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The 10 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives in 2021

Although Adobe Photoshop Alternatives is a wonderful program, it can be overkill for everyday image editing. Let’s look at the ten best Photoshop alternatives. We’ve chosen some Web apps, as well as apps for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

The 10 Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives in 2020


PicMonkey hides its energy in the back of an easy and intuitive interface. It’s similarly at home growing collages for scrapbooking, as it is enhancing glamor snapshots or creating images in your weblog.

To get started out, just drag a photograph onto the app’s domestic web page. growing collages is a breeze: simply add your own photos and drag them into location. if you desire, you could start out with a blank slate and layout besides you pick out.

Although PicMonkey is free, a small monthly charge for the premium version gives you a lot of extras.


Canva is a brand new app, and it is going beyond simple photo editing. Its declare is that it is able to “make the layout easy for everybody.” To that cease, the app is filled with lots of excellent layout factors, together with stock pics, layouts, and fonts.

Many of these elements are free. You’ll pay a minimal fee for others, but far less than you’d pay for an image from a stock photo website. Of course, you can use your own images, also. With the ease of Canva, you can create a birthday card, business card, or blog image in seconds.

Presently, this app is in beta. to apply it, you will need to use for an invite, or get an invite from a friend who’s currently the usage of Canva.

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Pixlr Editor

If you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop Alternatives you’ll find Pixlr easy and intuitive. Unfortunately, if you’re new to image editing, you’re on your own. Finding tutorials or help files for Pixlr is next to impossible.

Although beginners will struggle with this program, experienced image editors will like Pixlr. It offers many features and fast image editing. One of my favorites is the one-click photo enhancements, which is included in the Pixlr Express app.


The GIMP (GNU Photo Manipulation application) is a very free, pass-platform photo editor. It’s a fantastic Adobe Photoshop Alternatives with Photoshop’s appearance and feels. One inconvenience is that GIMP can’t manage raw documents on its very own. Fortunately, you can download converters, like UFRaw, to apply with Gimp as a plugin.

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In reality, Gimp has a large library of plugins that can create layer and photograph outcomes, and much extra.

Every person who’s familiar with Adobe Photoshop stands up to speed with GIMP fast. if you’re absolutely new to picture enhancing, you’ll recognize the GIMP tutorials that are handily divided into classes, from beginner to professional.


Need a Mac image editor that is fast and fun to use? You’ll appreciate the Mac-only Acorn. Recently out in version 4, Acorn’s tools, such as instant alpha, custom brushes, and PSD (Photoshop format) import and export, make it a good alternative to Photoshop for easy image creation and editing. You can work through Acorn’s comprehensive tutorials if you’re a beginner. Even if you’re an image editing pro, you can still find a tutorial to help you with more complicated tasks.

Although Acorn isn’t a complete replacement for Adobe Photoshop Alternatives it can work directly with RAW files, so you may find the app has everything you need.

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Pixelmator (Mac handiest) may not be an instantaneous competitor to Photoshop but, in its contemporary version, it takes advantage of the brand new multi-monitor support and compressed memory functions in OS X Mavericks. these features, mixed with its low price, and simplicity of use, make Pixelmator attractive to every person who needs an Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Each new and revel in users will respect Pixelmator’s many tutorials, which consist of dozens of thirdcelebration tutorials from enthusiastic Pixelmator mavens.


If you’re on Windows and need a good Adobe Photoshop Alternatives, give Paint.NET a try. Originally created as a replacement for Microsoft Paint, the Windows’ built-in image editor, Paint.NET has developed into a superb and easy to use image editor.

While it doesn’t offer all of the GIMP’s heavy-duty editing tools, Paint.NET’s easier to learn. Even if you’re completely inexperienced with image editing, you’ll be able to get results with this program immediately.

Serif PhotoPlus X6

Serif PhotoPlus has been around for years and has many loyal customers. if you’re searching out Adobe Photoshop Alternatives, Serif PhotoPlus is well worth thinking about, especially in case you’re new to photograph modifying. There’s a high-quality guide for both new and experienced customers. Not only are there written tutorials, but there are also helpful videos as well. There’s also an active user forum which means that you can get answers and image editing tips, quickly.

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The app’s cutting-edge launch offers better selection equipment and updates to its raw Studio application, to simplify your paintings with uncooked pix.

Corel PaintShop Pro X6

PaintShop Pro has been around for decades and, as with Serif PhotoPlus, if you’re new to image editing, you’ll appreciate the great education and support this program offers. New goodies in this latest version include Auto Selection, which helps you to make composite images quickly, and Smart Selection Brush, which expands your selections at a click.

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If you regularly batch-processing hundreds of images, you should consider this app, because it can record scripts that automate repetitive tasks. You will also appreciate the hundreds of filters and plugins available for this app.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

Adobe Photoshop Elements isn’t Photoshop, but many people will find that this app has everything they need for image management and editing. Yes, it’s a stripped-down version of Photoshop, but it’s also a powerful image editor in its own right. If you want an editor to manage your own photos, or a good editor to create images for social media, Elements is your perfect choice.

You’ll appreciate Elements’ layer support because Adjustment and Blend layers can quickly take an image from ho-hum to spectacular. Anyone who’s new to image editing will appreciate Elements’ Guided mode, which does as its name suggests: it shows you how to perform editing tasks, which are new to you, without leaving the app.

As you can see from our list, there are many Photoshop alternatives. Experiment to see which ones you can integrate into your own workflows. You may find, as I do, that using a combination of several of the above apps lets you do all your image editing without ever opening Photoshop alternatives.

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