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Top 12 Best Rabbit Alternatives You Should Use For 2022

Rabbit Alternatives was a popular platform that allowed users to broadcast, communicate, and watch material with friends and family in real-time. A host might construct a room and invite people to it. It was like a co-watching fairy tale come true. However, owing to a lack of finance, Rabbit Alternatives suspended operations, and now its million-plus customers are out on a limb. Furthermore, Rabbit Alternatives sold all its assets to Kast, a competitor streaming service.

Top 12 Best Rabbit Alternatives You Should Use For 2022

While Kast has claimed that it’s going to integrate all the Rabbit alternatives features onto its platform, it’s taking a painfully long time. Recently, Kast added some new features, but it’s not looking good so far. So, until Kast makes the shift, we have collected a list of excellent Rabbit alternatives that provide a comparable set of capabilities. With that stated, let’s look over the list and select an appropriate rabbit option for you.

Rabbit also featured video and text chat features with its basic functions. However, with Rabbit’s popularity has gone down, there is a need to have a look into Rabbit alternatives that offer similar services to replace it.

1. Metastream

Due to its greater live synchronized playback, Metastream is our second selection for the Rabbit alternative. It employs its own technology to deliver enhanced live broadcasting to numerous people and with virtually low latency. Besides that, Metastream looks absolutely excellent with on-screen chat, video queuing, and fast user administration.

Further, it supports all major streaming services, including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc. Having stated that, it does not offer popular Rabbit features like streaming downloaded media, camera support, and audio and video support. If you don’t mind that, Metastream is a great option for streaming watch parties, too.

2. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is a popular Rabbit alternative for watching movies, listening to music, or doing Amazon shopping together. The live sync playback is quite excellent, and you won’t encounter any latency while streaming movies or episodes. Keep in mind, however, that, unlike Rabbit, Watch2gether does not use an online virtual machine.

So, be sure to stream video material only to those who have the greatest upload speed. It will make the live-watching experience much better. Apart from that, you get a chat option with GIF support, which is fantastic. Overall, Watch2gether is a fantastic tool for enhancing the social aspects of video viewing.

3. Twoseven

Twoseven is a real-time video-sharing platform where you can watch videos with your friends and family and communicate with them via chat. White Rabbit was a full-fledged software package with capabilities for the live audio commentary, Twoseven did not have that. However, it concentrates on three things: live reaction utilizing the camera, compatibility for maximum video streaming services, and real-time experience without any latency.

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Twoseven provides support for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. It also offers a Chrome addon that enables you to broadcast a video from any website. Simply put, if you are searching for a Rabbit alternative that supports unlimited streaming platforms without affecting the live-watching experience, then Twoseven is a fantastic solution.

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4. SyncLounge

If you’re a Plex user, SyncLounge is a great way to play synced media without any issues. It may not be a comprehensive Rabbit substitute, but if you want a specific co-watching tool for Plex, it performs a terrific job and thrives at it. You can use SyncLounge to connect your Plex collection and create a private room for your friends and family.

Even while SyncLounge utilizes its own server instead of Plex servers to distribute files to several users, the synchronized playback is excellent. Similar to Rabbit, it also enables you to speak with other users, making the video watching experience entirely communal and participatory. Simply said, if you want to enjoy viewing your Plex material with near ones, SyncLounge will take you right home.

5. Airtime

If you are searching for a Rabbit alternative that works effortlessly on smartphones, then there is no better app than Airtime. With Airtime, you can view YouTube videos together, listen to music, group communicate with animated stickers, share sound replies, GIFs, and a lot more. A single room may handle up to ten Airtime users at a time, which should be plenty.

The amazing thing about Airtime is that it offers voice commentary and media playback simultaneously, which was a popular feature of Rabbit. Besides that, you may exchange images, small video clips, and texts all while viewing videos. In summary, Airtime is the greatest app for streaming watch parties on mobile phones and is a complete substitute for Rabbit in terms of functions.

