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Top 20 Best Grabify Alternatives Track IP address in 2021

Since cybercrime is on the rise, IT experts have created a number of systems that can trace the IP address of any online violator’s account. These platforms use specialized technology to discover a person’s IP address and process other information about that person. Grabify Alternatives is one such website, and it is commonly used by users to trace IP addresses. Do you want to know why Grabify Alternatives is the most popular IP tracker and shortener? Or would you like to identify other Grabify Alternatives websites that you may utilize, such as Grabify? Continue reading to find out!

Top 20 Best Grabify Alternatives Track IP address in 2021

Grabify will often load your URL searches in a matter of seconds. You can’t get enough of its easy operation and efficient URL search results. All you have to do is load your URL and produce a URL address. This generated address can be provided to a person in order to determine their IP address. However, owing to Grabify Alternatives popularity, the target individual, or “catfish,” can recognize your plan.

As a result, Grabify’s engineers created the URL Customization area, in which you may rebuild your URL. You may add sites like, 5.GP, and to your URL and email it to that individual. If such a person hits the URL, you will obtain their IP address and other information. Nonetheless, Grabify Alternatives operators have created a clever logger, which is a champion at extracting more individuals’ data. That is the location, phone, charge level, charging status, and other fascinating information about your ‘catfish’. We can say a lot about Grabify, but it’s also important to look into Grabify Alternatives.

1. IP logger

Grabify Alternatives

Some consider the IP logger to be Grabify’s second-in-command. Unlike Grabify, which only has ‘create URL’ and ‘Tracking code’ choices on its site, the IP logger has additional alternatives. Among these symbols are “URL & Image Shortener,” “Invisible Image,” “Location Tracker,” and “IP Tracker.” You will surely like the IP logger’s renowned Invisible picture symbol. Using an IP logger to generate an invisible picture ULR baits your victim into clicking the URL without realizing it (since he or she cannot see). Isn’t that a clever ploy? There is also a geo-logger that processes your target’s unique GPS details like location, type of device, phone number, browser, and other information.

2. XResolver

Grabify Alternatives

Because the Gamertag always has an IP address concealed behind it, Xresolver resolves the IP address buried in the Gamertag. Xresolver sniffs all packets sent over an Xbox party chat connection and fixes the IPs of everyone in that party or who played a game with you. Notably, ARP sniffing is a sniffer tool in resolver. This program starts with a tracker and a port scanner to collect all packets exchanged during a party or gaming session. Port 3074 is mainly utilized by Xbox, which routes all intercepted internet traffic through it.

3. PSN Resolver

Grabify Alternatives

PSN resolver is a program that employs sniffer technology to convert PSN (Playstation Network) IDs to IP addresses and vice versa. A PSN resolver selects IPS from a stream of data in the PSN network, similar to how DNS processes IPs from their domain names on a web request. When you visit a PSN resolver site, you will see an input spacebar where you may enter your target’s PSN login or ID. The PSN resolver can obtain the IP address and PSN ID of a PS4 user that you wish to trace. An Octosniff tool in a PSN resolver will likewise immediately submit your IP to a PSN resolver.

4. WhatIsMyIPAddress

Grabify Alternatives

WhatisMyIPaddress offers an IP lookup tool where you can trace IP information. All you have to do is enter the IP address into their search field and press the search button. The results of your victim’s information, such as location, appear in a short period of time. Furthermore, in this situation, you can use either IPv4 or IPv6. Most importantly, when it comes to the new IPv6 format, our website has designed it neatly. Aside from whatIsMyIPaddress’s IP lookup, there are additional tools you may utilize. Among these tools are proxy check, monitoring email, breach leak check, speed test, blacklist check, and many more.

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5. IP Location

Grabify Alternatives

If geolocation is your primary issue with IP addresses, then IP location is the way to go. The geolocation tag is used to display where your person of interest lives. Unlike other IP-finding sites, IP Location accepts all IP types, including the latest IPv6. You may also look for the IP Lookup’s domain name. After loading your IP, information such as the person’s location, ISP, proxy, browser, user agents, and other facts become available. Aside from this site’s tracking, you may also use IP to disguise or alter your IP address. It is also useful for tracking IP addresses via email.

