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Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites 15 Best List

Phone numbers are now required for everything from creating social media accounts to applying for financial services and products, thereby making them de facto forms of identification. Consequently, it makes sense that our phone numbers are associated with a great deal of personal information.

A person’s 10-digit phone number might reveal surprisingly much about them. Reverse phone lookups, at their most basic, can rapidly identify the identity of a spammer or scammer who has been pestering you.

Deeper still, a quick phone number lookup is a useful tool for checking a prospective employee’s or business partner’s background.

Scams might occur if you answer a call from an unknown number. The call from the unknown number may be an essential one, but it’s also possible that it’s a telemarketer, spammer, or fraudster. You can lose out on chances, clients, and data if you miss business calls.

Reverse phone number search features are available on a number of platforms. However, very few of them are trustworthy and offer accurate information. The top free reverse phone lookup tools, together with their well-liked features, technical details, advantages, and disadvantages, are listed in this blog.

What is Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

You check up someone’s name and phone number when you want to give them a call. In contrast, a reverse phone lookup requires you to know who owns the number once you have it. Most individuals don’t answer calls from unknown numbers; instead, they type the number straight into a search engine. Reverse phone lookups can help you figure out who that mysterious caller is. The caller’s identity, location, type of phone (landline or mobile), and even the degree of “scammyness” of the line are all included in this phone number identification.

15 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

The top free reverse phone lookup websites are included in this area for your convenience when looking up a phone number. The table gives you a short overview of the key characteristics and features of the best free reverse phone search websites and apps.

1. Truecaller

With over 320 million users globally, Truecaller is one of the most popular reverse phone lookup services available. With our completely free reverse phone lookup service, you can quickly look up the number and see who called you. You may quickly access a wealth of information on this website without having to pay anything, though it may ask you to sign up with your email.

Additionally, Truecaller uses user-submitted recommendations to determine whether the phone number is associated with a spammer. Reverse searches are taken to a whole new level with the ability to search foreign numbers and discover who they belong to.

Why Truecaller was our choice: Truecaller’s large phone book ensures accurate results for reverse lookups, which is why it made our list. Its innovative spam detection feature sets it apart from rivals and gives consumers the ability to avoid unsolicited and fraudulent calls.

2. Spokeo

One of the most affordable reverse phone lookup engines available is Spokeo. For an incredibly low price of $0.95, you may give it a try for seven days. The service is prompt, and the membership fee is equally affordable as the trial. Whichever membership you select, Spokeo will offer you the same level of personalization and capacity when it comes to search results. All reports will contain basic data such as name, address, city and state, phone number, age, marital status, and educational attainment.

Your best option if you want to find out more information about an unknown number is to use a reverse phone lookup. If the number is mobile, landline, or VoIP, it should provide information about the person who is using it as well as the network provider. Even a zip code-only online directory search is available. Additionally, Spokeo gathers user reviews of phone numbers so you may determine a caller’s reliability based on the remarks.

Why Spokeo was our choice: Because Spokeo has a large database that compiles data from multiple sources, its reverse phone lookup results are quite precise and comprehensive. In addition to public data and social media profiles, the platform provides a comprehensive background check. When it comes to price and convenience of use, Spokeo is a great option for locating the information you require.

3. BeenVerified

BeenVerified offers a wide range of services, including reverse phone lookups and background checks. A few more capabilities, like self-monitoring and professionally monitored data services, which are also offered by BeenVerified, will cover all the bases. It’s also an excellent, low-cost method of obtaining public records. The service handles everything, giving you a comprehensive report on the person you’re looking for in just one go.

The phone lookup tool from BeenVerified is simple to use. To register, all you need to do is key in the number and your email address. To find the specific person, the website does a cross-country scan to identify the carrier and type of phone.

Why we choose BeenVerified: BeenVerified is excellent at offering thorough and precise reports that cover information from criminal records to social media profiles, among other things. Many people choose it because with its user-friendly layout and reasonably priced programs. We additionally adore the specific smartphone app that guarantees prompt information access while on the fly.

4. NumLookup

Comprehensive reverse lookup for all phone numbers, including VoIP, landline, and mobile, is offered by NumLookup. The free version displays the owner’s full name, phone type, and phone carrier information when you input a phone number.

You must register and add purchase credits in order to view additional information, such as family members, addresses, social media profiles, and images. The USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, and the UK are among the nations where the lookup service is offered.

5. Intelius

Intelius is an excellent tool for obtaining comprehensive background data from the internet. It’s never overwhelming or hard to use, even with all of its features. The search options are clearly defined, which facilitates easy navigation.

Every search type has a clear definition. What further information you find will depend on the type of search you perform. By revealing the carrier’s identity and phone type (landline or cell), reverse lookups enable you to get in touch with the provider and report a bothersome caller. Searches on social networks will provide comprehensive details about the online activity of your subject.

6. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a free people search engine and reverse phone lookup service, as its name implies. It also aids in determining commercial information. It provides you with a comprehensive report that includes the linked firm or individual name, address, website, email address, age, and other publicly accessible information when you enter the phone number. An indispensable tool for entrepreneurs trying to build a recognizable brand is a business name generator. It can aid in decision-making and inspire fresh concepts. Finding the ideal name for your company may require using a business name generator.

The website also serves as a business directory, providing you with access to all pertinent company details. Advanced services include background checks, access to criminal histories, family, relationships, marital status, tax information, and property ownership.

7. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is the best tool for comprehensive social media searches and deep web searches. This is among the most affordable background check websites on the internet. Furthermore, there are no search limitations. The makers of TruthFinder built the search engine with the intention of bringing you facts that some individuals might not want you to know.

