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Why your brand needs a business phone system

Are you planning to open a new business?

Congratulations on this big step! However, you must be having a tough time managing things as setting up a business is not a child’s play. There are tons of things demanding your constant attention.

While you are leaving no stone unturned to build the infrastructure, don’t forget to get the right business phone system. It bears the whole burden of your inbound and outbound communication. That being said, it is sad to know that no business pays as much attention as it deserves.

They just pick any random phone system and start facing numerous issues as time passes. To avoid all these, we suggest you take a virtual phone system on board. Built with a cut-above and cord-cutting technology, it enables a business to overcome seen and unforeseen issues at the communication front and enjoy uninterrupted communication.

Here is how an Internet Business Phone System curbs communication issues and helps businesses of all sorts to grow exponentially:


  • Better call handling


If you are thinking of using an old-school PSTN-based phone system, then think twice as almost 16% of businesses are struggling with the issue of call routing to the wrong employees or getting constant busy signals over a single line.

Can you imagine the outcome of the call transferred to the wrong employee?

This will lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn, which in turn, hampers your business growth and sales. This is why better and timely call routing is very important.

With a business telephone system, you will also need call tracking software so that you can know where your telephone leads come from and conduct your business more efficiently.

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Cloud telephony comes with powerful AI and machine learning that identifies the nature of calling infrastructure and routes the call within a fraction of time without making goof-up.

Based on the callers’ input on the IVR, it transfers the call to the concerned department without making any mistake. Not only this. It knows which line is busy and getting a maximum number of calls.

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To avoid high call waiting time on that particular line, it generates the extensions. When calls are handled better and managed without any errors, you are likely to enjoy high customer satisfaction.


  • Finding relative customer information is essential


Gone are those days when customer handling was a super-easy job. Today’s customers are highly demanding and want to-the-point and detailed information. If you are using PSTN-based telephony, then either you have to look into your manual records for the information or turn on your computer.

Both options are time-taking and come with a fair share of errors. Cloud telephony is unique in this regard as it works using Computer Telephony Integration or CTI technology. With this technology, you can easily connect your ordinary phone system in real-time with other software that you are using in your business ecosystem.

When your business phone system integrates with your CRM database using the CTI technology, you get click-to-dial facility with all the customer information right in front of your eyes. This integration not only saves your time but also reduces the chances of errors.

Customizing welcome messages and greetings are effective ways to impress the current customer pool.

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Your cloud-based virtual phone system can help you create a positive and impressive brand image and help you emerge as a service provider that cares for the customers. You can set customized welcome messages and greetings. Though it seems a mere change in how you handle your customers, it makes a great impact.

Younger and millennial customers like that personal touch and become loyal customers with that particular business. Just implement it once, and you will be able to find out the difference it’s making on your business.


  • Future growth is always supported


No business wants to have stagnant growth. Every business wants to see its success graph growing. While you aim to do so, you can’t ignore the importance of going global. Global expansion is the need of the hour, and every business is trying hard to achieve it.

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However, high investment always acted as an impediment in the quest. Many small scale businesses fail to overcome this issue and are forced to abandon the idea. Cloud telephony is a blessing in disguise in this regard as it can be at your service at the least possible investment.

You need not drag yourself in doing tedious hardware and software installation on the workstation. Here, all the telephony components are deployed on cloud-space and can be accessed using a single login.

Also, you can make cheap national & international calls as virtual phone systems transmit voice signals over the internet, which is way cheaper than a landline.

The Final call

The business phone system lays the foundation for a successful business.

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You must check its viability in your ecosystem. Seeing the current market scenarios and customer behavior, we can easily conclude that a cloud-based business phone system is the right tool to take on board.

Without exerting a high-cost burden, it enables you to streamline communication at every level. So, before you actually make a move to establish a successful business, make sure cloud telephony is on your checklist.

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