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Top 10 Book Torrent Sites E-Books or Audiobooks in 2021

Books have not lost their significance even in the modern era of the 21st century, and they are still a credible tool for knowledge collection.

Given the size and cost, the eBook torrent or audiobooks is the best way to read your beloved books without necessarily physically holding them. On your smartphones or notebook from which you can read your books on the go, they are stored. Well, several ebook torrent pages allow you to get hold of a virtual library from which you can read or borrow them online to read at your convenience. And we are going to bring you to the top 10 best ebook torrent sites in this post.

We will also hold thousands of ebooks, such as smartphones and laptops, on handheld computers. Well, you’re reading the right article if you’ve been digging for book torrents.

  • Torrent9  ebook.html torrents
  • ThePirate Bay     HTTPS:/ 
  • Wikibooks
  • Torlock
  • Books-share https/
  • 1337X 36/0/
  • BookYards
  • Zlibrary         MAM
  • MyAnonaMouse(MAM)

Copy and paste the URL into your web browser’s search bar to visit all of the above torrent download pages. We also shared extensive details on these free ebook torrent sites in the next section of the post.

Top 10 Best Ebooks/Audiobooks Torrent Pages To Download for free in 2021

1. The Pirate Bay

 book torrents

One of the oldest and most reliable services for book torrents is The Pirate Bay. There is a minimum UI for this popular BitTorrent platform for books, and you can only find a search bar on the homepage with some primary filters.

A lot of the torrents are checked at The Pirate Bay. Consequently, it won’t be a challenge to find the proper ebook. It is worth noting that The Pirate Bay is blocked in several countries and regions. So, you should try out the alternatives to The Perfect Pirate Bay.

  • Best Features Supported magnet connections; peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Content types styles, movie, music, TV shows, sports, apps
  • Disponibility Forbidden in many countries and territories
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

2. Wikibooks

book torrents

The first top book torrent site is Wikibooks. A massive catalogue of ebooks is available on this famous books torrent platform in English, Deutsch, Portugues, Italiano, Hindi and five other languages. Wikibooks have a clean UI, and it is pretty easy to scan for ebooks.

To download book torrent from Wikibooks, pick your favourite language and check for the book you want to download.

  • Best features are available in English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi and five other languages.
  •  Types of content ebooks
  • Availability in the world as a whole.

3. 1337X

book torrents

The following best book-based torrent site is 1337X. Well, for both ebooks and audiobooks, 1337X has dedicated pages.

1337X helps people on the site to import and distribute all sorts of ebooks. The well-developed UI makes it easy for users to use the magnet links to scan and share book torrents.

You can also download videos, TVs, sports, songs, manga, applications, documentaries and many more, in addition to ebooks.

  • Best Features Simple and clean UI; dedicated pages for various content types; torrents from audiobooks
  • Content types: anime, movies, songs, TV shows, games, apps
  • Availability in Australia, Austria, Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1


book torrents

Another reputable website for reading free ebooks is content is very well structured into numerous categories, such as fiction, science, theory, industry, technology, and much more.

In pdf format, all ebooks on are available. Besides, for any ebook on the network, the website shows the size and amount of downloads. Lastly, before reading free ebooks, it is essential to sign up for the service.

  • Best Features No pop-ups and ads; very well arranged ebooks in numerous parts
  • Types of Material Ebook
  • Availability in the world as a whole.

5. Books-share

book torrents

One of the best ebook torrent sites is Books-share. Both ebooks and book torrents are grouped very well into numerous categories, such as science & innovation, satire, literature collections, psychology, religion, and much more.

This book torrent site shows the language, the number of pages and provides any ebook on the website with a comprehensive overview.

The clean and quick UI of Books-share makes it easy for users to browse and download their favourite ebooks. It is worth remembering that, before reading ebooks, you have to sign up for the plan.

  • Best Features Books-share shows the language, the number of pages and provides any ebook with a detailed overview
  • Availability in the world as a whole.
  • Content Ebooks

6. Torlock

book torrents

Another reliable torrent book website that has a clean and fast UI is Torlock. Torlock also has a dedicated site for ebooks, equivalent to 1337X.

In comparison, one of the very few websites that list only checked torrents is Torlock. It is pretty easy to search for and download your favourite ebook.

Overall, Torlock is an excellent website for ebook torrents. As for downsides, some users may be irritated by advertising on Torlock.

  • Best Torlock Features Only lists checked torrents
  •  Contents: Film, TV series, anime, apps
  • Blocked availability in Australia, India, the United Kingdom
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

7. Torrent9

book torrents

On the list, the following perfect torrent book site is Torrent9. Torrent9 provides checked torrents as well, close to Torlock.

Torrent9 has a dedicated ebook site that makes it easy for torrent books to scan. The website UI is visually stunning, and the content is separated into numerous parts.

You can also download other content, such as videos, TVs, sports, songs, anime, and applications from Torrent9, in addition to ebooks.

  • Best Feature Simple and well-developed UI functionality
  • Types of content films, TV shows, sports, songs, apps, material
  • Blocked availability in several countries, including Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, Morocco, and the United Kingdom.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

8. ZLibrary

book torrents

The next best torrent platform for books is ZLibrary. Unlike the other pages for book torrents, ZLibrary has dedicated ebook and essay sections.

ZLibrary’s visually clean UI enables the search for ebooks. The size of each ebook was uploaded is displayed by ZLibrary. It is pretty easy to scan and download ebooks on ZLibrary.

  • Best Features Advanced filtering options; A secure torrent website
  • Content forms Devoted to ebooks
  • Availability Targeted by different ISPs.
  • URL of mirror Connection 1

9. MyAnonaMouse (MAM)

book torrents

MyAnonaMouse is the last website on the list for downloading free ebooks. MyAnonaMouse will undoubtedly inspire you to look for a humongous set of educational ebooks and audiobook torrents.

MyAnonaMouse has a clean UI, and numerous parts such as Fitness, Business, Medical, Fiction, Entertainment, Technology, Graphic & Design, and much more are very well separated into ebooks.

Overall, one of the best private ebook torrenting sites for reading educational ebooks is MyAnonaMouse.

  • Best Features; ebooks are very well divided into various parts
  • Type of content Ebook, Audiobooks
  • Availability in the world as a whole.

10. BookYards

book torrents

Another well-developed book torrent platform is BookYards. There is an extensive selection of more than 7000 ebooks and audiobooks on this famous website. In addition to that, it is free to read these ebooks.

In various categories such as Art, Fiction, Faith & Spirituality, Parenting, Biography Memoirs, Economics, all ebooks on BookYards are very well arranged And a great deal more.

Every ebook is available in pdf format on BookYards. Overall, BookYards is a trustworthy place for book torrents, and you can probably read some good material on BookYards.

  • Best Features; Extensive collection of more than 7000 ebooks and audiobooks
  • Content ebooks, audiobooks
  • Availability in the world as a whole.


So these were some of the better torrent pages worth searching out for books. Using these websites, you will undoubtedly find strong book torrents.

Share some other personal audiobook torrent suggestions In the comments section underneath.


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