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6. IP Tracker

Grabify Alternatives

IP tracker, like an IP logger, traces your victim’s IP and provides additional personal information about that individual. These sensitive facts include a person’s precise residence, the phone they are using, the browser kind, and much more. What makes IP tracker special is that it employs innovative and up-to-date IP tracking technology to get superior results. So, what are these technologies?

They are as follows. It enables you to track multiple IP addresses within your Local Area Network (LAN). IP Locator enables you to discover and track an IP address on a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Whols IP lookup: this tool retrieves critical information from an IP address for a specified domain. Email tracking detects an email sender’s location when it comes to extracting IPs from emails.


Grabify Alternatives

Coping with provides a one-of-a-kind IP tracing and website monitoring service. TraceMyIp tracks real people analyze your website’s performance, and improves SEO lead bots and spiders. This site may also utilize email reminders for IP reporting. TraceMyIp employs the HTTPS/SSL protocol for safe tracking. You will also receive sophisticated HTML or JavaScript code that monitors online snoopers or visitors based on their domain name or surname.

8. ipTRACKERonline

Grabify Alternatives

Despite the fact that TRACKERonbline requires you to purchase their package and obtain their legitimate eke, they nevertheless provide a trial mode. When you visit their website, you will see two spacebars: one for IPv4 or IPv6, and the other for the key. Once you’ve filled all of the spacebars, the system will take you to a map where the position of the person you’re looking for will be identified. Other information such as the individual’s ISP, nation, city, area code, or latitude is displayed. Other TRACKERonline tools such as DNS record finder, whois, and email analyzer are also available. The Whois tool, for example, queries domain providers about the people to whom they have allocated a domain.


Grabify Alternatives

If you’re looking for a way to trace a misplaced phone, an Aruljohn could be a good option. You can track not just a phone, but also email addresses and IP addresses. If you put all of those elements in one location, you will be a master tracker capable of apprehending snoopers or cybercriminals. All you need is your IP address, email address, or phone number to enter into the spacebar next to their track IP address. When it comes to email tracking, Aruljohn employs sophisticated technology that spoofs the email’s header and can determine who, when, and where the email was sent.

10. Bitly

Grabify Alternatives

With bitly, you may discover one of the finest link managers. It will not only create a connection for you, but it will also monitor and incorporate critical company data on that link. Bitly will also ensure a safe URL that is HTTPS encoded. This is the place you visit if you are a firm looking to combine your URL with an important API (Application Program Interface). Bitly may also personalize your URL for SMS mode if you wish to contact your clients. On that point, there are over 700 integrations available for usage with bitly.

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11. MetaShort

Grabify Alternatives

You require a URL condenser that includes SEO-friendly sites. Simply load the URL, put it into the MetaShort URL field, and click the shortener icon. As Meta tags, Metashort generates SEO domains such as the title, keywords, and description. Because of this SEO function, the MetaShort URL shortener is commonly utilized with social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Fortunately, meta short developers create links that do not necessitate the usage of complex Meta tags all of the time.

12. Linktree

Grabify Alternatives

Is it great to interact with all of your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or Twitter fans and followers? With Linktree, you can invite your social network followers to read a post, watch a video, or view a photo with a single click. Even when selling items on social media platforms such as Instagram, everyone sees it. You simply need to open and register on the linktree website and then enter your name into the base URL ‘’. From there, you can manage any social network account by simply dragging and dropping it into the linktree box.

13. Trim

Grabify Alternatives

Do you want to use advertisements on a website to create client leads and money for your company? As a result, visit the website. allows you to build ad-like custom URLs that enhance your site’s click-through rate (CTR) and so increase ad earnings and viewership. The site is also genuine since you must register your information. Furthermore, the branded domains may be tracked via social media and advertisements. As a result, combines a company’s revenue information, customer service management, marketing, and other services into a single track. also offers link retargeting and a UTM builder. It traces the origin of the connection to the UTM builder.

