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Is it Possible to Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive?

Hard drives are popularly used by people for their personal as well as professional use as they offer great storage space to its users. They are believed to be a great data medium to store and retrieve data. Besides vast storage, they also have the perks of being cost effective and long lasting if kept with utmost care. With the growing technology in the past years, the use of the hard drives is pacing rapidly.

With the growing IT market and every other sector involving computers and digital data, the crashing of hard drives is becoming a very common issue. Crashing of a hard drive could be defined as a malfunction which disables the drive to let obstruct your access to the stored information, leading to data loss. The malfunction could either be logical or physical. This may not just be a loss of important data but also the loss of some huge business opportunities and relationships.

How to know if the Hard Drive Crashed?

A physical damage could be identified by grinding/clicking sound coming out of the hard drive or overheated area near the hard drive. However a logical damage can have various symptoms like you are not being able to open files, some data is missing, files are corrupt, and ‘File not found’ error appears, the PC becomes sluggish, PC won’t boot into the OS or you witness the blue screen of death.

What are the Common Reasons for Crashed Hard Drive?

There can be many reasons for a crashed hard drive. One of the major reasons is improper handling and usage of the hard drive. An unskilled person can use the hard drive roughly, which can damage the drive.
Storage of the hard drive is another delicate issue which must be dealt with immense care. Many times people tend to leave their drives in adverse environmental conditions such as moisture, which may damage the internal elements of the drive.
Usage should also be watched upon as prolonged use of the drive can heat up the hardware which expands the drive platters, touching other elements of the drive, damaging it further.

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How to Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drive?

Although the situation may sound quite out of control, one can surely recover data from crashed hard drive. Before stepping onto the solution, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to get 100% results from hard drive recovery.

● You must keep the hard drive safe from any further damage as it may worsen the situation.
● Do not try any hit and trial methods on the drive as this may lead to permanent loss of the data.
● Do not open up the drive on your own to see if you can fix it.

To get your data recovered from crashed hard drive, reach out to a data recovery service provider such as Stellar – a no. 1 data recovery company in India. They deal with all kinds of data loss situations. Be it internal or external storage, the data recovery experts at Stellar push their limits to give you up to 100% data recovery.
Also, they provide you with the guarantee of privacy as you will be the first person to see all the recovered data which makes them a trustworthy organization.

Why Should You Choose Stellar?

Stellar Data Recovery India has proven to be successful in recovering data since 1993. Stellar is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data recovery organization. They have a team of skilled data recovery professionals who can recover data from very complex data loss cases. They have CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM labs for advanced data recovery from all instances of physical damages. They have a good track record of recovering data even from crashed hard drives. The professionals at Stellar recover data from all types of hard drives such as Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba etc.

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Choosing such a trustworthy brand “Stellar” ensures up to 100% data recovery from crashed hard drives, with 100% data safety and confidentiality. They have 15 branches across India. You can directly reach out to them with your data recovery query. They also provide free pick up and drop facility for your media device. By availing Stellar data recovery service, you can recover data from hard drives which may have become crashed due to adverse mishandling, bad sectors, clicking noise, power surges, sudden shutdown, virus attack, not booting or any other reason.

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Tips to Avoid Data Loss

● Do not use extremely old hard drives as they are at higher risk of getting crashed.
● Always keep a backup of your important data so that you always have a second copy of it to fall back on.
● In case your files start to show up as corrupt or not found, know that this is a symptom of hard drive getting worse. This is the window you should utilize to create a copy of your data in case you haven’t.
● To avoid physical damage, keep your hard drive away from excessive heat and any kind of moisture.
● Stop using your drive in case of any physical damage and immediately replace it with a new piece.
● Virus attack is another problem responsible for affecting your hard drive. So, make sure to have a good antivirus program.


● Do not attempt to dismantle a crashed hard drive on your own.
● Do not tamper your hard drive or affected storage device.

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Though it is not possible to save hard drives from getting crashed, it is surely possible to save data from being lost. The tips mentioned in the post would help to avoid hard drive crash and data loss but cannot prevent it from happening. However, in case the hard drive is crashed, you must follow the said instructions to ensure 100% data recovery and then you can approach Stellar data recovery and get your data recovered.

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