6. Syncplay

Syncplay is a unique program in this list since it allows you to co-play downloaded material on your computer. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Syncplay allows you to stream whatever offline media you’re playing with VLC, Media Player Classic, or MPV to a private room. You may further share the private room with your friends and family, and then everyone can see the video together.

In many aspects, Syncplay is similar to Rabbit but it does not have any interactive elements like chat or audio messages. It has only one purpose: to sync the media player across users and devices and it performs a superb job at that. To summarise, if you are seeking a simple tool that can maintain your media player in sync, then Syncplay is a terrific utility.

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7. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a popular co-watching site that is quite similar to Rabbit in terms of functionality but devoted just to viewing Netflix material. It allows you to watch Netflix along with your loved ones in synchronized video playback. Using the group chat feature, you may engage in real-time conversation with your friends while watching TV or movies.

In addition, the chat function also enables emoticons, GIFs, and typing indicators, which is amazing. The best thing about Netflix Party is that you don’t need to install hefty software since it operates on web browsers easily. However, take note that it does not offer features like a camera or voice commentary, so there is that. To sum up, Netflix Party is a fantastic solution for those people who wish to watch Netflix and chill together.

8. is surely among the greatest Rabbit alternatives since it allows you to view films together in a smooth manner. It has merged numerous video streaming sources including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion under its interface. You may immediately play videos on the internet and other people in your room can view films in exact sync.

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In addition, you may quickly and easily send links to other websites’ URLs and watch videos with your friends. You have a chat option with emoji support, which is nice for engagement. Keep in mind, though, that there is no support for a webcam or audio. All in all, is a promising platform for watching videos together, and you should absolutely try it once.

9. ShareTube

ShareTube is a simple tool that enables you to view YouTube videos with your loved ones in a basic manner. You merely have to establish a room and share a YouTube URL to play the material in sync with other users. There is also a group chat option that might offer some degree of engagement among the participants in your room.

It does not provide many of the popular features of Rabbit, but ShareTube does what it is designed to do. I would recommend ShareTube if you want a no-nonsense experience of watching YouTube videos with your friends and family instantly.

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10. Rave

Rave is another Rabbit alternative for cellphones that unexpectedly works nicely. It contains all the normal functions, like viewing Netflix together and interactivity at the same time. Similar to Rabbit, you can watch stuff from Google Drive, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more. The sync playback is pretty nice and works without any difficulties.

There is also an option for voice chat, but you can’t video chat while watching video material. The coolest aspect of Rave is that you can play music and sync with other cellphones to create a loudspeaker. All in all, Rave is terrific software for watching media material with loved ones on a smartphone and undoubtedly rates among the top Rabbit alternatives.

11. Parsec

You may invite people to your video stream so they can see the material in real-time and without any latency concerns. With game streaming, your friends may comment in real-time and you can connect with them while viewing movies and shows. Of course, Parsec is not meant for streaming video material, and also, other members can’t control the playback. However, it does deliver improved synchronized playback, and that is the key benefit of Rabbit. In tandem, Parsec may be fairly beneficial, provided you are satisfied with synchronized playback and one-directional control.

12. AnimeParty

AnimeParty is our final Rabbit option in our list, which is designed just for streaming and viewing anime material together. It’s a no-frills service that enables you to build a private room and then share the room with your pals. You may start viewing anime right away because it has a library full of it.

There’s also an option for group chat, so you’re covered in terms of engagement. Besides that, the sync playback is fairly decent, and you will not encounter major problems while streaming videos. To put it straight, if you are an anime aficionado and are searching for a rabbit-like co-watching platform, then AnimeParty is a good choice.

Final Words

Watch Videos Together with the Best Rabbit Alternatives So that was our list of the 12 finest Rabbit alternatives, which are good both in terms of features and functionality. We have assured you that all the recommended applications offer outstanding synchronized playback, so no matter which one you use, you will have a great experience watching videos with your friends and family.

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In addition, specific apps and services are available for specific websites and devices. Anyway, that is all from us. Please leave a comment to let us know if you enjoyed our content.

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