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Top 5 Best Audio Controller Software for Windows 10

sound management software

This post will explain sound management software. It is absolutely real that when it concerns Audio control, Windows does not supply us with lots of features like equalizers, speaker configurations, or a good virtual surround audio. This is where third-party audio control software concerns the rescue. Real audiophiles and audio tech enthusiasts will not be satisfied with the default Windows audio controller which is the reason we are presenting this short article about our top 5 complimentary Audio Control Software for your Windows PC.

Top 5 Best Audio Controller Software for Windows 10

In this article, you can know about sound management software here are the details below;

 What can we anticipate from a third-party Audio Control Software

Let us get familiarised with the terms & opinions of sound management software-.

1) Flexible & simple to use equalizer: Frequency equalizations is among the most vital parts of audio experience. Utilizing equalizer, we can boost the decibel worth of a particular frequency which can produce more clarified and emphasized output at that frequency. (For example, 60Hz– 250Hz is the frequency for bass-heavy music). Also check best way to learn a language.

2) Sound impacts: Many audio control Softwares include some results which alter sound delivery (like a show, empty room, hall, and so on).

  1. Other fascinating features like visualizer, vibrant boost, ambiance control, active bass, etc.

Let us continue to see our leading 5 complimentary sound control software for the Windows system.

 1. Realtek Audio Manager.

Realtek is the most utilized audio chipset and driver on the latest laptop computers and desktop motherboards. Even if you are not using a modern-day PC, possibilities are high that you have a Realtek audio motorist on your PC. Realtek audio manager is one of the very best complimentary audio manager/control software out there. It might have been on an even greater area on this list if it was not special to Realtek chipset.

Remember our above list of perfect features that should be present in an audio control software? Realtek Audio Manager checks the whole list. It is powerful and stable software, which is constantly kept updated by Realtek designers. It is likewise a safe and relied on application as it comes from the semiconductor huge Realtek Corporation. Many PC’s featured Realtek Audio Manager pre-installed. This software can also come with the name Realtek audio console on newer laptops. You can find the Realtek Audio Manager/Console in the start menu or in the system tray on the right-hand corner of the taskbar.

If you can’t discover it however you make certain that your gadget is geared up with a Realtek chip, discover and download the device driver from the official site. Also check how to fax from iPhone.

 2. Equalizer APO.

Equalizer APO is difficult to install and utilize equalizer software. This is the most effective and customizable audio control software available so it deserves our number 1 area. It is safe to say that it is also the most popular sound management software out there and you container find a kind of video and text tutorials on the internet to help you with the setup.

Equalizer APO has the following features:.

– Virtually endless variety of filters are available.

– It has low time lag (low latency simply put).

– It is a lightweight application (It will not gnaw your resources like CPU and memory).

– VST plugins are supported.

The only disadvantage is that Equalizer APO doesn’t featured a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which means users will need to manage it utilizing text, but don’t stress, you can download peace equalizer from here.

Peace equalizer is a software that will make it possible for the GUI on Equalizer APO which will deliver it a lot more natural to use.

 3. Viper4Windows.

Viper4Windows (v4w) can be called as a sound improvement software. You can utilize this software to improve sound output to your speakers, headphones, earphones, and practically any sound gadget considerably. Viper4Windows is a very widely known software amongst music and audio lovers as this program is totally free and is most likely the program with the highest variety of beneficial features and improvements.

Some of the features are-.

– FIREqualizer: An equalizer program.

– eXtra-Loud: You can go post the optimum limitation of volume using this function of v4w.

– Pure Bass+: High-quality bass shipment.

– Hass Effect: Gives a differential Sound.

– VHS+: Stands for the obvious Virtual Headphone Surround system.

And a lot more. We would advise this software over the number 1 area on our list if you have little understanding about sound improvement as v4w is really easy to use and features the highest number of features.

 4. Voicemeeter Pro.

VB- Audio’s Voicemeeter Banana advanced mixer is one of the most advanced and feature-rich sound management software you can find on the internet. In spite of its setup plan is named as Voicemeeter Pro, it is entirely complimentary to utilize application with a choice to donate to the developers. Voicemeeter uses a virtual audio device to mix and manage any audio sources from or to different audio gadgets or applications. Also check daemon tools.

We have included this application for those users who want an audio control application that supports audio blending with versatility. This is an audio blending focused application and can be a little tough to use for first-timers, however thanks to this documentation: link on their main website, users can access many free tutorial videos and the user manual so that they can efficiently set up and utilize the audio mixing/control application.

 5. EarTrumpet.

This might be or may not be precisely what you were searching for, which is why EarTrumpet is on the number 5 spot on our list. EarTrumpet is a really easy but powerful volume control application for Windows 10. This software is incredibly popular with Windows users. EarTrumpet can be easily trusted as it is present on Microsoft Windows Store and easy to download. It is also a really light-weight application being just 7.48 MB.

You can control classic and modern app volumes, control default audio gadgets in a couple of clicks, and move apps in between playing devices. What we love concerning this app is that it matches the look and feel of Windows 10 and it also has a feedback center. In case the application crashes, you can select whether to send the crash information to the developers so that they can repair the issues soon. It has a huge user base and community. The only concern is that it is not a fully-fledged sound management software, so you lose out on many features like audio frequency equalization and sound effects.


Tell us which sound management software you have actually chosen and why in the comments listed below. We are likewise inviting ideas and questions completely, so kindly call us or comment.

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