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Top 8 Amazing Sites Like StumbleUpon In 2021 (And Why Did It Shut Down?)

This post will explain StumbleUpon alternatives 2021. Where is StumbleUpon? You may have heard just recently that closed down and is no longer providing you with a one-stop place to arrange all your interests. StumbleUpon announced the modification in this letter to their users, thanking them for the past years and announcing their brand-new site (which we’ll discuss below).

Well, StumbleUpon might be contributed to the long list of defunct social sites, however that does not imply you have to be totally made with arranging all your preferred things in one location. Keep reading to discover what happened, and which other sites you can use to fill the StumbleUpon-shaped hole in your life.

Top 8 Amazing Sites Like StumbleUpon In 2021 (And Why Did It Shut Down?)

In this article, you can know about StumbleUpon alternatives 2021 here are the details below;

Why did StumbleUpon shut down?

StumbleUpon has been running because 2002, however didn’t adjust its user interface quite adequate to take on today’s leading social media platforms. So it just didn’t have the exact same popularity-driven development that could sustain it, unlike sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Rather, StumbleUpon grew gradually, taking almost 10 years to reach 25 million users. So its creators dealt with the lessons they learned from StumbleUpon to establish a brand-new platform called Mix, which will allow for a similar design of material curation.

The best 8 websites and apps like StumbleUpon: what to do now that it’s gone
So, StumbleUpon is dead. It’s over. You can’t simply relax and cry about it. There’s lots of fascinating info online just waiting on you– so how do you get it without StumbleUpon? Also check batmanstream alternatives.

These 8 sites like StumbleUpon need to help you begin.

1. Mix is StumbleUpon’s brand-new site that aims to assist you curate the best material online. You can develop your own collections, including fascinating short articles, images, video, music, and anything else you discover online, so that you can share it with others. You can likewise follow the collections of others to discover things you’re interested in. Some remarkable collections have actually already been contributed to Mix, consisting of:
Out of This World– Space, the stars, and the possibility of life beyond Earth

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Mental Space– Mysteries of the mind
Get In My Belly– Recipes, cooking suggestions, and all things that include consuming
Nothin’ But Net– Technologies changing us and the digital revolution

2. Reddit

Reddit is among the most popular websites online, as people enjoy its forum-style setup which enables users to talk about trending subjects in any manner they please. You’ll find a limitless scroll of videos, images, short articles, memes, jokes, engaging stories, and more. Reddit also has a servant called “InterestingAsF ***” which curates the very best material on Reddit, and things people are normally discovering remarkable or fascinating. If you want to read more about how Reddit works, we have a free course on how to use Reddit.

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3. Pinterest


As one of the most popular social bookmarking websites on the Internet, is everything about the pictures. Every bookmark placed on Pinterest has to have a picture, video, or brief animation to go along with it. Though it has much more effective search features than StumbleUpon, a few of its functions are comparable. You can search for or check out material based on your interests, and sort what you find into custom-made lists called “boards.”.

You can also “personal,” commentary on, or share content that you (or other people) find and place on Pinterest. Among the distinct features Pinterest has that StumbleUpon does not is that it enables you to develop bookmarks using images, videos, or animations right on your computer system (though you can likewise create bookmarks out of other things you discover on the Internet, too)! If this seems like your kind of website, we can teach you how to use Pinterest!

4. Pearltrees.

Pearltrees intends to assist you conserve absolutely whatever you find intriguing in one location. Rather like Pinterest, it enables you to include basically anything that you wish to your account of bookmarks, whether it’s found somewhere out on the Internet, or just on your computer at home. This consists of photos, videos, songs, workplace documents, notes, and other websites. Its interface is also really professional-looking and user friendly; it operates quite like typical windows-based desktop explorers, permitting you to drag-and-drop content into personalized classifications, or categories into other sub-categories. Also check VIPLeague Alternatives.

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You can check out other classifications that share bookmarks that are the same as or comparable to ones that you have in your own classifications, and follow the activities of individuals who created those other classifications. You can even partner with them and work on a shared category together! The primary downside of Pearltrees is that whatever that you place on it shows up to anybody, unless you have a paid account. So, do not establish anything on it that you consider too private for anyone else to see.

5. Pinboard.

Pinboard describes its service as “Social Bookmarking for Introverts.” It aims to provide easy, no-nonsense bookmarking service that saves whatever you require. Pinboard proceeds to hold its own in the group bookmarking arena. Pinboard enables you to store and arrange content that you find on the Internet by using keywords called “tags,” and enables you to find and follow the activity of other individuals who have made their bookmarks public.

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However, Pinboard prides itself on its performance and speed, without the need to be overly fancy, so it includes other functions like having the ability to copy bookmarks and material from other websites (such as Twitter and Instapaper), & to save a list of your bookmarks as a spreadsheet.

It’s also great for characters who appreciate their personal privacy, because the site has no advertisements or tracking features of any kind. The downside is that you need to pay for Pinboard to use it, although at $11 each year (plus an optional additional $25 each year for extra functions like immediately saving a copy of all of your bookmarks and throwing out ones that do not work any longer), it’s not that expensive.

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6. NextStories.


As the title may recommend, concentrates on assisting you discover captivating stories online. While you’re on a news website or blog site, you can merely press your bookmarking tool button. NextStories will then overlay a preview of the current stories from associated sites so you can pick what to read next. NextStories takes all the work out of looking for other intriguing things to check out while you’re catching up on your news. If you’re a fan of websites like TechCrunch, POPSUGAR, or Lonely Planet, this tool might really enhance your online reading time.

7. Discuvver.

Discuvver is exceptionally easy to use. The idea is simple: visit the site and click the button that states Take Me to a Useful Website. Discuvver will leap you to another site that has some type of useful feature. This resembles StumbleUpon at its base due to the fact that it assists you find other websites you would find intriguing. The important things it’s missing out on here is a method to tailor it based on your interests. You can, however, include your email address to get a newsletter that assists you see many beneficial sites you might be interested in at the same time. That way, you don’t have to handle the “roulette-style” performance of the website. Also check 12thplayer alternative.

8. Instapaper.

Instapaper is a terrific method to save things that you want to read for later. It’s not a discovery engine StumbleUpon replacement per se, however it will help you bookmark everything you believe is useful so you can analyze it at your leisure, or later when you have more time to enter into it. You can save posts, videos, dishes, lyrics– actually anything you encounter while browsing the web. From there, you can handle and arrange it in the manner in which matches you, and read it anywhere across Instapaper’s numerous platforms.

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