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Why my Showbox app is not working?

Who does not like to watch movies in free time? Everyone does like I guess. However, not everyone is capable of paying monthly subscription payments for watching movies online and that is why we are coming up with this article to let you people know about one of the awesome applications “Showbox’ to binge out movies at no extra cost online.

Showbox is a video streaming application and currently the number one over the internet for providing the latest collections of movies online at no extra cost. However, due to the recent update, most of the people started reporting that their Showbox application is not working. This could be due to anything and in this article, you will find the exact reasons why your Showbox app is not working and how could you fix it?

Why my Showbox app is not working?

It could be due to anything include server, playback or device errors. I am mentioning every possible outcome and solution for the problem below.

Showbox cannot play this link/server down the error.

Most of the time we cannot able to play some content which is not available for our country. As we already know that Showbox is no more available in Google Play store so consider using a VPN service for uninterrupted services. You can also follow the steps below for the solution.

  • To avoid any streaming errors, download one of the best and free VPN (Opera)
  • Open VPN and connect it to the US server.
  • Now clear all the cookies and cache of the application.
  • Re-open the Showbox and see if the error persists.
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Showbox not working: Installation and update errors.

Sometimes, the error persists when the version that you are using is outdated or sometimes when some files are missing due to improper installation.

Showbox version outdated

If your Showbox version is outdated then I prefer updating it to the latest version. You can go through the official website for the latest version updates. However, you need to enable unknown sources application installation under the device settings before installing the latest version.

Technical problems

Your android device version should be greater than 4. and above to use Showbox application. There should be enough space and also your mobile device should support HD video playback streaming.

Showbox Video Playback Error

Many people had reported in recent days that they are getting video playback errors while watching any content over the Showbox application.

To fix it out. Follow the steps I have given below.

  • First, try to uninstall twitter and google play updates from your device. (Open settings > Application manager > google play store > uninstall updates)
  • If you are using an android device that is having an android apps version greater than 5 then go to the settings > about and double click on it.
  • Tap seven times on the build number to unlock developer options.
  • Scroll down under the options and turn on the awesome player.
  • Restart your device and check it out if the problem is still there.


There is no doubt that Showbox is one of the best applications for streaming movies online at no extra cost. However, due to the ban in some countries, the people nowadays face more problems and issues while using this application and they rapidly reporting the errors that their application is not working.

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In this article, I generally have given the answers to almost 80% of their problems and most of the time the Showbox not working error is solved by following this only.

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