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8 Jjspy Review Pros And Cons_ Spy Features Overview On Androids And Iphones

Jjspy Review: Pros And Cons, Spy Features Overview On Androids And Iphones 

If you need to monitor the activities that take place on cell phones, then this is the right platform to be in. Spy apps can be used to perform this role efficiently. Many parents and employers find using such software beneficial in keeping an eye on their kids and employees to track what they do with their Smartphones. There are many spy apps available for use. One such app is JJSPY. Here’s a review of this app, its features, and the pros and cons of using it.

An Overview of JJSPY on Androids and iPhones

JJSPY is a cell phone tracking app that provides employers and parents with the opportunity to spy on their young ones and employees, respectively. With this app, you can safeguard your children from online threats anytime during the day. As an employer, JJSPY can help you to supervise employees and keep track of their movements, biometric readings, and internal texts. It will also assist you in implementing data safety rules and policies. The beauty of this app is that it’s compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. For iPhones, you don’t have to jailbreak to work with them. Android devices do not have to be rooted as well for you to operate them with this app. This application can be accessed easily at where you can be sure to find more information about it.

How Does the Spy Work On Androids and iPhones?

Like any other spy app, JJSPY works similarly. You need to acquire and install it on your target device before you can use it. The process is quick and straightforward. Once installed, you can now begin to monitor the activities of those you’re spying on without their knowledge. There are just three steps involved in obtaining this spying software. Since many apps are available online and in different sites, it’s advisable to be aware of what you’re dealing with. Most scammers use the increasing number in spy apps to lure users into giving private data. The good news is that such incidences are prevented by using JJSPY. How is that so? This trustworthy app offers you an opportunity to try first before subscribing to it. You can do so by watching the live demos available at and see how it works before you make the purchase decision.

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Spy Features Overview

JJSPY has numerous features that you can ever imagine of. Some of them are shared across other spy apps, while others are unique to this powerful cell phone tracker. Here are the features of JJSPY:

  • Call log. This allows for monitoring the call history of cell phones. You can easily use it to see the call logs of your children to ascertain who contacts them and vice versa.
  • GPS location tracking. The app tracks the target device’s movements so that you know where an individual is and has been.
  • Live cameras and screens. JJSPY enables you to spy on the surroundings to view the activities of people you’re monitoring. It does so by activating the camera and microphone on your phone. The live screen also allows you to see kid’s device screen in realty.
  • Text messages. There’s never been a perfect app to spy on your child’s text messages like JJSPY. Use it to know who the users chat with via SMS.
  • IM messages. JJSPY can keep in check all the various messaging IM apps out there. It gives you the authority over messages sent through these apps.
  • Keylogging. Android JSSPY enables you to see all that is typed on the target user’s keyboard. You can discover passwords, searches, pins, and others.
  • Browser history. The internet can expose your child to harmful material. JJSPY allows you to spy on what he/she is searching online to ensure safety from risky content.
  • Gallery. With the use of this app, you can have access to all the photos and images of the spied person and download them.
  • Applications and tools. This real-time tracker helps you to monitor the apps and tools that your target user installs. You’ll see the installation dates, daily app usage, and other significant details.
  • Videos and audios. Are you concerned about the type of music your children listen to or the videos they watch? JJSPY has the solution. This feature allows you to spy on their devices, watch videos & listen to audios, and even download them.
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This powerful Smartphone tracker is indeed the solution to parental control over young ones’ devices. It’s an Android Track Solution capturing several features as well as iPhone Track Solution that can be used to supervise children and employees. An alternative to JJSPY can be Spyic which can be accessed at

Pros and Cons of the Spy app

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The pros of using this spy app include:

  • The ability to monitor your employees’ progress, thus boosting your business.
  • Protection of your child against online dangers or anything harmful that the use of devices can pose.
  • You can use it for both Android and iPhone spying making it more suitable than some of the available spy apps.
  • It is easy to install and use. You can always watch the live demos before you decide to subscribe.
  • It contains several basic and advanced features that allow you to supervise every activity done on a target user’s phone.

The cons of using JJSPY are:

  • It’s not available for desktops
  • Like other cell phone spy apps, it encourages invasion of people’s privacy.

When Can You Use JJSPY on Androids and iPhones? 

Generally, spying on someone’s phone isn’t a decent idea and can be considered unethical. Even so, there are scenarios where using spy apps such as JJSPY on mobile phones can be appropriate. For example, your children under 18 years still need guidance in many things, including their use of smart devices. You can use this app to help monitor them. It might be challenging to be present whenever they use their gadgets; thus, having JJSPY installed can help you keep track of their activities and make necessary adjustments to protect them. Employers might also be concerned about the welfare of their workers. Using this app helps you to ensure that they don’t reveal the company secrets as well as supervising their movements. However, only use the app after having their consent to avoid legal actions. You can also use JJSPY when you want to check your boyfriend’s text messages. Please visit for details.

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The use of spy apps on mobile devices to keep track of monitored users can help you. There are so many of these tools available online, and some might be scams. Understanding the reliable and authentic software is crucial for your spying course. Always make sure you learn more about a particular spy app before acquiring it. I hope this discussion will help you to make the right choice about JJSPY.


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