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Know How To Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Windows 10 (Solved)

wmi provider host

This post will explain wmi provider host. If you are regular Windows users of either Windows 10 or other variations of Windows and you are overlooking WMI provider host high CPU usage issue, then you should resolve this issue immediately. At first, you require to check the Task Manager where this procedure is running, if it shows high CPU usage out of 30% or more and then you require to try to end the process today. It is necessary to understand for you about WMI Provider Host and how to fix this high CPU use issues. Do not be panics, please read this post.

Know how To Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Windows 10 (Solved)

In this article, you can know about wmi provider host here are the details below;

 WMI Provider Host (WmiprvSE.exe) is legitimate procedure for Windows Operating Systems

You can easily be seeing WmiprsvSE.exe in Task Manager of your computer system as running process. Its complete form is Windows Management Instrumentation has essential role in your computer. If you wish to disable or end the process, then your Operating System might encounter extreme malfunctions. However, it is not necessary to disable this service. In the beginning, you need to recognize the origin of such problem i.e., high CPU use and eliminate this issue from System immediately. Also check origin not opening.

WMI Provider Host enables other application and process to request information about the OS and information kept in it too. It supplies the excellent for software interaction and beneficial for coordinating with operating System. Nevertheless, lots of people have issue regarding this service and they are seeing high CPU usage concern on their PCs. We researched on the matter and finally come to conclusion that, this trouble may occur in your PCs due to a number of reasons consisting of malware infection, misguiding in System computer system registry settings and initial file damaged. To solve the issue, please read the instruction provided below.

 WMI provider host high CPU server 2012/2016

Windows server 2012 R2 is running in many computers, however users are reporting that when they examine this process in Task Manager of computer system, then they get high CPU usage by it which degrades the total efficiency of your computer. They have discovered that RAID1 varieties were marked impending failure. The CPU use never listed below 70% when they are running Quickbooks databases supervisor on their PCs. The exact same problem occurs with WMI provider host high CPU server 2016 asked by variety of users on Microsoft tech support site. Do not stress, choose option given below. Also check glfw error 65542.

 Different methods to fix WMI provider host high CPU Windows 10

 Procedure 1: You can fix WMI Provider Host by means of Event Viewer

Step 1: At first, right press on “Start” button and select “Event Viewer”

Step 2: Now, go for “Applications > Service Logs > Microsoft > WMI Activity”

Step 3: search for errors and jot down or copy & paste the “ClientProcessID” in notepad

Step 4: Press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open Task Manager

Step 5: Now, go services and find the process with exact same ID

Step 6: Right click Problematic procedure and press “Stop” button

 Procedure 2: You can reboot WMI service

Step 1: Press “Windows + R” key from keyboard and type “services.msc” and after that click on “Ok”.

Step 2: search for “Windows Management Instruments” procedure.

Step 3: Now, ideal click it and select restart options.

Step 4: After that, press “Windows + X” key from keyboard and select “Command Prompt as Administrator”.

Step 5: Now, type or copy & paste following command in command line and execute it one-by-one by pressing enter key.

– net stop iphlpsvc.

– net stop wscsvc.

– net stop Winmgmt.

– net start Winmgmt.

– net start wscsvc.

– net start iphlpsvc.

Step 6: After complete the procedure, reboots your computer system and please check if the issue is resolved.

 Procedure 3: You need to run antivirus software application.

Step 1: Before perform your computer, you need to enter Safe mode with Networking. So in the beginning, click “Start” button and search or choose “Settings”.

Step 2: Now, click on “Update & Security > Recovery”.

Step 3: Click on “Restart Now” under “Advance Setup”.

Step 4: After restart, go for “Troubleshoot > Advance options > Startup > Restart”.

Step 5: After once again restarts, press F8 or Shift + F8 to open boot menu and then press F5 or 5 to get in “Safe Mode with Networking”.

Step 6: Now, run the antivirus software with complete scan and after complete the procedure please check if the problem is solved.


I believe this tutorial helped yourself to fix WMI provider host high CPU Windows 10 along with on fix Windows server 2012 & 2016 concerns. You can select any procedure as System requirement to fix this problem. We recommends you to scan your computer system with very powerful anti-viruses software application “Reimage” which is capable to get rid of all malware or scrap files from System and protect your System from breakdowns. Also check pending transaction steam.

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