It is possible to perform reverse phone lookups on both listed and unlisted phones. You will be able to ascertain the exact location of the device by referring to the report, which will also include details about the network provider and the phone’s current latitude and longitude.

Why TruthFinder was our choice: This lookup service offers more comprehensive reports in addition to standard phone number searches. Every demographic can easily navigate its user-friendly design, and the dark web monitoring tool provides extra security by continuously looking for potential dangers.

8. CallerSmart 

CallerSmart helps you track down phone number details and offers a feature-rich reverse lookup service. In addition to phone numbers, you may search for a person or company by using their name and email address.

Additionally, you can see who is looking for you. The browser can be used to access reverse phone lookup services. The iOS Appstore offers the mobile application for download. CallerSmart is the app of choice if you’re looking for assistance with caller ID details and blocking services.

9. Instant CheckMate

Instant Checkmate is one of the most straightforward reverse phone lookup and public record search tools accessible. Numerous phone number trace options are available on the website, including a people directory, a criminal record database, and a database of sexual offenders. If you need to perform a lot of searches each month, this is ideal.

Even though Instant Checkmate has a powerful search engine, there are situations when doing your own research is just more practical. You can use a variety of manual directories provided by Instant Checkmate to locate comprehensive results. The service does more for you than only unlock phone numbers. The Luminary and Crimewire are two of the company’s informative blogs.

Our decision to use Checkmate: Instant Checkmate distinguishes out for its user-friendly layout and intuitive design, providing a wealth of information with just a few clicks. The platform is a strong contender because it can quickly recognize unknown numbers and retrieve thorough background data. Besides, the alluring free trial offer lets people test its features without committing.

12. Mr. Number

The main features of the smartphone software Mr. Number are call blocking and reverse lookup. Both the iOS and Android operating systems support the app. To prevent calls from scammers and spammers, the application allows you to make a personalized block list. Calls from particular individuals, area codes, or nations can be blocked.

You may assist others in the community and report a spam number using the app. Additionally, you can search the Mr. Number database for a phone number. In order to help you identify the caller, the app also offers caller ID features.

13. US Search

For background and reverse phone directory searches, US Search is incredibly quick and easy to use, providing an excellent user experience throughout the entire process. The company offers more than seven various forms of searches, which may make it the most options available on the market. With aliases, you can further tweak your reports to meet your specific requirements.

Simply input the phone number to begin a reverse phone lookup, and US Search will carefully choose and incorporate the most recent data available.

The rationale behind our selection of US Search is its cost-effectiveness and the variety of search possibilities it offers, which meet the needs of a wide spectrum of users. The program searches a vast database thoroughly to provide precise results for reverse phone lookups. Additionally, US Search’s helpful customer service guarantees a seamless experience, which makes it a standout addition to our list.

14. Showcaller

Showcaller, a trusted app used by over 50 million people, lets you find out who is calling you even if the number isn’t in your contact list. When a call comes in, the app shows the caller’s picture, location, and caller ID.

In addition to blocking telemarketing, fraud, and spam calls, Showcaller also provides reverse lookup. The iOS and Android operating systems allow users to download the Showcaller application.

15. Whitepages

Whitepages is well-known for offering many people a basic phone book directory. Many people are unaware that by entering a phone number, you may use Whitepages’ free reverse phone lookup tool to find out who called you right away. Find out the complete name, address, and other details of the phone owner. To obtain basic results on the profile you’re looking for, there’s no need to join up.

Depending on what kind of phone you’re looking for—cell phones, residential, or business—your search results will vary. More information is typically accessible through free public records for landlines. To obtain more elusive data, such as that for mobile users, you’ll need to subscribe to expensive services like Whitepages Premium.

Why Whitepages was our choice: Whitepages is distinguished by its extensive database of more than 600 million phone numbers as well as its dependability and thoroughness. When tracking phone data, its distinctive integration of public records data—such as addresses and property details—adds important context. Additionally, customers can successfully filter out undesired spam and fraudulent calls with the help of the smart caller identification tool.

How Phone Lookup Websites Operate in Reverse?

Contrary to popular belief, caller identification via a reverse phone lookup website is quicker and simpler. Just enter any phone number, and you’ll see the owner’s details appear on your screen.

Searching through databases is how reverse phone lookup sites locate the number you’re looking for. These databases are available for purchase and may include information from public records or third parties, including marketing firms. After filtering the search results, all relevant data is gathered into a report.

We tested a selection of the top reverse phone lookup providers, evaluating their reputation, cost, and the depth and breadth of their information and reports. Check out our suggestions in the section below.

Utilizing Reverse Phone Lookup Services Can Help Whom?

Reverse phone number lookup services are available to everyone, although phone number searches can

be used just for one’s own purposes. This implies that while you can use the service to learn who is calling from an unknown number, it cannot be used to help with credit, lease, or hiring decisions.

There are a few non-exclusions. TenantCheck, an FCRA-compliant tenant screening service, is provided by White Pages; however, it is stated that this check cannot be utilized for other FCRA-regulated purposes, such as employment references. Make sure the background check service you employ complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) if you need to do one for any reason.

You must promise to utilize reverse phone lookup services exclusively for legitimate, acceptable reasons when you join up for them. Additionally, there are typically clauses that forbid usage for marketing objectives, such as those prohibiting unwanted commercial calls and telemarketing. This is done in an effort to stop anyone from abusing the service, like phishing efforts.

Reverse Phone Lookup: Is It Secure?

It is safe to perform reverse phone searches, yes. Every background check website we’ve analyzed here complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act’s explicit guidelines (FCRA). Many also offer advice on how to safeguard your data and are open and honest about the security and privacy of your information.

You won’t have to worry about visiting risky websites to find out who called if you use a reliable reverse phone lookup service, like the ones on our list, which will securely provide you the information you require.


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