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Top 10 Best Rafflecopter Alternatives In 2024

Best Rafflecopter Alternatives

This post will explain Best Rafflecopter Alternatives. Are you looking for the best Rafflecopter alternatives to help you create fun competitions and giveaways? Organizing giveaways is an excellent approach to advertising your company and expand your internet presence. Rafflecoper is a popular platform for creating prizes and contests for your website, but it is not the only option accessible.

Top 10 Best Rafflecopter Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best Rafflecopter Alternatives here are the details below;

There are several Rafflecopter alternatives that are both cheaper and easier to use. In a similar pricing range, many freebie plugins offer additional features. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top Rafflecopter alternatives to make running viral giveaways on your WordPress site a breeze.

Why Are You Looking for a Rafflecopter Substitute?

Rafflecopter is one of the most popular social media contest and giveaway platforms, thus business owners often choose it first. It is not, however, the ideal answer for all sorts of businesses.

To begin with, Rafflecopter is a website that allows you to create giveaways. You’ll need to copy & paste an installation code on your website after you sign up and start a contest there.

So, if you’re a beginner or don’t want to meddle with your website’s coding, this might not be the best option for you. Later in this piece, we’ll show you a number of giveaway plugins, such as RafflePress, that allow you to create and manage giveaways without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard. Also check Best jira plugins

Furthermore, these plugins provide a greater number of functions at a lower cost than Rafflecopter. So let us have a glimpse at some of the other alternatives accessible.

Alternatives to Rafflecopter that Work

The finest free and paid Rafflecopter alternatives are listed here, and they all offer robust social media contests and giveaway possibilities.

1. RafflePress

RafflePress is the most favoured WordPress giveaway plugin, featuring a slew of features that make hosting viral giveaways a breeze.

You can create, tweak, and post giveaways right from your WordPress dashboard using its drag-and-drop builder. To add your giveaways, there is no need to incorporate any code.

RafflePress also has a library of pre-built themes, so you don’t have to start from scratch when creating a giveaway contest. It’s superior for those who are just getting started with their first giveaway.

RafflePress allows you to add several activities to your participants in one click, such as following on social media, visiting a page, signing up for the newsletter, and more. In exchange, they will be entered into a drawing for a gift. For all sides, this is a win-win situation.

This giveaway plugin is not only simple to use, but it is also inexpensive. The plugin’s free edition offers the majority of the tools required to run a successful giveaway in WordPress.

You may upgrade to a pro version for more sophisticated features like a recommend a friend action, a giveaway landing page, and the ability to submit photographs, among others. It also provides comprehensive reports and statistics on all of your gifts.

RafflePress also interfaces with a number of prominent email marketing systems, including Constant Contact, Aweber, Drip, and others. This allows you to expand your email list and send participants automated reply emails.

It is possible to download a free version of the software. The Plus plan for the pro versions starts at $39.20 per year.

2. WPForms

WPForms is another amazing Rafflecopter alternative. It’s the best WordPress form builder plugin, with a tonne of great lead generation capabilities.

WPForms is a WordPress plugin that allows you to conduct giveaway contests quickly and easily. With its pre-built contest entry form template, you can have your giveaway up and running in a matter of minutes.

You may add, remove, and even change your contest form fields with WPForms’ drag and drop form builder, according to your needs. Participants can be asked to sign up for newsletters or answer multiple-choice questions.

Furthermore, users have the option of submitting their submissions by uploading photographs, articles, videos, and other media. This is ideal for holding user-generated content contests.

WPForms also has a paid addon called survey and polls, which allows you to design user-friendly forms to collect feedback.

WPForms includes a free light version that you may utilise. Premium subscriptions start at $39.50 per year.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the greatest lead generating platform for turning visitors into subscribers, leads, and customers for businesses. It includes features like popups, sticky bars, and even giveaways that help you design high-converting campaigns.

To grab your visitors’ interest, you may use OptinMonster to design giveaways with gamification components like discount wheels. These tools assist you in engaging your users and gathering data from them.

The nice part about OptinMonster is that you can personalise your giveaway forms to make them unique. It authorizes you to change the background, image, font, and colour, among other things. Your freebies can even include personalised sound effects and animations.

Furthermore, OptinMonster includes advanced targeting criteria that you can use to reach out to the appropriate visitors at the appropriate time. It gives you the ability to target, retarget, and follow up with leads based on their behaviour, device, and location.

Starting at $9 per month, it’s a good deal.

4. WooRise

WooRise comes in second on our list of the best Rafflecopter alternatives. It’s one of the most effective WordPress giveaway plugins.

WooRise allows you to run contests and prizes on your website. You may create an endless number of campaigns to promote your brand using its drag-and-drop giveaway builder. Also check Processing Services for E-commerce

You may also use the plugin to create landing pages, polls, and quizzes to improve website engagement.

