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Best Alternatives of Google Digital Wellbeing – Best Screen Time Trackers

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing, designed and created by Google, is an excellent application to beat Smartphone and Social Media addiction. This Android application works splendidly to assist you with dealing with your time wisely, focus on work, upgrade productivity, and help you reconnect with reality.

This instinctively designed Google Digital Wellbeing lets you screen real time application use to monitor Time spent on Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. The application empowers you to limit phone utilization so you can enjoy your hobbies and invest more energy with your friends and family. Moreover, Digital Wellbeing offers Bedtime mode that reminds you to turn off phone at night and modify settings to plan a screen dim.

It includes various modules to monitor your digital habits, for example, how frequently you use applications, notifications you’ve gotten, lock/open logs, and so forth Google Digital Wellbeing is accessible for Free of charge on Google Play Store. 

In this article we discuss Best Digital Wellbeing Alternatives to stop your Smartphone addiction. Here a complete list for you.


In the event that you are continually beginning your day on your cell phone, StayFree – Screen Time Tracker and Limit Application Usage is an answer. This Designed with advance calculations, StayFree proffers a total diagram of your daily phone usage. Thus, you can set reminder for extra use, compare your advanced detox journey with different users, and utilize a gadget for quich access to get definite reports. Well, This is something that each application, similar to Google Digital Wellbeing, should offer.



On the off chance that TikTok or Instagram eats all your day, at that point you have to install the effective phone use tracker, Freedom. For a beginning, it blocks distracting applications and sites incidentally so you can focus on work and remain active. It includes heaps of basic features, all stuffed in a wonderful UI to schedule clocks, lock Social media applications and more.



One of the best known and simple to utilize phone use tracker, Moment assists with keeping a tab on your application utilization precisely. This highlights different modules to assist you with focusing on quality time, improve rest, relations, and work. Indeed, unlike other screen time trackers, Moment even offers highlights to lessen anxiety and lift mind-set. It furthermore shows inspirational quotes to fill your heart with joy more splendid and idealistic, making it a superior alternative to Google Welling.



Unplug yourself from the computerized world and work productively with Offtime. It’s a committed Social media addiction solution for assist you with checking your extraordinary telephone utilization habits. You can set reminders when you have needed to shut the phone for a bit. Furthermore, you can obstruct calls, messages and different notices while you are spending quality time with your family or companions.



It’s trusted by Millions of individuals from all around the globe as the best Social media addiction solution, YourHour carries bunches of highlights to assist you with upgrading center and be more active. That instinctively focus on the Time spent utilizing phones and gives a list of recommendations you have to follow to beat cell phone addiction. Thus, Give yourself challenges and beat your advancement every day, without a doubt an incredible component that you can expect from applications like Digital Wellbeing.


Stay Focused 

The simple or incredible Social media detox application, Stay Focused, guides its users to understand and deal with their cell phone utilization in a wise way. It moreover assists individuals with blocking distracting applications for a particular period so you can focus on other important stuff and decrease screen time. Moreover, you can empower Strict Mode for your youngsters and set lock mode, so they don’t utilize your phone for unfair methods.



Here’s another useful Screen Time and best advanced Digital wellbeing applications alternatives to Google’s official application for Android. Digitox has a generally excellent UI, it is one reason individuals continue utilizing the application, they have ads however provides you with assistance to your phone addiction. On the off chance that you feel you can’t remain without your gadget, a specific application, or game, this application will let you limit application utilization, see your daily, weekly, and monthly usage for nothing. Operating system 6.0 ada up can profit by this application and its highlights, it is refreshed frequently.


Usage Time 

Application use can be observed so you get to know with when you are investing such a great amount of energy in any application. Usage Time likewise includes restricting features on applications, you can disable access to addictive applications so you can make the most out of your time. It is valuable in the event that you have children, you can install this application on their phone to check their use and furthermore set a password so they can’t use it, Moreover, Usage Time has not been refreshed since 2019, so the developer may have lost interest for the application, however 2020 review show it is as yet being utilized.


Detox Procrastination Blocker 

While the name shows, Detox Procrastination Blocker is an incredible screen time tracker for Android and offers heaps of highlights to start your social detox joueney. Along these lines, Using this Social media addiction solution, you can abstain from overusing your phone and set clocks to get lock out of your device when the time span excedes. Additionally, it gives the choice to uninstall undesirable and diverting applications.



This is another best digital wellbeing applications alternative, it is loved by numerous and has over 1,000,000 installs, they attract people with their fun and simple to-explore “timeline”. It is very easy to understand, it shows you the measure of time you spend on applications, notifications of earlier days uses, constant report of utilization, a component that lets you make a device use alarm, and you can undoubtedly quit utilizing your device with their “take a break” highlight. So on the off chance that you need the best quality time, this application will be critical.



Call phone addiction is on the top now days. Whether you are kid or adult it’s very difficult for you to keep away from phone utilization.  With using Google Digital Wellbeing applications to break social media or utilization of applications can be a great help to begin your virtual world detox journey.

Here are the best alternatives of Digital wellbeing, in the event that you spend more time with your friend family and work. And enjoy a life!

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