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TweakBox Not Working?? Try out These Fixes and Get it Back !


TweakBox is one of the best third party sources to download tweaked, modified and modded IOS apps. It is a free application that does not have any hidden charges, so one can get plenty of applications for no cost.

The best part of having Tweakbox App is that they regularly update their inventory. So you can get access to all the latest applications without any cost. It is currently the best alternative of Cydia which supports all the IOS devices, Android as well as Windows PC.

If you are encountering TweakBox errors and you need a solution to it. You are on the right page.

Error– White screen- Black screen error

Solution– To fix this error you have to go the “Settings app” and then choose the Safari browser and clear all the website data. Now when you try the app installer, there will be no white or black screen problem.


Error– The Tweakbox App is Not Working.

Solution– Users have complained that the tweakbox app is not working, this happens cause the app source is not verified. You need to delete the app and try to reinstall it.

After that go to the settings option- General- Profile and Device management. Locate the application and now verify/Trust it.


Error– Invalid Argument Supplied

Solution – This error can be easily fixed, delete Tweakbox app from your IOS device. Now take a while and reinstall the application. After this shutdown, your phone for some time, turn it on and check the app for updates. After it gets completely updated you won’t encounter any such error.

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Error – Unable to Download TweakBox App

Solution – This error may occur maybe because you have copies of Tweakbox on your device. Uninstall those and reboot your device. After this gets done try downloading again.


Error- Profile Installation Failure

Solution– This error may occur when the Apple servers are overloaded with traffic. Now you can wait till the traffic gets cleared. If this still doesn’t get solved follow these steps.

  • Turn on the Airplane mode of your device
  • Open your settings app and tap on safari app
  • Now clear the data history after turning off the airplane mode
  • Once this gets done, try reinstalling the Tweakbox app on your device

Error– Revocation of the app

Solution – Many users have complained that Tweakbox app has been revoked, you must know that this app is not officially available on the app store. So Apple will revoke its certificate often. But there is nothing to worry, you can use paid VPN tools to stop this.

Error– CMP issue

Solution– The solution to this error is pretty simple, go to the Settings option of your IOS device. Now tap on the SAFARI app- Clear the history of the app and open apps section again.

If you face any more errors even after fixing some with above fixes, I would suggest you to try out “iOSEmus App” for time being and this application also has some awesome bunch of apps and games.

Final getaway!

If you are a tweakbox user and facing these issues, then these tricks can help you to get through. Tweakbox is one of the best alternative amongst third party installers. If you still face any new error, do comment below and let us know.

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