantilever umbrellas reviews. The rule of thumb is that a dining table should be 2 feet wider on both sides, but if you have deep chairs, you may want to add a few extra inches. Coverage for lounge chairs or other furniture is typically the same. While it may be tempting to get a larger umbrella for more shade, bear in mind that it will appear odd if it isn’t proportionately balanced with what’s surrounding it. Cantilever umbrellas typically start at approximately 6 feet wide, although they can be found as little as 3 feet wide and as large as 13 feet wide or more. Another factor to consider is the fabric of the canopy.

The majority are constructed of polyester, although a high-performance fabric, such as Sunbrella, is usually more durable. Of course, you’ll want something that’s water-resistant, UV-blocking, and won’t fade, and the umbrella’s frame should be coated so it doesn’t rust. Other characteristics to check for include canopy tilt and rotation, as well as the umbrella’s opening and closing mechanism. It should be noted that weighted bases are not always included. For some of the heavier, higher-end umbrellas, this might represent an additional $200 in cost.

How We Decided

All of the cantilever umbrellas listed below have received four stars or above on average from users. The durability of the canopy’s fabric and the strength and heaviness of the frame, as well as how much range the umbrella gives to hide the sun, were our main considerations. We have selected a range of forms and sizes — round, square, rectangle, and others — as well as alternatives at various pricing points. It’s worth noting that some of our suggestions below are available in a variety of different sizes and colors.

1. Purple Leaf 11-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

This heavy duty cantilever umbrella is well regarded for its great quality and additional features. To begin, the canopy revolves 360 degrees and has a tilt option to protect against UV radiation from all directions. It’s composed of a long-lasting polyester fabric that resists fading and repels water, and it has a sturdy crank-lift handle. The canopy is made of eight heavy-duty steel ribs, and the aluminum pole and frame are silver powder-coated and will not oxidize. Remember that you’ll need to pay for a weighted base, which is offered separately.

 2. Sunnyglade Rectangular Cantilever Umbrellas

It stands to reason that the best method for shading a rectangular dining table is with a rectangular umbrella. This one meets the description and will appeal to people who appreciate modern design and clean lines. It has a rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum frame, eight steel ribs, and a top vent to manage the breeze. It is also available in two other colors: brilliant blue and lively red. The weighted base is offered separately.

 3. Sol 72 Ceylon Cantilever Umbrellas

We adore everything about this umbrella, and buyers agree, giving it a 4.7 rating on average. The quality and feature set is outstanding, beginning with the high-performance Sunbrella canopy, which provides maximum protection against moisture, fading, and UV radiation. It features numerous locking settings, swivels 360 degrees, and an easy-to-use crank lift. The frame is black powder-coated, and it comes with a strong base with retractable wheels that can be filled with sand or water for further stability.

4. Purple Leaf 10-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

Customers love this umbrella, giving it a 4.5-star rating on average. The frame’s surface is powder-coated aluminum and treated to prevent oxidation, but it looks like teak — ideal for people who want a wood-grain frame but don’t want the trouble of maintaining it. The polyester canopy repels water, is coated to prevent fading and provides UV protection, as well as swiveling 360 degrees and tilting at various angles. The umbrella is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 9 to 12 feet wide, and a few different colors, but it does not have a base.

5. Devoko 10-Foot Ft Cantilever Umbrellas

This is a good pick for a simple, well-made cantilever umbrella that isn’t too expensive, priced under $100. The circular polyester canopy is 10 feet wide, water-repellant, and UV-blocking, with an iron frame and steel ribs, as well as a top vent for circulation. The 60-degree rotation isn’t as spectacular as some more expensive choices, but the height on its rustproof, powder-coated pole is adjustable. It is operated by a crank, which consumers claim is simple to open and close. The umbrella comes in a variety of hues, including this calming green and a few neutrals.

6. Purple Leaf 13-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

If your garden receives a lot of suns or you want more shelter around a circular dining table, a cantilever umbrella with an extra-wide canopy is your best choice. This one is 13 feet long and constructed of polyester that is resistant to water and mildew, as well as providing UV protection. Another feature is that the canopy rotates 360 degrees around a powder-coated pole with a faux wood pattern finish. The fact that the base is offered separately may be a detriment to some.

7. Best Choice Products 10-Foot Solar-Powered LED Cantilever Umbrellas

With 24 LED fairy lights sparkling overhead, this cantilever umbrella will shed a lovely glow on your evening. They are powered by a solar panel mounted on the top of the powder-coated steel poll. The water-and fade-resistant polyester canopy adjusts to different heights and tilts at a 35-degree angle to shield the sun. It opens with a hand-crank lift. There’s also a wind vent to improve ventilation and stability. Four stakes are supplied to hold the cross base in place, and a larger base is available separately for use on decks and patios.

8. Bettencourt 9-Foot Cantilever Umbrellas

This 6-foot-wide umbrella is an excellent alternative for anybody with limited outside space or a gloomy garden. It includes a powder-coated aluminum pole with a little shine and a polyester canopy that provides significant UV protection with a UPF of 50 and is water- and mildew-resistant. The umbrella tilts manually, has a crank lift, and is available in brick red as well as the beige pictured.

9. Phi Villa 15-Foot-Wide Cantilever Umbrellas

If your backyard gets a lot of suns or you want more coverage around a dining table, a cantilever umbrellas with an extra-wide canopy is your best choice. This double-wide alternative spans 15 feet and is constructed of polyester that is resistant to water and mildew, as well as providing some UV protection. Other features include an alloy steel frame, a crank lift, and three air vents, as well as a cross base and two sandbags for added stability. In addition to the blue pictured, it is also available in red and beige.

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