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What is the difference between PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner exam

PRINCE2 is one of the widely-adopted methods used by various organizations as one of the best project management methodologies. It is a flexible method that helps businesses to manage the projects successfully. The PRINCE2 Certification comprises of two main courses, namely, PRINCE2 Foundation level and PRINCE2 Practitioner level.

On average, to pass the PRINCE2 exam, it is necessary to pass 97% for the Foundation level exam and 73% for the Practitioner level. It is difficult to find out which course is best among PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner. Moreover, both courses play an essential role if you are seeking for career development in project management.

PRINCE2 Foundation course for beginners

The PRINCE2 Foundation course training is suitable for those who are newcomers to project management. The Foundation course provides the necessary grounding in the PRINCE2 methodologies along with the basic project management terms.

  • If any professional has recently gained a job in the project management then training of PRINCE2 Foundation is suitable for them.
  • It allows the newcomers in project management to settle down in their role with a high confidence level.
  • The PRINCE2 Foundation course training helps in making the professionals comfortable to do their job effectively.

Moreover, if the existing project manager has not to get formal training on the methodologies of project management, then PRINCE2 Foundation training is best. The course is correctly set for the newcomers who can learn about the PRINCE2 methodologies.

PRINCE2 Practitioner course for running projects

PRINCE2 Practitioner course training is useful for those professionals who have experience in project management. It is mostly taken by the experienced project managers who have completed their PRINCE2 Foundation course.

  • During the PRINCE2 Practitioner course, the professionals will learn how to manage a project effectively.
  • It is more in-depth as compared with the Foundation course.
  • It shows that the Practitioner level provides useful as well as practical information.
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PRINCE2 Practitioner training is an ideal opportunity for the project managers to gain more experience. It helps in proving more knowledge to the professionals, which is helpful in a challenging world of project management.

Difference between the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exam

Every certification training ends with an exam. There are some critical points of difference between PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course exam:

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There are total 60 questions. There are total 68 questions.
The exam duration is of 60 minutes. The exam duration is of 150 minutes.
It is a closed book exam. It is an open book exam.
The candidates need 55% that is 33 marks out of 60 questions to pass the exam. The candidates need 55% marks, that is, 38 marks out of 68 questions to pass the exam.
The cost of PRINCE2 Foundation exam is around £236. The cost of PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is around £389.
Objective of PRINCE2 Foundation exam 

PRINCE2 Foundation exam aims to measure the ability of the professionals using PRINCE2 methodologies within project management. With the acknowledgement of Foundation exam training, the candidates become capable of describing the seven principles, themes, and processes involved within PRINCE2. The professionals gain knowledge to identify the essential contents or significant purpose of PRINCE2 management products. The professionals can state the relationships between processes, roles, and the dimensions of the PRINCE2 project. It does not require any prior knowledge or experience to sit in the Foundation course exam.

Objective of PRINCE2 Practitioner exam 

PRINCE2 Practitioner aims to measure the ability of an experienced project manager who is running or managing the project. With the training of the Practitioner exam, the project managers will acquire the ability to produce an explanation of all PRINCE2 themes, principles, and processes. Along with it, the candidates will gain knowledge to provide detailed information about the worked examples of PRINCE2 products.


The project managers can show an understanding of the relationships between principles, themes, and PRINCE2 processes. The professionals can demonstrate their knowledge of the reasons behind PRINCE2 processes, ideas, and policies covering essential elements. There are specific prerequisites involved to take PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. The professionals need to provide the proof of passing anyone of the following qualification if they want to sit in the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation course certification
  • PMP, Project Management Professional
  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)
  • IPMA Level A (Certified Project Director)
  • IPMA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D (Certified Project Manager Associate)
Learning outcomes of PRINCE2 Foundation course

The PRINCE2 Foundation training aims to make the professionals understand the methodologies and confirm their knowledge. The newcomers in project management get equipped with a reputed project management certification.

  • It allows the project managers to work effectively and manage the team working within an environment supportive to PRINCE2.
  • It makes the professionals understand the PRINCE2 themes and best practices.
  • The Foundation course training opens the door for the professionals to get trained with a high level of project management certifications.
  • The project managers get a chance to how to handle and execute the projects under the PRINCE2 Foundation course.
  • The candidates who want to achieve PRINCE2 Certification need first to clear the PRINCE2 Foundation course examination.
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Learning Outcomes of PRINCE2 Practitioner course

The objective of PRINCE2 Practitioner training is to confirm the experienced professionals have sufficient understanding of the PRINCE2 methodologies. The project managers can tailor the PRINCE2 methods in a wide range of variant project scenarios or environments.

  • It is for those people who are part of formal project management functioning.
  • It works as a significant role for the industries in which project management is a fundamental part of daily activities.
  • The experienced project managers can equip themselves with reputed certifications in the field of project management.
  • The project managers get a chance to learn how to apply the PRINCE2 methods in a wide range of business environments.
  • The Practitioner course offers an opportunity for a project manager to advance their career in project management.
  • The practitioner course level helps the project managers to customize the PRINCE2 principles according to the business requirements while managing the project.
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Though PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner level are different from each other, still both courses are essential. PRINCE2 Certification is beneficial to becoming a successful project manager. By achieving PRINCE2 Certification, you can add some advantages to your resume.

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