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Keep Online Tracking at Arm’s Length

Breaching of your online privacy can come in many ways. Marketers are collecting your information for advertisement purposes, people with malicious intent are lurking online to exploit your public information, and there is always a threat of data breaches. In other words, online tracking is imminent unless you intend to employ a counter-strategy. An efficient way to evade online tracking is by using residential proxies. You can check out these proxies that belong to real electronic devices from specific locations globally. That way, you can manage access of outsides to your data by staying anonymous. Here, we will discuss several ways that you can use to avoid online tracking and improve your internet

Staying Anonymous with Rotating Proxies

Using rotating proxies to keep online tracking at bay is a highly efficient method. A rotating proxy works by assigning a unique IP address to each connection from the proxy pool. Additionally, you will get 500 unique IP addresses for the script of 500 requests. Some proxy providers ensure that all proxies in the pool are residential proxies with location-targeted IP pools. This will allow you to use numerous rotating proxies while staying connected with a single backconnect node. This node only targets IP addresses of specific locations such as IPs in the US.

In other words, proxies work by IP rotation, that way you can send multiple simultaneous requests without unmasking your actual IP address. This is very helpful to scale web scraping, target geo-located data, avoid online stalkers and hackers, prevent IP banning and cloaking.

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Benefits of Using Multiple Browsers

Using multiple browsers offers various benefits and ensures your online privacy to a great extent. Through multiple browsers or browser compartmentalization, you can make it difficult for companies and websites to track your identity through cookies. Cookies are not technically harmful, but they can collect information about your interests, search history, and more. You can keep your work and personal tasks on separate browsers. For instance, you can use one browser for accessing sites that require login and password information. For internet surfing, you can use a separate web browser. In other words, never use social media platforms like Facebook on a browser that you use for general browsing.

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This method can help you from continuously switching to different Google accounts on the Google browser. That way works perfectly to keep your online identity anonymous and protect your information from getting assessed for marketing and advertising purposes.

Browser User-Agents with extension

Each time you access a website, its server will identify your browser through your user- agent. It is a line of text that describes your browser, operating system rendering engine, and other details while you make a request to a web server. This information is communicated between browser and web server through HTTP header and it regulates the way requested content is displayed.

Its purpose is to provide you with better content, but it comes at the expense of compromising your privacy. Identification by the user agent is not nearly as accurate as from the IP address is. But it can potentially expose the way you browse. To maintain your privacy and avoid tracking by high-traffic websites, you can use a browser user-agent switcher.

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Google and Firefox have developed efficient browser extensions to assist users in switching user agents. You can install User-Agent Switcher for Chrome that offers eight mobile operating systems and browsers to choose from. Currently, there are approximately two million people using this Google extension. The User-Agent Switcher and manager by Firefox is more robust than the add-on of Google, as it supports around 738 user agents. Mixing user agents through different extensions in the browser is an easy way to bypass online tracking.

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Other Ways to Circumvent Online Tracking

Another way to avoid online tracking is by checking your social media account privacy settings. Social media networks carry a lot of information about you that is visible on the internet. You can change your security settings and optimize the visibility of your online content. Additionally, you can circumvent tracking by not storing your information on public storage like Google docs and Dropbox. Such platforms are ideal for sharing information and not storing your public information like passwords, identity cards, and passport scans.


There is always a chance that your online identity is being tracked, but it should not discourage you from taking precautions. There are several solutions and ways that users can put to use to stay anonymous. For instance, using a separate browser for Facebook and Google while browsing is a smart way to evade unwanted advertisements. So, we highly recommend you try as many ways as possible to avoid online tracking.


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