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Top 10 Best Email Apps For iPhone in 2024

Best Email Apps

This article is about Email Apps For iPhone. Email is one of the most widely utilised methods of communication. Email apps come with a variety of functions that might assist you in your daily communication. We’re putting jointly a list of the best Email apps for iPhone users. These apps will give you with valuable tools that will help you manage and sort your mailbox.

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Top 10 Best Email Apps For iPhone in 2024

In this article, you can know about Best Email Apps here are the details below;

1.Spark Mail

Our list of the best email apps includes Spark Mail, a simple and well rated mail programme. It’s a well-designed email programme that gets the job done swiftly. The app offers a dark mode that saves battery life and makes it easier to use at night. The software is quick, intuitive, and collaborative, making it easy to keep track of all your emails.

The app’s smart inbox prioritises relevant emails and organises them in an easily accessible format. You can sort the emails into three categories: personal, notification, and newsletter. You can collaborate on emails with your team using the real-time editor.

You may use the software to sync and integrate online services like Dropbox and iCloud. The software has a lot of customization options, making it one of the best iPhone email apps.


• Comprehensive customization options

• Sort emails into categories that are easily accessible

• Filter notifications

2.Proton Mail

Proton Mail is a highly rated email service provider that provides consumers with a number of features. It provides free encrypted email services that ensure your privacy is protected and that no third parties or individuals have access to your personal information. All of your messages are encrypted and stored within the app.

You may filter your emails using swipe gestures and labels that you can customise. The software allows you to set timers for messages to self-destruct after they’ve been sent, which is a feature that’s not seen in other email apps. The software is free, but you can give to help with future improvements. Also check Best Camera App For iPhone


• Customizable swipe movements and labels

• End-to-end encryption

• Messages that self-destruct

3. Edison Mail

The next app on our check-list of best Email apps for iPhone is one of the fastest email apps that has received high praise from critics. It’s the only email client that blocks read receipts tracking pixels without interfering with the email experience.

The app has an AI assistant that will manage your mail and send you real-time travel alerts. The app’s interactive user interface makes it simple to keep track of all emails and subscription options. With a simple tap, unsubscribe from undesirable subscriptions and erase needless emails in bulk.

The programme includes a powerful search engine that allows you to quickly locate crucial emails. You may also personalise notifications by assigning each sender a unique tone and vibration.


• AI Assistant built-in

• Notifications that may be customised

• Full search engine

4.Blue Mail

Blue Mail is the next best Email app for iPhone, thanks to its unified service and best Email services. To make your job easier, you may sync numerous inboxes from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail in one spot. You may sync your calendar with the app to stay informed about upcoming events.

Similar Emails can be grouped together in clutter for future reference. The app offers unified folders that allow you to access all of your email accounts at the same time. Do not be bothered about the spam in your mailbox. The programme includes a sophisticated anti-spam algorithm that prevents spam from accessing your inbox.

To vary between day and night settings, the app offers a light and dark look. In the Emails, you can also include a rich text signature and your logo. Aside from a wide range of features, the app is visually appealing, making it one of the best iPhone email apps on the market.


• Spam management

• aesthetically pleasing

• dynamic smart discussions

• configurable menus

5.Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a highly rated and critically acclaimed email programme that you should check out. It’s a clean and straightforward mail programme that will keep your inbox in order. Email tracking is included in the app, which allows you to keep track of all essential emails in your inbox.

This tool will come in handy if you need to schedule a mail. You can schedule a message to be sent at a specific time. The software includes a handy filter feature that keeps all newsletters and social media communications out of your primary inbox. Also check Best plant identifier apps

Emails can also be sent directly from your inbox to productivity apps such as Trello, Instapaper, Evernote, and OneNote. The app’s Recap feature allows you to go over any emails you may have missed. Aside from that, this app includes 2-factor authentication, 3D touch, custom folder sync, and custom inbox swipe.


Features to look for:

• Unified inbox

• Available in main languages

• 3D touch

• Recap mails


Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, and AOL mail accounts, as well as IMAP and Pop3-enabled inboxes, may all be managed with MyMail. This feature contrasts it as one of the best iPhone email apps available.

The software has a lot of customization options that help you manage your email efficiently. The app offers push notifications that will notify you of new emails that have arrived on your device. You can enable or disable account notifications, as well as filter notifications for critical messages.

With the Quick search option, you can quickly locate all of your emails on your device. You may also use search filters to improve and speed up your mailbox search results. The Email thread allows you to quickly access the complete conversation.


• Support for several platform email services

• Encryption

• Effective search filters

7.Canary Mail

Canary Mail is the next app on our list of best iPhone email apps, and it might be a nice fit for you. With the help of this software, you may access all of your contact emails, files, and social media profiles in one location. When mail arrives on your device, you receive an immediate notification so you don’t miss anything.

This programme allows you to access your Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, Yahoo, and IMAP accounts. All of your emails are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring the security of sensitive data. With the app’s appealing dark interface, you can quickly compose emails. This programme allows you to customise notification sounds for certain emails. Important messages can be pinned to the top of the inbox for quick access.



• Attractive design

• Filter notifications

• End-to-end encryption


Polymail is one of the most powerful productivity email apps available, allowing you to get things done quickly. Emails that need to be sent later can be written and scheduled. You can include files or links that the recipient can download with the email. You’ll be notified when the recipient opens the link or downloads the file.

You can snooze emails that you need to read later to keep your inbox clean. It’s one of the best iPhone email apps because it integrates with your calendar. You can use this software in conjunction with your calendar to keep track of crucial events and complete them by the deadline.

To obtain quick access to all of your relevant messages, you can track your activity stream in real-time. The app’s user interface and design are beautiful, giving it a pleasing appearance.


• Productive

• Simple and intuitive user interface

• Real-time activity feed


The next app on our list of the best iPhone email apps is Airmail. You can use Gmail, Outlook 365, and a variety of other social media networks to log in. The app has a glance feature and interactive notifications, making it simple to handle your emails.

You may rapidly read through your messages and categorise them according to your preferences with the configurable swipes. The software features a mass editing tool that may swiftly remove unwanted messages from your inbox. This tool also allows you to manage numerous accounts at once. Also check HANDY Translation Apps

Other capabilities include comprehensive label generation and editing, an HTML-rich composer, attachment resizing, signature swipes, composer extension, online draughts, and more.


• Glimpses and interactive notifications

• Attachment resizing

• Signature swipes

• HTML rich composer


Tutanota is a highly secure email programme that you should check out. All of your sensitive data is protected by the app’s built-in encryption technology. The app features a dark style with a light and elegant user interface. Swipe gestures are useful for executing all functions with a single touch in the app.

All of your information is automatically backed-up & protected in the cloud storage by the app. Because it does not track your profile activities, the software is absolutely safe to use. It’s one of the best iPhone email apps because of the revolutionary full-text search capability.

You can personalise your Tutanota Email Id and use it to send emails to everyone in your contact list. You can create numerous logins and sync your data for quick access at any time. If you’re seeking for a functional mail app, this free and open-source software might be a good fit.


• Auto-sync across the app, online clients, and desktop clients

• Innovative text search

• Open-source software

• Dark theme

Last words

These are some of the best iPhone email apps that you can try for free on your device. Remember to leave a like and a comment in the space below. You can also propose any other topics for which a full page is needed.

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