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How to Download Images from Google Docs In 2022

Unless you’re trying to Download Images from Google Docs, getting images from websites is as straightforward as right-clicking and selecting “Save target as. Sometimes Google decides to make basic tasks more difficult, like removing a photo from Google Photos without losing it in local storage. You won’t see any download options when you right-click on the Download Images from Google Docs. But there are a few workarounds to achieve it. Let’s check it out. Download Images from Google Docs doesn’t have a built-in capability to save images. If you have ever tried to save an image from a Google Doc, you certainly know how annoying it can be.

Google’s goods, as fantastic as they may be, do not come without problems. One of these features is the ability to save images directly from Download Images from Google Docs. In this piece, we’re going to share with you reliable solutions for saving images from Download Images from Google Docs, so you don’t have to be irritated anymore.

How to Download Images from Google Docs In 2022

Taking a screenshot and cropping an image is as easy as pressing a button on your phone or computer’s keyboard. But the quality of the Download Images from Google Docs will be restricted. So if you are trying to download images without sacrificing quality, here are the ways to achieve it. While being the most feature-rich online office suite accessible, Download Images from Google Docs does not allow saving images straight from documents. However, with a handful of actions, you can make that happen in no time. Save images from Download Images from Google Docs documents using these simple methods.

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Save to Google Keep

Open a browser window and navigate to Google Docs where the image you want to download is located. Select the image and right-click it to access the context menu. Now, pick the option “Save to Keep”.

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Download Images from Google Docs

Your image will appear in a little Google Keep window that is opened as a result. To download an image, just choose it with the right mouse button in the right pane. Image downloaded to the device using Google Keep add-ons2. By posting the document on the internet

Another approach to downloading an image from Google Docs is by publishing it on the web.

Download Images from Google Docs

When you’re ready to publish the image, click File in the top menu bar and select Publish to Web.

By publishing the Doc to the web

If your paper contains confidential or sensitive information, I strongly advise against using this strategy. Once you’ve downloaded the images you want, make sure to stop publishing the document.

By publishing the Doc to the web

Open the created link and save the image to your computer by selecting “Save Target As” from the menu that appears. Once you’ve finished, you may disable publication to prevent anybody else from accessing the document.

By publishing the Doc to the web

Go to File > Publish to Web > Published content and settings and click on Stop Publishing.

Save it as an HTML

If you have several images in Google Docs, then saving the Doc as an HTML file is a terrific way to download all the images in bulk. Open the document, then select File > Download > Web Page from the menu bar to get started (HTML).

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Download Images from Google Docs

A zip archive will be downloaded to your computer automatically. Extract the file and you will discover a folder labeled “images.” The images folder is where all of the Google Doc’s images end up after they’ve been downloaded. All of the images in the image may be seen in one image.

Use Image Extractor Add-on

In the top menu, click Add-ons > Get Add-ons. Search for Image Extractor and Remover and install the add-on to Google Docs.

Download Images from Google Docs

After installation, click on Add-on again > Image Extractor and Remover > Don’t delete it; save it to your hard drive. It will save the images to the Google Drive account associated with your account.

To store images on a drive, click on “Don’t remove but save to drive.” You may download the image on Google Drive and save it there. You may also ask for a desktop version by phone.

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Request Desktop Version on Phone

Access the browser on your smartphone, open Google Docs, and request the desktop site option from the menu. Now, utilize any of the 4 ways indicated above.

Download Images from Google Docs

You can’t use Google Docs in the browser if you’ve installed the Google Docs app, but that’s it. So you either need to delete the program or access the documents in incognito mode.

Final Words

It is pretty unusual that a little option like Download Images from Google Docs is lacking in Google Docs. While most people propose you merely snap a screenshot and crop it, it would dramatically lower the quality of the image to the point where it can’t be used anymore. But by following the steps above, you may Download Images from Google Docs in full resolution. What do you think of these methods? If you enjoy working with Download Images from Google Docs but find yourself dissatisfied with being able to preserve your document’s images, just follow one of the above-mentioned techniques and watch your life become suddenly simpler.

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There isn’t a right or wrong way to do things; it’s all a question of personal taste. So, select the one you like the most and start Download Images from Google Docs right now.

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