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Top 10 Best Power Inverter For Car to Buy in 2021

Most modern automobiles now come equipped with USB connections within the cabin, allowing you and your passengers to charge your mobile devices. While power inverter for car USB connections is useful for everyday usage, they do not provide enough power to charge bigger gadgets. Perhaps you go camping frequently and want to connect a tiny coffee machine while you’re out in the woods. Perhaps you’re a photographer or videographer who wants to keep batteries or a laptop charged while on the road.

Top 10 Best Power Inverter For Car to Buy in 2021

An automobile power inverter for car can convert a 12-volt direct-current power source in a vehicle to the 120-volt alternating current common in domestic networks. In layman’s terms, this enables you to charge a wide range of gadgets while driving. The actual charging capability of a power inverter for car is decided by the manufacturer’s wattage specification, with more costly versions usually giving more watts.

What to Think About

As previously said, wattage is critical. Therefore, when selecting a power inverter for car, be mindful of your power requirements. Excessive power consumption from your power inverter for car might result in blown fuses or electrical issues. Remember that when you connect many gadgets, the power adds up.

Phones and camera chargers draw small amounts of electricity, but TVs and PCs may consume 50-100 watts each. Space heaters and power tools, on their own, may generate over 1000 watts. You should also keep your engine running for items that consume more than 100 watts, as they will drain your car battery over time.

Look for the number of outlets and the power supply on a gadget. Small capacity inverters may be plugged into any 12-volt automobile outlet, but bigger ones may need to be connected directly to the battery.

How We Decided

These power inverter for cars are at various price ranges based on hands-on experience and research performed through sites such as Autoguide, CNET, and Consumer Reports.

1. BESTEK 75 Watt Power Inverter

power inverter for car

For people who only need to power a few modest gadgets, this model is about as basic as inverters get. The 75-watt capacity should be plenty for charging phones, laptops, and camera batteries, but bigger electronics will be out of the question. It transforms a 12-volt outlet into one household plug and two USB charging connections. The body may also revolve around 45 degrees for easier access.


  • pivoting head at a low cost.


  • Low wattage
  • There is only one 120-volt outlet.
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2. BESTEK 200 Watt Power Inverter

power inverter for car

For a few dollars more, you can get greater power in a more handy compact with this Bestek model. the cylindrical form is designed to fit into a vehicle cupholder, and the accompanying cord plugs into a 12-volt power source. When you lift the lid, you’ll find two outlets, two USBs, and an additional 12-volt pass-through. The 200-watt capacity is sufficient to power bigger gadgets or a compact beverage chiller.

Other features include a clickable power button, an internal cooling fan, and a 25-amp fuse that will blow if too much power is drawn. The only true disadvantage of this design is that it may get in the way of genuine beverages.

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  • cup with a convenient form.
  • A second 12-volt outlet


  • It is possible that the center console will get cluttered.

3. Stanley 140 Watt Power Inverter

This Stanley model is rather simple, with only one AC outlet that can deliver a maximum of 140 watts and two USB connections on the bottom.  The supplied sturdy mounting bracket is what really sets it apart. This enables the user to effortlessly position the gadget out of the way of all their levers and buttons without fear of it dropping to the floor.

The limitation is that the mount requires two metal screws to be drilled into the dashboard in order to be used as Stanley intends. Double-stick tape may hold it for a time if you want a less obtrusive way. Other features include a quick-release button for the mounting bracket, a two-foot 12-volt cable, and an automated cutoff mechanism to prevent it from depleting the car’s battery below its functioning range.


  • A tough body with a robust mounting system.
  • Automatic shutoff


  • Only one 120-volt outlet is required for mounting.

4. Duracell 800 Watt Power Inverter

power inverter for car

This item is a basic palm-sized black box with two outlets, one USB, a power button, a cooling fan, and low-battery indication light. You may also plug the gadget into a 12-volt socket or use the provided “alligator clamp” cables to connect to the battery terminals for a full power supply. The only drawback to this package is that there is no true mounting option included, other than simply setting it on a level surface. During travel, the plastic body is prone to slipping about.


  • The design is compact.
  • Low-battery warning


  • There is no mounting equipment.

