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10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

You will know various video editing apps that you can use to create expert looking movies for Android and iPhone in this text. So, permit me quickly run you through a listing of these video modifying apps beneath the latest studies has it that 76% of agencies declare that video contents have assisted them to increase income. Commonly,

it can be very tasking to sit down right down to do some video enhancing with your computer however while a majority of customers say they choose to see more of videos from manufacturers, extreme commercial enterprise owners could, in reality, wake up to the project of providing the videos.

List of 10 Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

This free video editing app links with Adobe’s Premiere Product but can still work better as the app itself.  With the use of this app, fans will be glad to know that it syncs with other Adobe clips like Lightroom.

1) Features

The Adobe Premiere Clip features two editing modes; Automatic and Freeform. While Freeform gives you the control over your editings, the Automatic allows Adobe to cut your clips and include the transitions in order to speed up the process of editing. Secondly, the app provides that you can color-correct your clips, including your own music or select any music from your built-in the library, to add to the video.

2) Pros

Adobe Premiere Clip syncs with other apps, easy to use and it has a creative cloud support system.

3) Cons

It has difficulty in rotating clips.

2. iMovie

This is one of the best video editors for iPhone and a great tool for beginners because it is easy to use; though, it is mainly suitable for Apple users.

1) Features

One uniqueness of the editing app is it’s drag and drop interface which makes enhancing so problem unfastened. iMovie has preferred functions that permit you to surely edit videos on your iPad and iPhone, as you may without difficulty trim clips, document audio, insert your songs or even put in filters. The app actually supports 4k resolution.

2) Pros
it’s miles very easy to use, particularly for beginners.

3) Cons

Professional video editors may find themselves very limited in using the app

3. Kinemaster

The Kinemaster app lets you to run your video editing simply as you’ll commonly do on computer video modifying packages. With its drag and drop feature.

You can effortlessly import media files. It has really been proven that the app’s interface makes mobile video editing very easy but has a monthly fee of about $5.

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1) Features

It has a functionality that allows you to add effects, music, and text. In addition, you can possibly record audio that will be added to your video. Interestingly, the app is most suitable for professional Android users. The Kinemaster app has been designed to feature an instant preview for viewing what is being edited.

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2) Pros

· It has amazing features and interface

· It is relatively easy to use

3) Cons

It has a monthly subscription Pro plan which many users see as a discouraging factor.

4. Quik

this is any other device for creating outstanding videos. it’s far very speedy and loose to use. Quik video enhancing app is designed to make your enhancing work quicker so that you can without difficulty capture, edit, or even post videos at the go.

One beautiful thing about this app is that it can automatically create videos and thereafter, you can save it to your camera roll either in 720p or 1080p or you can optionally share it on social media platforms.

1) Features

Quik is compatible with Motion Photos and GoPro. Apart from this, you can possibly save your edited videos in the draft folder so you can finish later. I also like the fact that it has the capability to search your video footage to discover great moments in the recording.

2) Pros

Fast and automatic editing

3) Cons

Does not have sufficient user editing control

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is every other splendid video editing app that is fast or even without any subscription. Instagram customers can definitely bank on this app, As it also creates preparedtarget audience movies for numerous other sorts of structures.

Although FilmoraGo has a subscription for a computing device model that begins from $45, you may nevertheless get a lot of features from the mobile app that’s without a subscription.

1) Features

Being one of the best video editing apps on this list, it has a functionality that can let you add your own music directly from its inbuilt library, add transitions and then trim video clips, including adding titles and text to it. This is really amazing.

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2) Pros

Amazing app for elementary mobile video editing.

3) Cons

The desktop app seems better and more professional; but then, it is not free

6. Apple Clips


Apple Clips is one free video editing app that is known to be absolutely brilliant. Whereas some apple apps do have limited functionality,

The Apple Clips meets most of your editing needs like editing your timeline, edging clips together as well as inserting subtitles with little or no restriction. The editing app is suitable for iOS users who are looking for fast, Instagram-friendly editing software to run a task.

1) Features

One amazing feature regarding this app is its ability to perfectly edit your background. Another feature I can point out is its Live Titles which goes together with voice. You can thereafter, crosscheck the voice and the Live Titles to ensure that they go in sync.

2) Pros

It meets your editing needs as it is fast and very easy to use.

3) Cons

It is designed for iOS users only.

7. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is one of the great free video editing apps that is designed for use on Instagram. basically, it shall we the user create a time-lapse video.


it is designed in a manner that once you’ve got created the time-lapse video, you can then share it with followers and friends on your list.

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1) Features

This amazing free video editing app features functionality that can capture changes in weather. It can also creatively show you how a product is made. Another feature to notice about this video editing app is that it does pretty well without a tripod, because of its strong stabilization technology.

2) Pros

· You can adjust the speed setting of the time-lapse feature.

· It has an incredible built stabilization technology and can be used without a tripod

3) Cons

To get nice results, you need to make several attempts.

8. Magisto

The Magisto video editing app is said to be a super-intelligent tool in creating an awesome video in three stages. You can start by selecting your preferred editing style like ‘’Fashion’’.

Then, incorporate videos or photos to your work. The third stage is where you will select a suitable music track from the app’s built-in library.

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1) Features

Magisto as an Artificial Intelligent app, is best in automatically creating and editing videos. It is also a quick tool for Instagram content, making it appear as though you spent long hours preparing the video. For those who want to go Pro with it, you can upgrade to the premium package so you can get more advanced features with just a little fee.

One of the features of this advanced package is its ability to easily export to Facebook’s ads manager.

2) Pros

It has advanced marketing features

3) Cons

It has more speed than the functionality of having control while editing videos.

9 .WeVideo

This is actually one of the best video editing apps when it has to do with cloud-based video editors. What I mean here is that the app is effective as online software, rather than manually using it on your mobile device.

1) Features

· With the app, you can trim videos, select your choice music, and add filters to your videos.

· WeVideo showcases its uniqueness as its premium plans offer fanciful advanced features like the ability to share videos and having a music library which essentially includes licensed music.

2) Pros

It has incredible premium features

3) Cons

Its free version works more like a free trial.

10. InShot  

This video editing app is having many features, all in one app. It creates and edits videos, incorporates photos, and creates image collages.

It is easy to use and is awesome for a video creator who wants an app that does many things at the same time without any external addition. However, the unpleasant part of it is that you need to pay a sum of $3 to add watermark to the videos.

1) Features

InShot has a functionality wherein you can flip and rotate footage; adjust the speed of your music, and add filters.

2) Pros

It incorporates many features, all in one app

3) Cons

The free version has a watermark and ads.


Publishing good content videos on a regular basis can be really challenging. This is the reason I have carefully selected the twelve best video editing apps for Android and iPhone for your business pleasure. I, therefore, request that you try any of them and watch your business gain the attention of your fans.

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