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CQATest App Everything You Want To Know

Any product’s quality is highly crucial. It determines whether a thing meets its intended function or is fit for use. It is critical to test the product to see whether it will perform successfully.

As a result, manufacturers employ apps like the CQATest app to test mobile phones after being manufactured. These apps make it easier to test every component of a smartphone.

CQATest App Everything You Want To Know


These cqatest app are frequently challenging to find. Some require a specific dialer pad key combination to activate, while others are buried deep within the settings app. While the phone is turned off, some manufacturers allow access by hitting specified keys (Vol down or Up) combined with the power button (similar to entering recovery mode).

What is the CQATest App, and how does it work?

cqatest app

Motorola also offers a dedicated app called CQAtest for testing their phones. It’s the app cqatest app Motorola uses to test their phones after they’ve been manufactured. Certified Quality Auditor is the abbreviation for Certified Quality Auditor.

Although, once the testing is thorough, this app will be disabled, making it difficult to access. However, the cqatest app may appear on the app launcher for many reasons, such as updating or resetting.

Is the CQATest App a Malware?

No, as previously stated, it’s a testing module or program designed to check the quality of your device’s components. However, you may be sceptical because the program lacks its icon. An android icon will appear in the app (most virus also shows this type of icon). It’s not a virus or malware, so don’t be alarmed.

Should you get rid of it?

Although deleting the program is pointless because it is a system app, you cannot do so unless your device has root access. However, you can disable the app from Settings>Apps>All apps on occasion.

Even if you can’t impair the app, the choice is greyed out on with the Uninstall option on rare occasions. You can’t do anything with the cqatest app , such as clean cache or storage (Clear data). You may not even be able to kill the program using the Force Stop option.

Is it safe to install the CQATest App?

Having this system app activated on your phone, on the other hand, has no potential drawbacks. However, many customers are saying that after this CQATest software appeared on their phones, they began to experience various problems.

Random freezing, glitching, and sluggish issues come out of nowhere. Some users claim that essential critical apps, including messaging and the dialer, would be forced to close, rendering the smartphone unusable.

How Do I Remove the CQATest App?

cqatest app

If your smartphone continues to function normally once the app has been installed, there is no reason to uninstall it.

However, if the program is causing any problems, it is best to uninstall it. Keep in mind that uninstalling or deactivating this program will not be as simple as uninstalling or deleting other programs.

However, by doing a factory reset or reflashing the current stock ROM, you can get rid of this app. Reflashing a ROM will necessitate some knowledge. It’s not a good idea to flash ROMS unless you’ve done it before.

Factory Reset

cqatest app

This is the most straightforward method. Either the settings app or the recovery menu can be used to do a factory reset. We’ll stick to the recovery menu method because it’s the most straightforward. The procedure for changing settings is more involved than the one for recovering data.

Note that factory resetting your phone will erase all of your apps and data. Before executing a factory reset, make a complete backup.

  • Go to settings>Security>Screen lock to disable screen lock on your smartphone.
  • Turn your phone off.
  • Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time until you hear your phone vibrate.
  • Once you see the manufacturer’s logo, remove your finger from the buttons.
  • Move the highlighter to “Wipe Data Factory Reset” using your volume down button.
  • To select it, press the power button.
  • Using the volume down button, select “Yes” and then push the power button.
  • Please wait for it to finish before hitting Reboot.
  • Your Android smartphone has now been successfully reset.
  • The app should now be gone, as well as any troubles it may have caused.


To summarize, the cqatest app is neither a virus nor a piece of malware. It’s a system app that you may use to check the quality of your phone. Although, in some rare circumstances, if it’s causing problems on your phone, it’s best to uninstall it using the techniques listed above. 

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