Top 10 Best Popular Programming Languages in 2020

Programmers are in excessive call for these days–their fluency in a coding language is invaluable. Knowing numerous programming languages is a no brainer for engineers, however, basic expertise of the languages can benefit anyone, although you’re no longer looking to become a master coder. Grasping some widespread understanding of coding permits you to make the proper hires for your business needs, talk higher with the engineers on your team, and save you any awkward misunderstandings (Ruby isn’t a gem, and Java isn’t an excellent cup of coffee). Plus, with the high salaries earned for coding, you might want to take into account it for a destiny career move! So what do you want to know?

Here are the 10 most popular programming languages

1. Java

Java is a top pick as one of the most famous programming languages, used for building server-facet packages to video games and mobile apps. It’s additionally the core foundation for developing Android apps, making it a favorite of many programmers. With its WORA mantra (write once, run anywhere), it’s designed to be transportable and run fortunately across multiple software program platforms. I first got commenced with Java server programming returned in 1999–it was so exciting, I virtually wrote a few books about it. Java is everybody’s pal!

2. Python


Python is a one-stop-shop. There’s a Python framework for quite a great deal anything, from internet apps to information analysis. In fact, WordStream is written in Python! You’re the high-quality bud. Python is regularly heralded as the very best programming language to learn, with its simple and straightforward syntax. Python has risen in popularity due to Google’s investment in it over the last decade (in fact, one recent take a look at has proven Python to be the most usually taught programming language in U.S. Schools). Other programs constructed with Python encompass Pinterest and Instagram.

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3. C


If you saw C on a file card, you’d be pretty bummed. Maybe a bit confused, too (is it, in reality, a B-?). However, C isn’t the bizarrely bad grade it seems to be. It’s frequently the primary programming language taught in college (well, it turned into for me 10 years ago). I idea it turned into a nice “in-between” language in that it was object-oriented without having to be fanatical about it. It was also low level enough to be close to the hardware, but no so low level that you had to do everything manually. Because there are so many C compilers, you can write stuff in C and have it run pretty much anywhere.

4. Ruby

Ruby (also called Ruby on Rails) is a chief supplier of web apps. Ruby is popular because of its ease of learning (it’s very straightforward) and power. Ruby knowledge is in high demand these days!

5. JavaScript

JavaScript (which, confusingly, is not at all related to Java) is another favorite programming language due to the fact it’s so ubiquitous on the web–it’s basically everywhere. JavaScript permits builders to add interactive factors to their website, and its presence is felt throughout the internet. At WordStream, we use a JavaScript library referred to as JQuery to make our JavaScript work even easier.

6. C#


C# (reported C-sharp, now not C-hashtag for you Twitter fans) is the language used in an effort to develop Microsoft apps. C# is syntactically nearly equal to Java. I’ve spent much time schooling with C#, but if you’re proper at Java, you’ll likely have a clean time jumping onto C#. If you’re seeking to paintings on Microsoft apps, C# is the manner to go. C# opens a number of Windows (har-har).

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7. PHP

PHP (which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, in case you care to know) is regularly used along with dynamic data-heavy web sites and app development. It presents a ton of electricity and is the thrashing heart of monster web sites like WordPress and Facebook. What’s honestly cool approximately PHP is that it’s an open-supply language, so there are heaps of unfastened pre-constructed modules that you can grasp and adjust to get your best results. PHP is likewise on the clean end of the gaining knowledge of spectrum, absolutely requiring you to embed the code inside HTML. PHP is a must-study language for aspiring web developers.

8. Objective-C

Objective-C is the programming language in the back of iOS apps. Apple’s new language Swift is rising within the ranks, however, Objective-C is still the recommended starting point for those seeking to craft Apple apps for iPhones and iPads. Next stop–the iOS App Store!

9. SQL

SQL is a database question language (SQL stands for Structured Query Language) that’s best whilst talking large statistics. SQL lets you siphon helpful statistics from large databases. Nearly every app has a backend database, and SQL is the language that helps you interact with that sweet records. In phrases of software development, SQL isn’t ever used alone–rather, you invoke SQL from a few other programming knowledge and you’ve got yourself a pleasing package deal.

10. C


C is the predecessor to more complex programming languages like Java and C#. C is satisfactory whilst you need to paintings small and whilst dealing with low-level applications. It’s broadly used for embedded structures just like the firmware of your television or the running machine of an airplane, as nicely as pc running systems like Windows. For me personally, C was greater than an academic language. It was satisfactory to discover ways to write a kernel again in college, and you advantage greater solid expertise of how newer language paintings underneath the covers, however, it’s uncommon for maximum application builders to ever must use this today.

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There you’ve got it–the king languages of coding. What’s your programming language of preference and why? If you’re a novice trying to dive into coding, test these 9 spots on the internet where you may learn to code (for free)! You’ll be a code master in no time.

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