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Home Internet The Proxybay Is Down? Best 7 Proxybay Mirrors & Alternatives in 2021

The Proxybay Is Down? Best 7 Proxybay Mirrors & Alternatives in 2021

The Proxybay ( TPB) is a notorious torrent website that serves as an online index of digital material of home entertainment media and software application. The site has actually acquired prestige for enabling its users to easily download copyrighted material, including recently released movies, upcoming music albums, or popular video games, just to provide a few examples.

The Proxybay Is Down? Best 7 Proxybay Mirrors & Alternatives in 2021

In this article, you can know about Proxybay here are the details below;

Unsurprisingly, The Proxybay is always in the crosshairs of the law enforcement and copyright guard dogs, and it’s not uncommon for the site to go down for hours and even days at a time.

The bright side is that there are alternatives to The Proxybay main domain, and, in this post, we explore several of them.

Use The ProxybayMirror Sites

A mirror website is basically a copy of a certain site. An excellent mirror website is simply a couple of hours behind the original website in terms of its content, and we can guarantee you that there are many exceptional The Proxybay mirror websites to select from:

The Proxybay( PirateBay) 100% Working Mirrors & Proxies:

URL Working? Speed
thepiratebays3.net Very Fast
pirate-bay-proxy.org Very Fast
thepirate-bay.org Very Fast
thepiratebay.app Very Fast
thepiratbays.org Very Fast
thepiratebay.cx Very Fast
thepiratebays.com.se Very Fast
piratebay-proxy-list.com Very Fast
thepiratesbay.com Very Fast

No other torrent site has stimulated as numerous debates as The Proxybay. There were many celebrations when it seemed that The Proxybay would not return, which is why numerous file-sharing enthusiasts have actually chosen to develop mirror websites of The Proxybay.

When The Proxybay is down, it’s not simply pirates who suffer. Apart from copyrighted content, there are likewise many legitimate gushes on The Proxybay, consisting of Linux circulations, albums, and motion pictures from independent artists, or big collections of public domain content, such as old books.

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The Proxybay mirror websites usually work even when The Proxybay itself is down, however their accessibility is by no means guaranteed. If you find that a person or more of the links above do not work, just attempt the next one.

If you believe that The Proxybayis the only torrent site on the internet, think again. There are many other torrent websites that have just as much content as The Proxybay, and a few of them might even shock you with their design, functions, or neighborhood.

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1 RuTracker


Introduced in 2004, RuTracker is the largest Russian torrent website, however its content has lots of appeal even for those who don’t speak the Russian language. From premium Blu-ray rips to music to software application, RuTracker has it all.

You can expect much quicker download speeds than on The Proxybay because sharing is necessary. If you’re not comfy sharing the content you download with others, we suggest you try the next torrent side rather.

Rutracker Proxy List

2 1337x


This torrent site saw a huge boost in popularity after the closure of KickassTorrents. 1337x sticks out with its appealing style and clean layout. Similar to The Proxybay, 1337x comprehends that its main domain might go down at any moment, and it has several main backup domains all set and practical.

1337x Proxy List

3 Torrentz2


This meta-search engine retrieves search results page from a number of various gushes sites. Instead of duplicating the very same search query on several torrent websites just to discover a single torrent with at least a couple of seeds, you can use Torrentz2 to quickly find the best torrent offered.

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Torrentz2 Proxy List

4 Zooqle


One of the youngest torrent websites on the block, Zooqle is a public torrent tracker from Russia that wants to make file-sharing more enticing. Although its homepage focuses on TV programs and movies, Zooqle is a general-purpose torrent website where you can likewise find video games, software, music, books, and other material.

Zooqle Proxy List

5 Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents

Much like The Proxybay, Lime Torrents has actually been around for a while regardless of never ever reaching mainstream popularity. The site is currently going through redesign, and the people behind it hope that it will eventually turn into one of the biggest torrent websites on the internet.

LimeTorrents Proxy List



Torrents sites are notorious for including links to harmful content, but not all of them fit that description. RARBG is a well-organized torrent site with trustworthy releases of films, TELEVISION shows, games, and software application. The website has truly been around for a very long time, offering torrent files and magnet links to file-sharing enthusiasts from around the world.

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RARBG Proxy List

7 Nyaa


If you’re a fan of anime, manage and Japanese culture in general, Nyaa is the location you want to be. This huge public torrent site is the biggest repository of whatever related to Otaku culture, featuring Japanese games, anime, manga, music, and more. Download speeds can be underwhelming sometimes, however patience is constantly rewarded on Nyaa.

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Nyaa Proxy List

Validate That You’re Not Alone

The first person you want to do when you discover that you can’t access The Proxybay is to rule out that the issue isn’t in your corner. The simplest method how to do just that is to visit this website to examine if The Proxybay is down for everyone or simply you.
If you learn that The Proxybay is down for everybody, feel free to carry on to the next section of this article. Nevertheless, if the issue turns out to be on your side, you have some troubleshooting to do. It’s beyond the scope of this short article to explain how to troubleshoot typical connection concerns, however we recommend you start with your router.

Typically, all it takes to repair a damaged internet connection is a router restart. When you restart your router, you empty the DNS cache inside of it and in some cases even cause the router to request a brand-new IP address from your internet service provider (ISP).


The Proxybay may be the best-known torrent site on the internet, but it’s without a doubt not the only one. There are numerous other outstanding torrent sites with lots of material and lots of hassle-free features. If you’ve been utilizing The Proxybay for a long time and refuse to utilize anything else, you need to discover how to access it through the Tor network, so you can keep using it even if the primary domain becomes unavailable.

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