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Home Gadgets How to Connect Skullcandy Headphones & Speakers to Bluetooth?

How to Connect Skullcandy Headphones & Speakers to Bluetooth?

This post will explain pair skullcandy earbuds. With the brand-new technologies, nowadays the majority of the devices are available without wires, so are the headphones as well as the speakers. All wireless devices can be connected with Bluetooth or WiFi. There are a lot of brand names that use all such Bluetooth devices.

How to Connect Skullcandy Headphones & Speakers to Bluetooth?

In this article, you can know about pair skullcandy earbuds here ara the details below;

Nevertheless, Bluetooth Headphones are among the most used devices in today’s generation. And speaking about Bluetooth Headphone brands, there are quite a few alternatives to pick from. Although one of the well-known and popular one amongst all is Skullcandy.

Skullcandy offers surprisingly a great deal of alternatives to pick from. However often it is type of hard to connect or pair the gadgets with another. So in this guide, we are going to talk about how to link Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones. For that, you can merely go through the steps and follow the guidelines specified here, thereby helping in Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones pairing. Also check Home needs Products list

 Popular Methods to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Headphones:

Below offered are the procedures by which you can perform the Skullcandy technique cordless pairing with any devices. Simply go through the instructions one by one. Nevertheless, the instructions discussed here will work with most of the Skullcandy wireless headphones in addition to speakers.

 1. Switch On Pairing Mode of the Skullcandy Headphones and Speakers

You should understand that the majority of the Skullcandy earbuds and earphones have the same button for the Power On/Off as well as for the Bluetooth pairing. Although the Speakers, may or might not have the same button for the power and Bluetooth pairing button. It totally depends on the design you are using.

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You simply need to push and hold the Power button to turn the gadget on. Once the device is turned on, you now have to push and hold the pairing button for 4-5 seconds up until you see the LED light to flash. When the LED light begins to flash, your Bluetooth device is ready to pair.

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 2. Discover and Pair the Skullcandy Headphones with Your Phone or Laptop


For Android Users, you have to go to the Settings of the phone and after that switch on the Bluetooth. When the Bluetooth is turned on, click on Pair New Device. Then your gadget will search for the offered nearby Bluetooth gadget. Once it finds the Skullcandy gadget, click on it. Thus, it will get connected with your Android gadget.


For iPhone users, similarly, go to the Settings and switch on the Bluetooth of the gadget. Then the mobile will look for the neighboring offered Bluetooth gadgets. You can click the “Other Devices” and locate the Skullcandy gadget. And tap on it to connect with your gadget.


If you are a Mac user, then you have to go to the Apple menu. Followed by, click the System preferences. Then you need to click on Bluetooth. After that, you will have the ability to see the Skullcandy gadget, tap on Connect, to couple with the Skullcandy Bluetooth Device.

 Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, then open the Settings. From there, you have to navigate and click on the “Bluetooth & Other Devices”. Then turn the Bluetooth of the gadget and click the “Show Bluetooth Devices”. Now when the list shows the Skullcandy device, click it and tap on Connect.

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Additionally, you can right-click on the Bluetooth icon which is located on the ideal bottom corner of the system tray. Then you need to click on the Add a Bluetooth gadget and consequently the PC will reveal the Skullcandy. Even more, click the Skullcandy device. Last but not least, to link the gadget with the PC, you have to click on the Connect button.

 3. Validate Pairing

As soon as you have effectively linked to the Skullcandy Bluetooth gadget, the LED of the device will stop blinking. After that, you can hear a confirmation voice. This makes sure that you have actually effectively combined the Bluetooth gadget.

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 Troubleshooting Steps for Bluetooth Connection:

Nevertheless, if you were not successful to link to the device by following the above-mentioned actions, then you require to perform the repairing actions for developing the Bluetooth connection. The connection of the Bluetooth device depends on both the hardware as well as the software application of the gadget. Also check Beauty Dropshipping Products

So, for headphones or earbuds, you have to push and hang on the Volume Up and Down key for 4-5 sec. Then you will have the ability to hear a short beep. This makes sure that the headphones are reset and you need to pair the gadget once again.

For Bluetooth speakers, you have to press and hold the center pairing button along with the Volume Up button till you hear 2 short beeps. Once you hear the beeps, your Bluetooth speaker is reset and all set to connect again.

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Nevertheless, if all this does not resolve the problem, you can check whether the Skullcandy device’s Bluetooth works with the device or not. But most of the times, the Bluetooth compatibility is not a thing to fret about as most of the gadgets nowadays include the most recent Bluetooth version.


That is all with the Skullcandy Wireless headphones directions. You can now connect to the Skullcandy gadgets and consequently take pleasure in smooth music over the headphones or speakers. However, if the troubleshooting is not solving the problem, then you can connect with the Support experts of the Skullcandy as they may alter the product if there is any major concern in it. Also check Tech Gadgets Dropshipping Products

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