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Top 12 Best Strategy Games for Mac In 2022

A serious gamer will always choose specialized consoles to play games on. However, there are several categories that are the best strategy games for mac. And one such genre is strategy games. You can enjoy all of the thrills and fun on your Mac by simply using your mouse and keyboard. Take a look at some of the finest strategy games for mac.

Top 12 Best Strategy Games for Mac In 2022

For obvious reasons, the Mac isn’t the preferred operating system in the world of gaming. But, owing to some amazing creators and publishing sites like Steam, Mac users have a fair variety. Even if you can’t play GTA V on your new MacBook Pro, there are some fantastic strategy games for Mac. In this post, we have included some of the finest strategy games for mac. Some of them require high-end graphics, while others may be run on older, less powerful computers.

We have also included system requirements along with each of the titles. Most of the strategy games for mac are accessible via Steam. However, if you are interested, you may obtain standalone versions as well. Shall we check out the list, then?

1. Democracy 3

strategy games for mac

For the Mac, there’s no better political strategy game than 2 Democracy 3. It’s available via Steam and it offers tonnes of extra downloadable content too. One of the popular simulation games, Democracy 3, wants you to be a leader. The scenario is situated in western industrialized society, and you have to confront all sorts of concerns, from crime to climate warming. It offers a fantastic user interface that enhances the strategy playing experience. In this game of politics, each of your decisions matters.

2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

strategy games for mac

If you are looking for a strategy game featuring tactical gameplay, make sure you play XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As the chief of a paramilitary group, you have to safeguard the Earth from a probable extraterrestrial invasion. You’ll engage in the ground battle, action, and strategy in this graphically packed game. There are also some role-playing components in the game, in case you are interested. The game contains a large number of missions that you may keep playing.

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1. 0 A D

strategy games for mac

Let’s start with something entirely free. 0 A D is an open-source strategy game for the Mac. When you start the game, you’re a leader who is eager for the task. Using the resources nearby, you have to construct your civilization and knockdown adversaries ahead. Quite strangely, the game features a war between two separate civilizations, one from 500AD and the other one from 500BC. It’s still under construction, and there may be a few glitches. Still, 0 A D is a must-check out.

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4. Civilization V

strategy games for mac

Civilization V is where you become the ruler of a civilization that progresses from previous eras to the current one. As you guide the folks, you will uncover additional people and technology. You have to apply your strategies when it comes to creating your area as well as battle. It comes with an excellent UI that helps you manage your world effortlessly. You may keep downloading new maps to explore so that you never grow tired of Civilization V.

5. StarCraft II

strategy games for mac

StarCraft II is one of the greatest Mac strategy games you can acquire if you want to take your game to the stars. Once you have established your base, you may start creating an army. After that, you have to command the army to overcome the opponents and conquer the galaxy. There are three separate races in the game that play in various modes. It does not matter which one you select; you need the appropriate strategy to lead your squad and win.

6. This War of Mine

strategy games for mac

This War of Mine is a fantastic Mac game that requires both strategy and survival methods. Instead of being a super-soldier with weapons, you have become a citizen. Making your way through radars and focused snipers, it is your mission to safeguard you and others. You must keep everyone accountable for their actions, so making the right choices is critical. It comes with excellent visuals and is one of the most unique gameplay experiences. There is more downloadable stuff too.

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7. Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition

8 Sproggiwood

The Emperor Edition of Total War: Rome II is one of the finest Mac strategy games. It’s set during the early civilization of Rome when you take on the role of the emperor. From political decisions to action-rich fights, you have to make judgments based on strategy. The Total War series is known for its versatility, and the Emperor Edition of Total War: Rome II takes that a step further. Everything you do has an impact on the final product.

8. Sproggiwood

strategy games for mac

Even if you’re not an expert in Finnish mythology, you will appreciate Sproggiwood. It has been filled with an outstanding design and plot. You start off as a farmer, but you come across a ghost and a rivalry between civilizations. What happens next depends on your actions and decisions. Sproggiwood lets you foster several classes and train them for combat. It’s a roguelike game, and you get the normal elements like looting as well as construction possibilities.

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9. Mount & Blade: Warband

strategy games for mac

Are you ready to journey towards the throne of Calradia? To achieve that, you have to prepare your crew for never-ending fights and fighting. Mount & Blade: Warband is one of the most graphics-rich games for the Mac, and it provides 64-player online gaming conflicts as well. Being a king means having to choose both personal and political decisions, even your marriage. In summary, it includes some great RPG features too. If you enjoy high-quality gaming, this could be a good choice for you.

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10. Robothorium: Rogue-Like RPG

strategy games for mac

When it comes to role-playing and strategy, Robothorium: This rogue-like RPG is hard to beat. Just in case you intended to be a savior for mankind, sorry. Robothorium: Rogue-Like RPG invites you to be the leader of a revolt against mankind. You have to assemble a robot-based attack team and conquer the foolish beings in the world. Of course, you need to have a suitable strategy; otherwise, you fail. The game comes with turn-by-turn strategies, online multiplayer, and more.

11. Europa Universalis IV

strategy games for mac

Europa Universalis IV is a strategy game that takes you over a long period of time. You have to develop your civilization and see how it endures the test of time. More choices are available in Europa Universalis IV than in most other strategy games. As you travel over a large enough area, you may become acquainted with various systems such as trading and commerce. It also offers cross-platform multiplayer games where your strategy and battle are equally crucial.

12. Total War: SHOWGUN 2

strategy games for mac

Another entry from the Total War series, Total War: ShoWGUN 2 is set in an era when Japan is going through a hard time. You have to be the clan leader and deliver consolation through your political decisions and more. The clan will conquer regions and spread the empire to other places, while you have to make the proper judgments. Thanks to the expanding community, you may play online multiplayer missions as well. In terms of visuals and gameplay, it’s hard not to be impressed by this game.

Final Words

Most of these strategy games for mac can run on the latest Macs, subject to storage capacity and performance. So, you may focus on buying a game of your liking instead of worrying about compatibility. Also, if you think you know of any other fantastic strategy games for Mac, please let us know in the comments.

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