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We can not deny it, children today are surrounded by  technology. It is common to observe in a restaurant how parents desperate for their baby’s crying give him his cell phone to entertain and eat; or how the screens are increasingly installed in the classroom and in our lives. A term has been created to name these children who have been born with the new technologies installed, they are called “Touch generation”.

But is this an advance? Are ICT’s beneficial or harmful?

According to a new study, presented at the 2017 Meeting of Pediatric Academic Societies, the more time children under the age of 2 spend in front of the screen, the more likely they are to have delays in speech development. And this is just one of the negative consequences that have been described of an early use of the screens: also the cases of myopia in children between 2 and 3 years old are drastically increased and it has been proven that these children are more impulsive than previous generations. 

There are also experts who question whether this inappropriate use of new technologies could affect the use of the  imagination on the part of the smallest, and problems to relate face to face connections. Added to these, there are the dangers of the internet: inadequate access to content (violence, sexuality…), ease of gambling money online, cyberbulling (peer harassment through networks) or, in more extreme cases, grooming (adults who they pretend to be minors to blackmail children) or  sexting (diffusion of sexual images). Excessive use can also lead to the development of an internet addiction.

But we must not be alarmist either, since it seems that these consequences and these dangers are more related to an inadequate use of new technologies than to the very nature of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies). 

ICT’s as its own name indicates, they serve to keep us connected, between us, that is, they allow us to communicate, they also connect us with current events and knowledge, it allows us access to information in an easy, simple and everything fast. For our children, they also involve a possibility of access to audiovisual material, to work in different ways, for example, through collaborative learning, to communicate with friends, which allows them to improve their relationships…

Even video games have great potential: they improve psychomotor coordination, spatial orientation…

That is to say, we are facing a great educational challenge. To combat the situation efficiently, parents are suggested to use android parental controls offered by specialized apps siuch as FamilyTime.

With the app in hand, parents can:

  1. Mirror the contact book of their kids
  2. Monitor call logs
  3. Track SMS history
  4. Watchlist contacts
  5. Check the list of installed apps
  6. Track usage frequency 
  7. Blacklist unwanted apps 
  8. Allow specific time for an app usage
  9. Track internet usage & web-history 
  10. Enable safe internet search
  11. Put web filters
  12. Monitor bookmarks 
  13. Allocate specific hours for the device usage on a weekly or daily basis
  14. Schedule auto screen locks
  15. Remotely locking the phone

And more.Do you wish to try this app yourself for free? You can! Simply visit the app store on your phone and get the trial version of FamilyTime from there.

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