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Best 7 Apps For Microsoft Teams To Make Your Communication Better

In contrast to Slack, there is no restriction on the number of applications you can introduce in Microsoft Teams (free). These applications not just furnish joining with other valuable administrations like Zoom, Github, Trello, Salesforce, and so forth yet additionally helps in group holding and between association correspondence. So here are the best applications for Microsoft Teams to improve your correspondence.

How to access the Teams Apps?

Microsoft Teams as of now gives a lot of pre-introduced applications that can be gotten to by tapping on the three fasten either at the sidebar or just beneath the chatbox. You can tap on “More applications >” at the base of the application see discourse box to get to the Microsoft Teams application store. In addition, you can right-tap on any of the applications and select Uninstall to expel the application from your record or workspace.

Best Apps For Microsoft Teams

1. Polly

Polly lets you take brisk surveys during a gathering, DM, and even gathering meetings. It is liberated from cost and gives boundless surveys as various decisions, Yes or No, appraisals based surveys, and so forth. The coolest alternative that I could discover was the secrecy switch. It shrouds the names of the responders and can be a decent method to take real legitimate input.



  • Quickly initiate one-on-on polls in DMs, video calls
  • Schedule polls and get realtime results
  • Anonymity toggle to hide the identity of responders

2. Evernote

OneNote comes pre-introduced with Microsoft Teams since you know; Microsoft! In any case, in the event that you use Evernote for note-taking than you can utilize the Evernote application for Microsoft Teams. The application lets you share notes and work together on them inside Microsoft Teams.

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  • Share your Evernote notes quickly
  • Allows multiple people to collaborate within MS Teams

3. Trello

We use Trello to work together on ventures and scribble down new thoughts. The Microsoft Teams App for Trello doesn’t include a mess of usefulness however lets you rapidly share a card. You can hit @Trello inside a DM or gathering visit and rapidly search the Trello card content and connection.

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  • Quickly search and share Trello cards
  • Create, schedule, and add Due date on Trello cards

4. RememberThis

Groups let you bookmark messages with the goal that you can get to it later. Be that as it may, as a general rule, it doesn’t work and you neglect to return to the bookmarked message. Remember this encourages you at this undertaking and lets you include a coordinated update for the message or string. You should simply tag RememberThis in the message and notice the day and time.

Remember this is a decent utility however just works best inside a message string. It would be extremely useful on the off chance that you could set updates for more established messages.


  • Ability to set reminders by using simple English Commands like “Remind me at 3 pm”

5. Zoom Meetings

On the off chance that you redistribute work to different associations, it’s difficult to welcome everybody on board to Microsoft Teams. The Zoom Meetings application lets you bring individuals outside the association onto a straightforward video gathering. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, Zoom is a video-conferencing application that lets you have video meetings with 100 individuals for nothing. The participants don’t require joining also. I additionally found the Zoom application for Microsoft Teams to be nearly better than Slack as it gives you a GUI to arrange and plan gatherings rather than minor orders.

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  • Start, join, and share Zoom meetings from within Teams
  • Schedule and configure Zoom meetings with a GUI within Teams

6. Freehand

Microsoft Teams as of now has a Whiteboard yet it is dynamic just during video calls and it is genuinely restricted to inking. You can attempt Freehand by InVision for whiteboard cooperation. In contrast with the MS Whiteboard, it gives more shapes like square shape, lines, and circles. Also, you can even present the whiteboard without holding a video call. We use it regularly to storyboard our YouTube video Intros. It can likewise be utilized to talk about and team up on Sprint programming models, wireframe structures, prototyping, and so on.

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Additionally, Freehand can likewise be gotten to during video calls so you can share your progressing models.


  • Ability to collaborate real-time without engaging a video call
  • Better shapes and image support as compared to Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Better in handling wireframes and storyboards

7. Mio

The Mio application is an extraordinary answer for overcoming any issues between Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Webex Teams. While Microsoft provides a Slack connector, it constrains the usefulness to just joining a Slack channel from inside Teams. DMs and typical visits go unheard and you might be informed when somebody makes reference to your ID.

Then again, Mio makes an all-inclusive channel where you can welcome your Slack or Webex contacts. Also, you can work inside the Teams window and even DM a Slack contact. Mio gives free creation and activity of 1 all-inclusive channel. Post that, you need to pay $10/month per all-inclusive channel.

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  • The universal channel helps link Slack, Webex Teams, MS Teams
  • Ability to send emojis, GIFs, etc and delete send messages
  • Channels and DM communication both work

Final Words

The vast majority of the applications in this rundown are very nonexclusive and you ought to utilize them independent of the idea of the association. In the event that you are relocating from Slack, Microsoft Teams is a huge and complex application and has its expectation to learn and adapt. In contrast to Slack, it will, in general, be marginally scary toward the beginning. For additional issues or questions in regards to, let me know in the remarks beneath.

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