5. BESTEK 500 Watt Power Inverter

power inverter for car

This Bestek unit is a touch larger than the Duracell and has a more upscale metal shell. The 500-watt capacity is divided between two 120-volt plug connections and two USB ports. There’s also a socket or battery connection option, as well as a cooling fan and power switch.

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In terms of safety, there are two 40-amp fuses in the rear, with a couple of extras supplied in the package. Each side features two metal mounting brackets that require a potentially destructive drill process to attach.


  • Safety fuses are housed in a durable aluminum housing.


  • This model is not as portable as others of its size.

6. DEWALT 1000 Watt Power Inverter

power inverter for car

The aluminum body weighs 11 pounds and comes with two carrying handles and four screw mounting brackets. It’s also low-profile enough to be readily stowed. The 1,000-watt capacity is useful for someone who wants to power multiple electronics, a vacuum cleaner, or some power tools.

To unlock its full power, direct battery clamps are required. Therefore, individuals with larger gas automobiles, diesel engines, and hybrid engines are more likely to have a charging system powerful enough to deliver 1,000 watts, and therefore, individuals with tiny gas automobiles may be better suited to less expensive solutions.

Two conventional outlets and three USB ports are included in the box. An LCD panel also displays the amount of power being taken and the battery charge level, while an internal breaker switch and low-battery shut-off mechanism assure safety.

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  • Portability
  • the overload breaker
  • LCD display


  • too much for such small vehicles

7. Magnum 1000 Watt Pure Sine Power Inverter

power inverter for car

The Magnum versions vary from conventional inverters in that they produce “pure sine wave” electricity. There’s a lot of sophisticated science involved in explaining what it implies, but in essence, it will provide you with the closest thing to a domestic grid, as well as output without power spikes. This assures the efficiency and dependability of complex electronics and power tools during long periods of operation.

This improvement comes at a cost since the CSW series costs more than twice as much as many similar inverters. This variant has two outlets with a bathroom-style breaker switch and only one USB port on the front. A battery-health monitor, four screw-mounting brackets, and a connector for an optional dashboard remote control are also included. It has a steady output of 1,000 watts and can handle loads of up to 2,000 watts in brief bursts.


  • Versions with a higher capacity are also available.
  • Optional remote control for pure sine wave output
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  • more expensive.
  • Only one USB port.

8. Krieger 4000 Watt Power Inverter

power inverter for car

This model’s 4,000-watt continuous output is actually only suitable for charging systems in large duty trucks, RVs, or marine vehicles. It can also handle a peak load of 8,000 watts for a brief length of time. It, like the Magnum, has a remote control input and even comes with one.

It does not, however, contain pure sine wave power, instead of using the more typical modified sine wave design. There are two outlets and as many power inverter for car USB ports on the front, as well as another LCD battery monitor. Automatic cutoff and surge protection are handled by an inbuilt “smart chip.” A hardwire installation kit is also supplied to permanently install the box in a truck or camper.


  • Models with lower power are also available.
  • Hardwire kit with a large capacity


  • There is no pure sine wave.

9. Energizer Power Inverters

power inverter for car

Energizer also has a good selection of power inverters, with the 4,000-watt model being our top pick for heavy-duty applications. This customized sine wave inverter connects directly to a 12V DC battery and provides 4,000 watts of continuous power and 8,000 watts of peak power to power a variety of appliances such as microwaves, power tools, TVs, game consoles, and other household gadgets.

The inverter has an LCD monitor for battery output, output wattage, input voltage display, warning indications, and temperature overload, as well as a cooling fan that is extremely quiet. Two regular North American AC outlets and two USB charging connections are included. If you don’t require 4,000 watts of power, Energizer also has a variety of different models ranging from 100 to 3,000 watts.

10. Duracell Power Inverter

power inverter for car

Duracell provides a 175-watt power converter with a pair of 3-prong AC outlets and two USB 2.1A ports for a more basic and economical option. When the unit is turned on, an LED power light illuminates. This inverter’s shape is similar to that of a power strip, and it comes with a 3-foot cord that connects to your cigarette lighter receptacle for electricity. It isn’t intended for strong appliances, but you can easily charge your laptop or other less powerful gadgets with its AC outlets.

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DC under and over-voltage protection, output overload protection, short circuit protection, DC input reverse protection, and over-temperature protection are all included as safety features. This inverter has a vented cooling fan for safe, quiet, and dependable operation.

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