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13 Top African Logistics Companies

Are you searching for the best logistics and supply chain partner in Africa? Well, there are plenty of companies that are offering world-class services across the continent. These companies are ready to offer both inbound as well as outbound services while ensuring the utmost satisfaction to clients.

Here we have listed 13 of the top performing logistics companies in Africa, namely rated on their facilities, maintenance, procurement and transportation framework. This list may help you make the most reliable decision when it comes to servicing your logistics needs

  • Value Logistics:

This company is operating in Isando, Sound Africa, with an hourly rate of $150 to $199. The professionals at working on this platform believe in offering comprehensive transportation facilities for the supply chain industry. Value Logistics have also built a credible brand in the marketplace, where clients can easily recognise their services.

  • Transnova Africa:

Transnova is another popular logistics and transportation management company that is founded by an experienced team of supply chain professionals. They are currently operating out of Johannesburg with a team of almost 250 employees. The hourly rate for their services varies between $100 to $149.

  • Laser Group:

The Laser Group is a company that is running one of the largest independent logistics operations in Cape Town. They are known for their unrivaled domestic services and extended global reach. The Laser Group adds value to a variety of businesses with their ocean and air freight services. They are specialized in B2B/ B2C, contract logistics, retail distribution, fulfillment, warehousing, and forwarding.

  • Tsiko Africa Group:
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This company was established recently in the year 2016 at Bryanston; however, now they have emerged as a top-rated logistics supplier in Africa. These professionals are performing well to boost the national economy with their wide range of supply chain management activities across the continent.

  • Road Freight Logistics:

Here is another big name from the African logistics sector. Road Freight Logistics is owned by a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable group of professionals that are working with the help of sophisticated technologies. This company soffer integrated services to meet unique customer requirements at competitive rates. All their trailers carry advanced tracking devices; which helps employees maintain live updates of all supply chain movements across countries.

  • APG Logistics:
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APG Logistics was founded  in 2015; it is owned and managed by a group of logistics-savvy women who are establishing a great brand reputation in this hihgly competitive industry. APG’s head office is located in Johannesburg with satellite offices established in Port Elizabeth and Durban. APG handles dangerous goods such as diesel, fuel and explosives.

  • Morgan Cargo:

Morgan Cargo offer supply chain solutions to a wide range of international clients. They started their business in the perishable cargo arena, however today the company offers a diverse range of services to a variety of industries. They are known for their budget-friendly services nationwide market.

  • Alpha Shipping:

This supply chain organisation is based in Durban, and they believe in adhereing to reliable, and ethical practices. They have an experienced team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the shipping sector. The main goal of Alpha Shipping is to offer fair and equal opportunities allowing a diverse range of employees to progress and succeed.

  • Trade Ocean:
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Trade Ocean operates out of both Namibia and South Africa. These professionals are currently servicing both international and local clients with a diverse range of logistics services. Their list of services includes freight logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and shipping freight services. Although the head office of the company is located at Cape Town, they have also set up regional branches at Walvis Bay, Johannesburg, and Durban.

  • Turners Shipping:

Turner Shipping is a top-rated African logistics company that is offering reliable international and local services. They have a satisfied customer base in the different parts of the country with inclusive freight solutions. Turner shipping employs the latest shipping technologies and logistics professionals to ensure your goods are handled with care.

  • Del Group:
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These professionals are working with logistics specialists and ship agents in the Southern part of Africa. They have more than 50 years experiences in the supply chain sector. The Del Group is dedicated to providing optimal services to clients plus excellent shipping facilities. Their going shipping rate is great value, around $25 per hour.

  • Cargo Carriers:

Here is another leading logistics company from Africa that is helping clients to avail effective supply chain solutions with their highly skilled workforce. These logistics service experts operate with cutting edge IT systems to ensure value-driven and customized freight solutions to clients.

  • Zamalwandle:

Zamalwandle was founded in 2001, and have gradually grown in the industry with their top-notch logistics solutions. Their hourly service charges vary somewhere between $50 to $99. Zamalwandle supports the coal and mining industries.

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Africa’s leading logistics and supply chain companies, clearly combine their industry knowledge, services with advanced logistics technologies, from AI (artificial intelligence),  robotics, to tms and wms solutions (transport management/ warehouse magement solutions), in order to achieve success across the continent.


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