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8 Best VPNs For Spotify

Specify is right now the most used songs streaming application for Android. Not just for Android, but Spotify is also available for iOS. Specify for Android allows users to listen to music, music, podcasts, audiobooks, novels, soundtracks online. 

Although the application is now used by millions of users, it’s not accessible in every country. The public from all around the world go through a series of errors while downloading Spotify for Android. Since VPN applications are available on the Google Play Store, and they can change your locality, users need to rely upon a VPN application to access Spotify. 

Best VPNs For Spotify

Right now there are tons of VPN applications accessible on the Google Play Store. However, in order to unblock specify, you need to pick a VPN whose servers were not blocked by the specified. So, here in this article, we are egress to share a few best VPN applications for specify which can be used to Unblock and access Spotify from anywhere. 

1: TunnelBear:

It is the most famous and most attractive VPN application available on the Google Play Store. The main thing about TunnelBear is that it gives many services from all around the world and you can choose easily. Not just Spotify, but TunnelBear can unblock other streaming applications like NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. 


  • It’s a free application to browse the internet privately & securely. 
  • The VPN applications have a strict no-log policy. 
  • TunnelBear proposes lots of Private DNS servers.

2: Hola VPN:

Well, Hola VPN is one of the best VPN applications that you can use on your Android phone device. Hola VPN is feasible on almost all major platforms, Android phones, iOS, phone Windows, Chrome, etc. The best thing about Hola VPN is that it offers users different pre-built profiles to access additional web services, including Spotify. 


  • It’s a totally free peer-to-peer VPN service for Android phones. 
  • The VPN app has a web browser. 
  • Compared to other free VPN, Hola offers beat speed.

3: CyberGhost VPN:

The fantastic thing about CyberGhost VPN is that it may unblock any streaming services like Sky, Bbc, Hulu, NetFlix, Spotify, etc. Another point is that it gives customers a viable option when it comes to the servers. The servers of CyberGhost VPN have been spread across sixty countries, and they were well optimized to give you better browsing and downloading speed. 


  • The VPN uses 256-AES encryption to care for your internet performance.
  • As of now, VPN CyberGhost has over six thousand+ VPN servers.
  • All of the servers were well-advanced to offer fantastic speed.
  • The premium version also has a no-log policy.
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4: Windscribe VPN

If you are looking for a bast VPN application that offers plenty of bandwidth per month for free, then Windscribe VPN might be an excellent pick for you. Guess what? Windscribe VPN provides users 10GB of bandwidth every month. With that much bandwidth, you can enjoy 1000 songs and music.


  • WindScribe offers ten GB of free bandwidth every month.
  • The VPN application is super easy to use.
  • It has a split-tunneling feature. That means you can choose which application to use the VPN service. WindScribe has a stern no-log policy.

5: NordVPN:

Well, NordVPN is the excellent VPN section, and it’s accessible on almost all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc. However, NordVPN is a premium VPN application that has a strict no-log policy that ensures that your browsing activity was never tracked.


  • Under the trial period, you can use all premium features for free.
  • NordVPN offers over 5500+ servers worldwide With the premium version, you can connect up to six devices.

6: ExpressVPN:

Well, ExpressVPN is not a free service, but you can be available for a thirty-days trial. Under the trial period, users can like all the premium features of ExpressVPN for free. ExpressVPN right now offers users over 21,000 servers located in forty-eight locations, making it one of the leading VPN services on the list. The servers of ExpressVPN are well optimized to provide incredible streaming speeds. 


  • ExpressVPN shields your IP Address and encrypts your network data.
  • The VPN servers were spread across 160 locations in ninety-four countries.
  • Compared to other VPNs, Expressvpn offers better speed.
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7: ProtonVPN:

Well, if you are searching for Spotify VPN applications that have both free and paid best plans, then you need to pick ProtonVPN. Guess what? ProtonVPN is 1 of the best and favorite VPN services available for the Windows working system. In the free plan, ProtonVPN doesn’t give any limitations on bandwidth.


  • The free version, you can connect to servers in Japan, The Netherlands, and the US.
  • With the premium version, you can unlock five seventy-seven high-speed servers in forty-four countries.
  • The application offers free bandwidth every other day.


This 1 provides users with 2GB of free bandwidth every month. Since it’s a new best VPN application, the servers were not spammed, and it can be used to unblock & locate Spotify. The VPN application offers users less but best-quality servers, supposed to provide a more fabulous streaming adventure. 


  • This is an entirely free VPN application for Android. 
  • The VPN applications automatically connect to the best server. 
  • VPN has more than fifty-five hand-picked, high-quality servers.

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