There is a free of cost version of this plugin as well, although it does not have as many features as the free Rafflepress plugin.

To obtain advanced giveaway features like fraud detection, viral sharing, and more, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

Premium plans start at $32 per month and go up from there.

5. Video Contest WordPress Plugin

Another wonderful alternative to Rafflecopter is the Video Contest WordPress Plugin. This plugin makes it simple to organise video giveaway contests.

You may build an unlimited number of contests with the Video Contest WordPress Plugin to communicate with your audience. From your admin dashboard, you have complete control over comments, voting, submissions, and more.

The plugin also integrates with BuddyPress, allowing you to establish a community site or forum where your participants can interact.

This giveaway feature, however, is only available for video sharing. RafflePress offers complex giveaway options, however it does not.


Price: $39 with six months of support included.

6. Agorapulse

If you want to organise a simple giveaway on your Facebook page, Agorapulse is a wonderful alternative. It’s a social media management software that allows you to host Facebook giveaways. You can choose a winner for your giveaways based on how many people liked or commented on your article.

Aside from that, you can make interesting quizzes and choose a winner based on who has the most right answers. You could also hold a photo contest and choose the winner based on the number of likes. This Rafflecoper alternative is a basic and straightforward solution for running Facebook contests and prizes.

Features include: • A random winner selector • The ability to build quizzes and photo contests • The ability to run giveaways directly on your Facebook timeline • The ability to choose a winner based on comments and likes

The cost of the service begins at $79 per month (Billed Annually).

7. Photo Contest

The Photo Contest WordPress Plugin was produced by the same team that created the Video Contest WordPress Plugin. It allows you to create picture contests instead of video contests.

If you wish to accept photo contributions, this plugin is a wonderful choice. It has an easy-to-use interface, so anyone may use it to run giveaway contests on their website.

You can also effortlessly integrate it into your website without any coding skills. It works in the same way as the Video Contest plugin in that it allows you to create an online community using BuddyPress.

The sole drawback of this plugin is that you will never be able to build several types of contests.

Highlights: • Simple to use and set up • Mobile-friendly • Unlimited photo contests • Contest rules management • Email notifications for participants

Price: $39 with six months of support included. For $49. you may buy both the Photo Contest and the Video Contest in a package. Also check Increase productivity

8. Easypromos

Easypromos is a social media giveaway tool that allows you to conduct contests on your social media pages. You may advertise your giveaways on many social media channels at simultaneously, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can even run quizzes with Easypromos and provide a prize to the winner. It authorizes you to create giveaways and contests for your website by selecting from six different campaign kinds.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to create your giveaways on the platform and then use a connector plugin to integrate them into your WordPress site.

Pricing: Monthly subscriptions begin at $29 per month.

9. Gleam


Gleam is one of the most popular Rafflecopter alternatives available. This is a marketing platform with a plethora of tools for expanding your internet business.

Competition is one of the application’s tools. To enhance interaction on your site, use this drag-and-drop tool to create any form of giveaways, contests, or sweepstakes.

You may make users register their social accounts with Gleam so they can enter prizes on your site with a single click. Wherever possible, it also lowers the number of processes required, improving the user experience.

Like RafflePress, this giveaway platform has a built-in viral sharing option. Participants can use referral links to refer their friends.

Pricing: A free version with limited capabilities is available. The monthly premium plan starts at $40.

10. KingSumo

Last but not least, KingSumo is a paid contest plugin that you can quickly set up and begin utilising. You may host an unlimited number of giveaways and contests on your site with KingSumo. You can also plan for special occasions and holidays like Christmas by scheduling the start and conclusion dates of the contest.

You may also encourage your users to share contests with their friends so that they have more chances to enter. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all supported by the plugin.

KingSumo’s disadvantage is that it does not collect participant information like as names and email addresses, which is crucial for email marketing. It also lacks a drag-and-drop function Object() { [native code] } and a system for managing entries.


There is a free web app available. The premium WordPress plugin costs $198 to purchase.

Which Rafflecopter Alternative Is the Best?

We can conclude that RafflePress is the best solution for running viral giveaways on your site after reviewing all of the Rafflecopter alternatives.

RafflePress is simple to use and set up for newbies. You may construct any form of giveaway with its drag and drop builder without touching a single line of code.

The plugin provides you complete control over your giveaway rules, as well as the start and end times. It also protects your giveaways against spam and fraudulent entrants.

Furthermore, RafflePress provides an easy-to-use dashboard within your admin panel where you can manage all of your giveaway entries.

You can also utilise WPForms if you want a simple tool to help you add giveaways to your website. It’s a robust form builder that includes a contest entry form template, allowing you to set up giveaways in minutes.

Furthermore, OptinMonster is a fantastic tool for creating giveaways and growing your online business. It allows you to add targeted restrictions to your freebies in order to prevent abandonment.



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