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Top Best Language Learning Apps for Kids iOS & Android

Language Learning Apps for Kids Android & iOS

Most of you are working from home today, which means the kids in your family have the day off from school and may play freely. Fun and frolic are good, but leisure time may also be employed for learning. While most of us are not sure when the schools are going to open, an excellent alternative for Language Learning Apps for Kids is to use technology to teach preschool and kindergarten kids fundamental language skills. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Language Learning Apps for Kids iOS & Android new languages.

The ability to communicate fluently in various Language Learning Apps for Kids has become an absolute necessity in today’s tough business environment. Not only does it spice up your CV and help you stand out from the rest of your peers, but it opens up many more options for you, like making traveling to a foreign place simple.

Top Best Language Learning Apps for Kids iOS & Android

Because of the importance of foreign languages, even schools have included at least one in their curricula. Making your kids learn a new language while they are young is a positive step since at this age they are more willing to learn new things and they acquire new information easily. The ability to think critically, observe patterns, and solve problems has been linked to the process of language Learning Apps for Kids to learn a new language.

You may give your child a head start by allowing them to learn a new language in an enjoyable and engaging way with the assistance of technology. A parent looking for a good way for their Language Learning Apps for Kids to learn a language may get completely disoriented in today’s information-overloaded world. But seek no further, as we have gathered a list of the finest Language Learning Apps for Kids that are suited for kids.

1. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a serious learning package produced in partnership with Standford Graduate School of Education and has garnered several Parents’ Choice awards. Registering with the app is required if you want to follow the kid’s progress. The language component is thorough, and interactive games are used to teach alphabets, words, and vowels. Not just that, there are tutorials on writing letters with the use of interactive tracing, much like on paper. So, if your child is restless, a trip to the drawing board can be just what the doctor ordered. And the greatest thing is that it’s visually appealing as well as being free, ad-free, and non-subscription. (iOS | Android)

2. Lingokids Playlearning App

Oxford University Press provides the content for this app. To begin, you must register and choose the English language level of your child in order to receive a personalized English education. For example, whether he can read individual words, basic sentences, or speak smoothly is determined by his ability. This sort of lesson includes all the essentials. There are activities on numbers, alphabets, colors, shapes, and other basic subjects. To keep the learning in check, you may also create practise reminders so the learning is constant. You get a seven-day trial period, after which it costs $15/monthly. (iOS | Android)

3. Montessori Preschool

To learn more than simply the alphabet, this is a must-have app for your child app. With the help of Montessori-trained instructors, it’s a rewarding way to learn. What I appreciate most about the app is that it has a huge curriculum. Math, English, drawing, and other practical abilities, such as how to tell the time or read a calendar, are all options. Some of the sessions, however, require a paid subscription in order to access. If you’re simply using it for pleasure, I won’t propose subscribing, but I’m confident your youngster can learn a lot at $4.5/month.

4. Learn English for Kids – First Words

Children pick up a lot of terminology from the things they see and hear every day. Their app allows kids to expand this vocabulary via games, audio, animation, and flashcards. Choosing a category is the first step. Examples of categories are animals, cars, and so on. You’ll be able to view the image and hear the pronunciation for the category you’ve chosen this way. Personally, I think kids witness most of these things around the family, and it is easy for them to relate to and learn from them. Except for the $0.99 banner ad removal fee, there are no drawbacks.

5. Unuhi: Bilingual Books for Children

Made by the University of Oxford, Unhi is an app that employs a multilingual technique in the form of tales and flashcards to educate. Install it, and then choose two languages from the drop-down menus. You may change the language anytime and download stories for offline reading. Users must purchase the tales and flashcards in their entirety in order to use the app. A narration option is available for children who like to have stories read aloud to them in the languages they choose. (iOS | Android)

6. Learn English for kids

Adults enjoy quizzes, and I’m sure kids will adore them too. There are dozens of games and quizzes in this app. It starts with a minute test to decide the rest of the program. There are games that entail phrase building through filling in the gaps, guessing the word through an animated film, etc. Only English and Hindi are available as language options for this app. Additionally, you’ll receive weekly Whatsapp reports and worksheets for your child as part of the service. Signing up requires an Indian phone number, which is a huge negative. However, if you do own one, this app is a real gem.

7. Bolo

Bolo is a voice-based app from Google. It employs a tutor bot named “Diya,” which makes this similar to a one-on-one tutoring experience. You can read the phrase aloud and obtain a real-time critique. It’s a terrific strategy, and it encourages the youngster to speak the language from time to time. The app features largely Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, etc., but there’s an option to pick simply English as well. You may play word scramble, speed reading, and other interactive games as you read. It is not intended for children who are just learning their alphabets, but for those who can already form and comprehend words and will benefit from this app.

Final Words

Kids will have a blast as they learn with these engaging activities. The Language Learning Apps for Kids vary from fundamental English language skills to learning how to read. So, for a more comprehensive approach, you could test all of these and probably compile a list of favorite Language Learning Apps for Kids for your child. Mixing and matching these Language Learning Apps for Kids will produce a wonderful timetable for your kid’s language improvement. Download it and let your children play with it. The following are my picks for the greatest kids’ Language Learning Apps for Kids.

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