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Top 50 Anime Torrents Sites For Download and Watch Free Movies 2021

Words anime– pronounced “ah-knee-may”– is an abbreviation of the word animation. In Japan, the word is used to refer to all animation. However, outside of Japan, it has actually become the catch-all term for animation.From Japan many sites are dedicated to anime. Anime is the widespread style in Japanese comics or manga.

The word Anime is clearly the japanese word for cartoon or animation and in Japan is used by people to explain all cartoons regardless of country of origin. As an example, a Japanese people could think about Sailor Moon and Disney’s Frozen as each being anime, Not as two different things from separate genres.

What are the differences between types of anime?

The terms “shoujo”, “shounen”, “seinen”, and “josei” are used to classify anime/manga. I know that the general meanings are as follows:

  • Shoujou: for girls
  • Shounen: for boys
  • Seinen: for men
  • Josei: for women

What’s the Difference Between Subbed and Dubbed Anime?

Subbed is short for subtitled which means that the anime is likely available to watch with the original Japanese audio and with English subtitles placed over the footage.

Dubbed means that the anime has been redubbed with a language different from that of the original Japanese. More often than not, this means that it has an English language version with English-speaking voice actors. Occasionally this can also mean that the songs have also been replaced with English versions.

The List of Anime Torrents For Download and Watch Free Movies 2020


As the internet policies are going tough each day, It has come to be not possible to hold a list of nice anime torrents. The Governments mixed with ISPs has taken down many popular torrents. They’r keep doing it. So, it’s far not possible to discover anime torrents at the right time. That’s why i have searched Reddit, and other popular forums to locate the hidden gem stones for you. Below, i’ve mentioned a list of high-quality anime torrents that you may use. i’ve in my opinion checked many of those websites, i will hopefully say they’re honestly worth your visit.

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Anime Torrents

Website URL

Animetosho https://animetosho.org/
The Pirate Bay http://thepiratebay.org/
Torlock https://www.torlock.com
1337X http://1337x.io
AniRena https://www.anirena.com/
Seedpeer https://seedpeer.eu
Horriblesubs http://horriblesubs.info/
Katcr.Co https://kat.cr
AnimeKaizoku https://animekaizoku.com/
Bakabt.me http://bakabt.me/
Animetorrents.me https://animetorrents.me
Anime-ultime.net http://www.anime-ultime.net/
Animeworldbd.com https://animeworldbd.com/
Shana Project https://www.shanaproject.com/
Project GXS http://www.project-gxs.com/
LimeTorrents https://limetorrent.cc/
The Pirate Bay https://thepiratebay.org/
Torrentz2 https://torrentz2.eu/
Kuroani https://kuroani.me/
Nyaa https://nyaa.si/
Animetake https://animetake.tv/
Anime Layer http://animelayer.ru/
Anime Frenzy https://ww2.animefrenzy.eu/
crunchyroll https://www.crunchyroll.com/
Chia-anime.tv http://ww2.chia-anime.tv/
Animeland https://animeland.tv/
Masterani.me https://www.masterani.me/
9anime.to https://9anime.is/
Anime Freak https://www.animefreak.tv/
Animeheaven https://animeheaven.eu/
Soul Anime https://ww7.soul-anime.us
Kiss Anime https://kissanime.cool/
Anime Lab https://www.animelab.com/
GogoAnime https://www06.gogoanimes.tv/
Anime Planet https://www.anime-planet.com/
noobsubs.net http://noobsubs.net/
fffansubs.org http://fffansubs.org/
erai-raws.info https://erai-raws.info/
Animebytes https://animebytes.tv/
tvnihon http://tracker.tvnihon.com/
Anime Streams http://animestreams.tv/
https://www.tokyotosho.info/ https://www.tokyotosho.info/
animelatino.org http://animelatino.org/
foro.unionfansub.com http://foro.unionfansub.com/
mononoke-bt.org http://mononoke-bt.org
animesuki.com http://animesuki.com/
https://doki.co/ (Hentai / Manga Fansub) https://doki.co/
Animestreams https://animestreams.tv
http://puya.si/ http://puya.si/
Anime Heroes https://animeheros.com/

Best 5 Anime Torrents Sites For Download and Watch Free Movies

There are Top 50 anime torrent sites in the above mention table. All anime torrent site are best for their different  features and content. However, If I have to pick just 5 best anime torrents. Read below for detail .

KissAnime– Best Anime Torrents

It has a easy interface with a couple of genres to pick out from such as Horror, Comedy, Romance, Action, journey and many more. But, the site according to many customers has gaps and opportunities to get higher.


Crunchyroll– Top Anime Torrents

It is an online streaming site that enables huge no of audiences from all internationally. Having stated that, Crunchyroll is a awesome alternative to 9Anime that carries collection, dramas, and Music related to anime.

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Gogoanime– Anime Torrents sites

GoGoanime is an extraordinary platform for streaming anime online without cost. Here you could watch subbed and dubbed each animes collection, movies with the HD video first-rate. You don’t want to join up to watch at anime on Gogoanime.

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PutLocker– Popular Anime Torrent site

Putlocker is  very popular website that enables users stream television shows, movies and many more anywhere without problems .The Putlocker site created inside the united kingdom in 2010-2011.


Crunchyroll– Best Anime Torrent sites

It is an online streaming site that enables huge no of audiences from all internationally. Having stated that, Crunchyroll is a awesome alternative to 9Anime that carries collection, dramas, and Music related to anime.




In this article we detail discussed about Anime Torrents sites. i am hoping this will help for your anime thirst. If any torrent site is not operating for you, you can try other anime torrent site for Download and Watch Free Movies 2020.

I will suggest you Bookmark this article as we’ll maintain including many anime torrent web sites as we find them. thank you for reading.

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