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What’s Next for RFID?

What is RFID?

RFID means “radio frequency identification” that refers to a technology where digital data encoded in RFID tags are captured by radio waves. It is evolving rapidly as early adopters learn more about this technology and how to use the best of it.

RFID is somewhat similar to barcoding in that data from a tag. It is captured by a device that stores the data captured in the database. RFID advantage over a system software that uses barcode asset tracking software is that RFID tags can be read outside the line-of-sight.

How Does RFID Work?

RFID belongs to a group called Automatic Identification and Data Capture or AIDC. The method for this group of technologies is it collects data from a tag or label and enter those data into a computer system and stored it in a database.

The RFID method is it captures the radio waves to accomplish this. RFID consists of three components which are the antenna, RFID label, and RFID tag or smart label. It contains an Integrated circuit with the antenna that RFID reader captures the transmitted data.

The reader converts the radio waves into a form of data. After the information collected from tags for smart labels. it will now transfer through communication interface to a host computer system, where the data can be stored and analyze.

Analyses and Predictions

RFID was predicted to have an explosion for the past decade in the market. Today, it has been forecast the global sourcing of RFID tags and smart labels have compounded to an annual growth rate of 22.4% in 2018.

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Experts believe that RFID tags will increase and grow more in the market in 2019. The expected growth will be 25 billion tags by 2020 just for in retails shoes and apparel with more tags deployed on high-value retail items.

Future of RFID

RFID technologies have now developed new and interesting innovations as more companies do experiment with RFID. It can be used to solve a real-world business problem. Companies found potential uses for RFID that might be revolutionary in the following years.

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Innovation of RFID Towards Durable and Versatile Tags

RFID tags can be now combined with printed batteries, printed senor, thin-film photovoltaic solar cells, and other technologies with the advancements in printed electronics RFID flexible tags. With this innovation, companies can conceivably print their chipless RFID tags.

Some companies are working on 3D printing technology. It can now be enabled to direct the printing of electronics as soon as they rendered by certain software. Printing RFID tags directly inside the products might be happening sooner or later because the technology is evolving fast.

Uses Sensor Integration

RFID innovation leans towards in sensor. It will increase the part of the whole ecosystem of sensors and communications. It can provide better monitoring and manage assets and shipment.

Sensors can be passive through moistures, temperature, pressure, and vibration combined with RFID to provide more intelligence in the system and can be the edge of the enterprise.

Increase Memory for Smart Tags

The key activity for the RFID is to build intelligence tags and asset. Tags with more memory at a lower cost can be used by more companies with smart assets application. High-value assets technology and for those assets that will make it easier to amortize the increased cost of more robust tags.

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New Antenna Designs for Increase Range

One of the basic innovations for the future of RFID is the good performance of its antenna design. The antenna determines where and how a tag can be used and how well it will perform. It safe to say that the expectation towards the RFID will surely be hight as the competition for the antenna designs is heating up.

RFID in Retail

RFID technology in retail can be effective and useful in terms of inventory. Because of the RFID chips, it can save time as they can do inventory every month and it can get a more accurate picture of what fashions are selling well and styles that are not notable for the consumer.

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Several major retailers especially Zara are now implementing the use of the RFID system. Tags placed on items, then the readers were able to take inventories in each rack of retails items at a time.

Inventory could be taken at a fraction at a time and created a multitude of benefits that come from having a better idea of what’s going on in a store, what are fast-selling and slow-selling items.

Always-On RFID

Retailers count more ofter in order to get an accurate data inventory of each item per rack. It spends more on labor costs and time for the inventory. With the RFID system, it can now be easy to get accurate data inventory real-time fast and efficient.


An RFID system can be a great help in retails that consist of many items and products. The future for retails stores is now the RFID as it can now be printed directly into a cloth and can easily be inventory with less effort and time.

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