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Best Courses To Upskill Onself During The Quarantine While Saving Money

Initially, the lockdown felt like one long vacation, but soon boredom set in and even work-from-home didn’t seem exciting. If you too are stuck in a monotonous routine, learning something new is the best option to energize yourself and increase your productivity.

Upskilling not only helps you to enhance your talents, but it also opens up new arenas and opportunities. With an upgraded skillset, you can pick up a side-gig, chase your dreams or explore a new career path altogether. To learn new things to stay updated and transform your learning to secure future careers.

Udemy is one such learning platform where you can learn and teach over one lakh course. Millions of students get an opportunity to connect with experts from different fields and learn a variety of subjects. One of the biggest problems faced by any enroller is the high price of courses available at Udemy. However, you can save money with Udemy India coupons on your desired courses. Users can also avail 97% off on business, design, photography, IT, and software courses with 96% off on English learning, 95% off on machine learning, and 93% off on home startup course.


If you have always wanted to follow your passion or pursue your hobby, this is the best time to do it. To be successful in your career, you can learn any of the following skills:

  1. Writing

Short and long term courses help budding writers to learn fundamentals that can help in writing fictional/non-fictional books, articles, blogs, news pieces etc. The course focusses on how one can design characters, form a storyline and cover all aspects to cover any topic entirely.

  1. New language
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Whether you are travelling to a new country or interacting with multinational clients, a foreign language is always a helpful skill. You can pick from preliminary to advanced courses and learn basic conversations, different linguistic techniques and dialects. Students who are planning to study abroad also can find this skill helpful.

  1. Photography

If you are passionate about clicking mesmerizing pictures, you can learn photography skills (ranging from basic to sophisticated) or focus on courses like photography tools, digital photography, commercial photography and video design to get incredible portraits and build amazing memories.

  1. Lifestyle
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You can improve your lifestyle or follow your musical passion by learning instruments or different dance forms, practicing vocals, music techniques or working on art and crafts, learning beauty and makeup skills, upgrading gaming performance and focussing on home improvement.

  1. Personal transformation

With work pressure and daily stresses, we need to rejuvenate ourselves with meditation, yoga or sports. You can also learn healing techniques like reiki and hypnotherapy for personal development. This will aid you to focus on your personal physical and mental health or become a life coach to help and train others.

  1. Academics

Students can learn subjects like science, math, social science etc. to improve their knowledge and prepare for tests. Such courses also help academicians in teacher training and learning important tools that will help them to coach students of different skill and learning levels.

  1. IT fundamentals and design

The IT industry is constantly looking for experts and web designers. You can update your fundamental knowledge with online courses on Microsoft, AWS (Amazon Web Services) certified solutions, Cisco CCNA, CompTIA Security+, coding and designing content and graphics for webpages, games and learn new design tools.

  1. Applications and web development
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In order to develop applications and content for websites, one needs to be equipped with information about JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), PHP (Hypertext pre-processor), Python, WordPress, React, Angular etc. and know about android/iOS development, dart programming language, swift, react native, redux framework + game development fundamentals like C#, C++ and more.

  1. Cybersecurity

With increasing number of online systems, it is very necessary to protect our data and services from online hackers and spammers. To get rid of privacy woes, one can take a course that helps learners to expand safety measures and launch a successful career in cybersecurity.

  1. Finance

Every business firm needs a financial analyst, hence one needs to know about analysis, trading principles and be prepared to offer solutions in investing and accounting. Online websites offer courses in financial analysis, stock trading, accounting, python etc. You can also understand blockchain uses and its application in the trading world.

  1. Entrepreneurship
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In order to have a new startup, one needs to understand business and entrepreneurship basics. Online courses deal with subjects like FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), dropshipping, blogging and how one can develop a strong business strategy to build a successful brand.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

A 6-week or 3-12 months artificial intelligence and machine learning certificate/comprehensive program any student, writer, teacher etc. can now become an AI expert. The beginner courses help to learn and understand key AI concepts.

  1. Data analytics

With courses based on SQL (structured query language), tableau, data modelling, big data, Microsoft power BI (business intelligence) etc. you can learn to make better decisions and improve business outcomes in analytics-focused industries like logistics, internet and finance companies.

  1. Cloud computing
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In addition to being the preferred mode of storage, cloud computing is also used by data delivery and management industries to improve cost-effectiveness and flexibility. The programs teach professionals to expertise in Google cloud, Azure and other providers.

  1. Digital marketing

One can increase online presence of their brand/business venture with digital marketing. To do so, you can learn about Google ads, marketing analytics, social media and email marketing to discover which marketing strategy suits your business.

It is never too late to learn new things, so decide on what interests you and look up for short or long term courses on Udemy. With discounts, Udemy also offers freelance writing, personality development, music, ethical hacking and other IT related courses at discounted rates. You can also use promo codes to get maximum savings.

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