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Why you require managed hosting services for your WordPress website

Good hardware is essential to ensure high service quality from a web host. The memory, the processing power and disk space available for you play a major part in deciding your website’s overall performance. 

The use of your CPU and RAM depends on the content type and the number of visitors to your site for any sort. For example, if you create viral content, the typical hosting package that has been given to you at a minimum cost is not enough to manage these traffic explosions. It will slow down the website and even go offline on rare occasions. And that where you require HostingRaja to take you out of this situation. 

You want the most functionality for the lowest amount of money, but the only way to pick a host is not to choose a price. Here are a few things you would like to remember when choosing a hosting provider: 


This largely depends on your knowledge of various hosting solutions. If you know your way around WordPress setup, migration, protection, caching, site backups and retirements, you’ll need less help. 

But even if you all know, there’s always a chance for that one bug to mess up everything and you’ve got a WordPress hosting that cares about making sure the product works as advertised. And most web hosting services provide some assistance. They have phone support, support groups, live web chats, emails and a support system for tickets. 


The majority of web hosting providers have uptimes of over 99.5%. In the sub-99 percent area, there are very few. While it doesn’t seem much, it’s quite significant if 0.1% has a major impact on your website sales. Otherwise, it’s not something that you have to think about. 

Why do I need a WordPress Managed Host? 

Hosting companies provide consumers who want to run websites on the Web with infrastructure and server space. A hosting company can be viewed as a host of an apartment where each apartment represents a server for rent. Just as you need shelter to stay, there needs to be a server and a hosting service on a website. 

The WordPress web publishing program, however, powers your website. It requires additional resources to run smoothly and in volume as the site receives lots of information. Now almost every hosting 

company out there claims to have WordPress built and running on their servers. But you quickly discover that it doesn’t guarantee that your site can keep up traffic just because you can install WordPress on a web server. 

Few reasons why you should hire HostingRaja 

We have has many years of hosting experience. We know how to host it. We have the experience to get you quickly started and to ensure your long-term satisfaction. That’s why our companies meet the needs of all kinds of customers. 


Backups or migrations with zero downtime are completed. We will NEVER allow our clients to suffer due to poor server quality or lack of resources. Our servers are managed with on-site technicians in case of hardware problems. 

Pricing For one reason 

Our price is very aggressive; we aspire to be most commonly HOST on the market. Send us an email at any time if you have any questions regarding advance sales or assistance. The confidence that we have in how we can support you like no other is part of us, so affordable. 

We use the most effective hosting tools for our services in the industry. Compared with ordinary servers with a control panel, our servers provide maximum performance. CPanel or DirectAdmin are eligible as their control panel for all customers. For all VPS packages, all control panels are available. As you grow, you can always upgrade. 

High-quality equipment 

The hardware we use is carefully selected and customers are assigned according to the package form in order. All hardware is business-grade with Dual Hex-Core Xeons that use RAID 10 storage arrays with more than enough space to provide our customers ‘ performance and reliability. As a client, you can quickly switch to a new server (VPS) or larger packages. 

Money-back Guarantee

All packages except dedicated servers are supported with a 30-day money-back guarantee, without any hassle money-back guarantee. Your online presence with us is free! You can seek to decide for yourself with our 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee! 

Pre-installed HostingRaja WordPress for you. 

  • Continuous regular peace of mind backups. 
  • Daily WordPress updates, always up to date on your blog. 
  • 24/7 malware security surveillance or attempts to hack your site. 
  • Web servers specifically designed for WordPress sites hosting… quick! 

Excellent encouragement of people who know WordPress both internally and externally, and not just reading from a script book

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