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What Features Make a Perfect Wi-Fi Connection

Every person, household and business requires a speedy and safe Wi-Fi. Sadly, due to the evolution of technology, and not to mention cybercrime, getting a risk-free Wi-Fi connection with an outstanding performance has become tough.

Internet availability is spreading like wildfire. Getting 100 Mbps internet is not unusual anymore. Check out Spectrum internet in Tampa, FL and you will see how affordable high-speed internet connection is these days.

The advent of internet has subsequently increased our usage exponentially. Formerly, Wi-Fi connections were designed to provide limited coverage because only a few users were dependent on it to connect to the Internet.

Fast forward to 2020, it’s not only difficult but may be impossible to find anyone who doesn’t have access to a wireless connection. Rapid changes in technology have led to new and improved innovations such as smartphones. Since various wireless devices that depend on a Wi-Fi connection, it has become quite difficult and complicated to design, deploy and support wireless systems.

Today, wireless systems need to have a more distinct range of features as compared to the past. It has become mandatory for all wireless connections to have certain elements like high-speed, reliability and top-notch security, irrespective of where or for what the Wi-Fi is being used for.

So, without further ado let’s shed some light on the most important features every Wi-Fi should offer.

Efficient Load Balancing

In the past, wireless networks were designed keeping only one factor in mind i.e. coverage. However, due to a rapid increase in the usage of wireless devices such as smartphones, laptops, IPads, etc., it has become necessary for all wireless connections to be designed and planned for capacity.

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According to Statista, the number of network-connected devices per person in the world will be 6.58 by 2020 and with the total world population of over 7.5 billion people, there could be nearly 50 billion network-connected devices.

Nowadays, every efficient Wi-Fi network should offer a high capacity load balancing, which actively transfers users from one access point to another based on the availability of capacity to ensure uninterrupted performance.

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Ability to Expand and Improve Infrastructure

The demand for new and improved wireless connections is certain and so is the growth. It is important to ensure that whatever wireless network you choose, it should have the ability to improve service delivery and scalability whenever required. You might not need it now but you will need it later!

Efficient Network Management

Today, wireless networks are far more complex and have countless access points, firewalls, switches, and many other elements. Having said that, it is crucial to have an apt system to manage the complete network from a centralized point and establishing a network management system aids you in doing just that.

Boundary-less Coverage

Imagine you go out in the courtyard to have a cup of tea and decide to video call with your friend. How would you feel if your Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough to give enough coverage while you are outdoors? Infuriated, annoyed and helpless! That is why every wireless system should have the capability to have outdoor coverage as well as indoor coverage to avoid any disappointments.

Competency to Assess Performance

It is crucial that a wireless network has the capability to measure performance according to users’ perspectives. Meaning, you should possess the capability to see your end-users live, the kind of gadgets and applications they use and the status of the various components of networking that may influence the usage of these gadgets. An efficient wireless network can carry out proactive testing to keep potential problems at bay through constant assessment.

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Top-notch, Impenetrable Security

Establishing an impenetrable network is a pretty complex task. It’s not just about one or two components, but numerous components working jointly to keep your data and end-users safe. The main component of a security system is a Network Firewall. A Network Firewall helps you to observe and control applications as well as end-users. It also aids in creating the right balance between security and performance and decreases complexity with built-in features like Deep Packet Inspection, Anti-Virus Protection, Spam Filtering, Parental Controls, and many others.

For more insight on network security, you may visit Spectrum customer support and get your queries answered.

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RF design or Wi-Fi engineering redundancy means including extra components that are not absolutely important to functioning. Downtime kills productivity and leads to poor customer satisfaction because any glitches or halt in the Wi-Fi service shuts down everything.

The amount of redundancy needed by your Wi-Fi system depends distinctly on your environment and requirements. For instance, a healthcare organization like a hospital may need a higher amount of redundancy as compared to a café, but in the end it all comes down to having a solid backup plan.

Dual Radio Access Points

Components like baby scanners, Bluetooth and microwaves and various other commonly used devices can interfere with users who own 2.4 GHz devices. In simple words, we can say that it is a crowded spectrum. As numerous devices operate in a crowded spectrum, it is extremely important to have Dual Radio Access points that won’t only manage users on 2.4 GHz devices, but 5 GHz as well.

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Network infrastructure is a complex system that comprise of various coexisting components working in the right proportion to give fruitful results. A flawless Wi-Fi Design ensures that all products are working at their best capacity to meet the demands of rapid technological evolution in 2020.  To stay competent in this age, you need a reliable Wi-Fi connection; as they say: “Wi-Fi has become a utility, just like electricity.”



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