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Top CRM’s For Specific Industries

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Most business owners that are running teams with salespeople know what customer relationship management (CRM’s) tools are but finding the right one is surely a daunting task.

There are literally thousands of them, and they all have different functionalities. Some are very sophisticated and have extreme learning curves were others like Trello are amazingly simple and easy to use.

Sometimes you will test run a CRM, and then you will get to a point where it’s missing something that you need. Maybe it is a collaboration with your team, maybe it does not have integration with your email, or maybe it doesn’t have a task management system with the calendar that you were looking for.

The options and integrations are endless with CRM’s.

Although many people are aware of the different brands of the software, many do not realize that there have been many different developments of software for specific industries.

So here we have an overview of the different types of customer relationship management tools that are available for different verticals.

  1. Healthcare CRM software – There are literally dozens of software created for the healthcare industry. Doctors in need of having a full Birdseye view of their patients and having all of the pertinent information and pretty much everything they need to know about their patients in one centralized area is becoming very important.
  2. Real Estate CRM software – This type of software has become increasingly popular for large real estate realtors as well as individual real estate agents. Having a database to manage your potential clients helps keep agents 100% organized. Many of the software also lets the user create automated workflows as well as keeping track of all different kinds of tasks. Here is a list from blog.hubspot that boasts the top 28 best real estate CRM’s.
  3. CRMs for the Auto Industry – Car dealerships are also in need of customized management tools for their salespeople. What is key here is the ability to increase sales opportunities and the overall effectiveness of the entire sales cycle. There are not as many software for this industry specifically, but there are a couple of really interesting ones that are targeted just for dealerships that are selling cars.
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Small Business CRM’s

if you’re running a small business, you can literally choose from thousands of different generic CRMs. It is very hard to find very specific drill-down management tools for every industry. For example, if you worked from home making cakes for local bakeries and for parties and events, you would be hard-pressed to find a CRM specific for that. That is why you would choose the CRM that is customizable. Many CRM’s have customization flexibility where you can add categories and tasks and sales flow specific to your business.

Here is a couple of CRM’s that are drilled down first niche small businesses and home-based businesses.

  1. Credit Consulting and Credit Repair – There are many financial verticals similar to credit consulting where there would be a need for some serious customization because what you need is specific. Take a credit repair company for example who creates letters on behalf of their clients to send out to the credit agencies. There is software that is specific to this that have automation that is needed, prewritten dispute letters, and other specific things related to their credit history. See 10+ choices for managing credit here.
  2. CRM for photographers – the CRM’s are perfect for individual photographers as well as companies that have photography studios. Whether you’re a wedding photographer or specialize in photographing babies, you going to need good software to keep track of your clients that are specific to photography. The software should help you keep track of your workflow scheduling, generating, and managing new clients as well as invoicing. ShootQ is one example of a really good CRM that was created by photographers.
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