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Best 4 Cheaper Mailgun Alternatives For Transactional Emails In 2022

Cheaper Mailgun Alternatives

This article is about Cheaper Mailgun Alternatives. Mailgun’s permanently free plan was phased out in early 2020, leaving you looking for cheaper and/or more functional Mailgun alternatives.

4 Cheaper Mailgun Alternatives for Transactional Emails in 2022

In this article, you know about Cheaper Mailgun Alternatives here are details given below;

One of the most widely used transactional email tools is Mailgun. However, this does not imply that it is your only option. There are several alternatives that provide equivalent functionality at a reduced cost.

It can be difficult to choose between the greatest alternatives. The correct email marketing software might make your life easier, but the wrong one can introduce a whole new set of issues. Fortunately, we have the solution!

We’ll look at the features given and the price tag in this post to see if Mailgun is worth the money. We’ll then go over four of the most cost-effective alternatives to explore.
Three of the alternatives also provide unlimited free plans.

In a nutshell: Alternatives to Mailgun

Here are the four tools we’ll look at if you’re in a rush. Continue reading for more information…

Is it worthwhile to invest in Mailgun?

To summarise, transactional emails differ from marketing emails. These are one-to-one emails that are sent automatically in response to specific circumstances. The recipient will be anticipating these in their mailbox as well. Receipts, password resets, bills, and trial expiration alerts are all examples of transactional emails. Also check Best Antivirus Apps


These types of emails are typically sent using email sending services like Mailgun. Despite this, Mailgun has a lot of capabilities that aren’t limited to commercial emails, such as:

• On-time delivery

• Handling of bounced emails

• Detailed event and email tracking

• Intelligent routing and forwarding

• Complaint handling

While most users will find these features useful, the price is not. Mailgun no longer has a free plan; the cheapest option is pay-as-you-go (PAYG), which includes 5,000 free emails per month for the first three months and then PAYG after that.

The other functions are not included, and the cheapest package with 50,000 emails costs $35 per month.

One of the reasons why many Mailgun users are seeking for cheaper alternatives is the lack of a lifetime free plan. There are numerous different software suppliers to consider if you’re in this predicament. Some of these companies provide lifetime free subscriptions, while others offer entry-level programmes at a lower cost. Also check HANDY Translation Apps

Mailgun alternatives that are less expensive for transactional emails

It can be difficult to find less expensive Mailgun alternatives. We’ve reduced down four great choices to make your decision easier. These alternatives provide presumably comparable functionality at a lower cost.

1. Sendinblue

Has an unlimited free plan Freely send 300 emails per day.Sendinblue is capable of far more than just sending transactional emails. It’s a one-stop shop for managing your complete email marketing chain. All of your marketing demands can be met with the array of services. Furthermore, because our headquarters are in France, you can rest assured that all of your emails comply with GDPR regulations.
The following are some of the stand-out characteristics:

This programme allows you to send email and SMS marketing messages

• Email and SMS marketing:

.• Marketing automation: Automated list segmentation and email marketing save time.

• Comprehensive analytics, such as email heat maps and click-through reports, can help you improve your emails

Sendinblue has the potential to be a complete customer relationship management system (CRM). This gives it a leg up over Mailgun. Another incentive to consider switching is the free plan. This free plan, however, does not provide you complete access to all of the features.

Sendinblue has five different payment options. The free plan, which includes 300 emails each day, is the greatest place to start. You will have unlimited contacts and access to SMS marketing, chat, and the whole email template library.

2. Mailjet


Has an unlimited free plan Free email delivery of 200 emails each day Mailjet can be the finest option if you’re seeking for a user-friendly alternative. Marketers and developers will benefit from the software. Marketers may develop interesting emails using the component design without disrupting any integration APIs.

The following are the most important features:

• Drag-and-drop email builder: With this simple builder, you may construct your own email templates.

• Email and SMS marketing: The transactional email suite includes an SMS marketing API.

• Email analytics: You can track your effectiveness with real-time monitoring and email statistics.

Mailjet is incredibly user-friendly and has a lot to offer. While this makes it a compelling option to Mailgun, the free plan may be the icing on the cake. The paid plans also have numerous tiers to help you scale your marketing.

Mailjet has four different plans to choose from. The free plan includes 200 emails per day and unlimited contacts. APIs, advanced analytics, and an email editor are also available.

3. SendGrid

Has an unlimited free plan Free email delivery of 100 emails each day When it comes to integration, SendGrid stands out among the alternatives. The system was devised from the ground up to work with other programmes. Large organisations including Uber, Glassdoor, and Spotify have adopted the integration. Also check Email Apps For iPhone

Apart from outstanding integration, the following features stand out:

• Straightforward automation: The automation procedure is simple and uses simple triggers.

• Email testing: You may preview, spam test, and conduct link validation on your emails to get the most out of them.

• Email template generator: Although the drag-and-drop editor is simple to use, you can also use HTML to construct your emails.

If you wish to link your emails with your website or other software solutions, SendGrid is a good option to Mailgun. To help you get started, the organisation offers a variety of guides, video lessons, and webinars. You can also take advantage of the free plan.

SendGrid offers four different options. The free plan includes 40,000 emails for 30 days, then 100 emails every day after that. You’ll have access to all APIs and statistics as well.

4. SES from Amazon

There is no unlimited free plan (except for EC2 customers) However, it is far less expensive, at $0.10 per 1,000 emails compared to $0.80 per 1,000 emails for Mailgun.

Furthermore, if your application is hosted on Amazon EC2, you can send 62,000 emails every month for free indefinitely.

When it comes to deliverability and cost per email, Amazon SES is unbeatable. The only concern is the system’s learning curve. Large firms who employ the system, such as Siemens, HBO, and Vodafone, attest to its success.

Aside from deliverability, the following aspects stand out:

• Sender reputation management: This dedicated dashboard monitors email delivery concerns.

• Mailbox simulator: You can use this tool to see how your emails handle various scenarios, such as bounces.

• AWS integration: If you use AWS, you’ll benefit from seamless integration across the board.

Amazon SES provides unrivalled deliverability, which could help your email marketing campaign succeed. One of the reasons it’s a good option to Mailgun is because of this. Another option is the free basic plan.

Plans for Amazon SES are pay-as-you-go. You’ll only have to pay $0.10 per 1,000 emails sent.

Additionally, if your application is hosted on Amazon EC2, Amazon will give you unlimited access to 62,000 emails every month. This free tier, however, is not available if your application is hosted elsewhere.


You don’t have to utilise Mailgun, which is one of the most popular transactional email services. You can save money by using other less expensive alternatives. They provide similar capabilities and may be the email sending service you need.

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