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Grabify Alternatives

Fantastic URL generators are ones that you can try out for free before purchasing.URL shorteners like Golink are difficult to come by. When you visit the GOlinks website, you will be able to choose between free and premium choices. Furthermore, GOlink-generated URLs are utilized for search engine traffic. This is because the URLs contain keywords and titles that allow for quick access to websites. Still, you’ll like having some informational URLs to pick from on the dashboard. As a result, your team will not be lacking in material.

15. Rebrandly

Grabify Alternatives

Have you heard of the concept of brand URLs? These aren’t your typical generic URLs like,, and others. Obtaining branding connections from companies like Rebrandly is crucial for obtaining custom domains. Simply access the Rebrandly website, paste or write the URL in the space bar below, and then click the ‘shorten Url’ button. Still, there is a demo or join-up for free option with Rebrandly.

If you want effective results from Rebrandly, you must consider payment choices. Furthermore, there are several advantages to adopting Rebrandly. They include expanding an online audience, measuring CTRs, boosting SEO searches, and increasing the workflow rate. Rebrandly, on the other hand, enhances and manages your brand by integrating your brand name into the link it generates.

16. BioLinky

Grabify Alternatives

Do you wish to condense all of your information or material into a single link? Then choose BioLinky. This website generates an appealing webpage that you will like sharing with your friends. Furthermore, the site is straightforward to use and follows the directions. The BioLinky URL includes shareable domains that you can distribute to followers on Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. Even if you are successful in sending links to pals, you may still track their views. The same is true for business owners that want to expand their market leads. First, BioLinky will create a brand domain for your firm that you may utilize with advertisements. On your website, you can then track your company’s product viewing, comments, and subscriptions.

Grabify Alternatives

When you are on a marketing endeavor, you need a site that allows numerous URLs in a single link, which is only possible with a unique URL shortener like Manylink. As a result, you can utilize Manylink to lead potential buyers to several URLs that highlight your items. All you have to do to get started with Manylink is create an account. In this instance, you should complete your personal information and log in to obtain a URL for a Manylink. You have complete control over which domains you want to use and how you want your brand domain to appear in the Manylink URL.

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18. Shorten.REST

Grabify Alternatives

Go to Shorten. Rest’s website is one of the safest URL shorteners. Rest offers a plethora of URL domain formats, including social, advertising, SMS, and others. You’ll also appreciate Shorten.precise, REST’s concise, and personalized connections. You can also change the links to the localized or theme language that your audience prefers. Another advantage of the shortener is that it runs on higher-traffic servers. Through the Shorten, you receive some insight into your site’s internet transmission pattern.

The rest will follow. Aside from that, Shorten.Rest makes use of cloud technology, which allows your audience to view your links more quickly. Finally, SSL technologies encrypt and safeguard your data against snoopers and hackers. As a result, acquire this product as quickly as possible; your friends will attest to the attractiveness of your URL.

19. Short Menu

Grabify Alternatives

If you’re using IOS or Mac, you’ll need a URL shortener like Short Menu. When you visit its website, you will see a three-lined menu that allows you to pick between MAC and IOS. When you click on MAC, the system copies the link address from your clipboard and shortens it in a few minutes. The same methods apply to IOS as they do to MAC. According to user feedback, Short Menu is one of the fastest and most clever link shorteners. It also has a URL customization area with Rebrandly, Google, and Hive small,, and cloud app. Using the Short menu is still versatile due to the phone’s widget app.

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20. TL;DR-ify

Grabify Alternatives

Learn about the TL;DR-ify URL shortener for text choices, particularly as a Chrome extension. You must first install the TL;DR-ify software from the bookmark icon menu or utilize a Google Chrome extension. Then, on a website, find and copy a paragraph that you want to share with your pals. Open the TL;DR-ifY platform and modify the highlighted text-containing link. To optimize the URL, use the URL shortener option in TL;DR-ify. After that, you may share the created link with your friends.

1. Are URL shorteners safe?

Some shorteners are safer than others, depending on the kind. However, it is important to understand that not all shorteners are completely safe. This is because hackers may simply guess them if they identify the root domain you use on such URLs.

2. Is there a difference between IP trackers and IP lookup tools?

IP trackers and IP lookup tools are becoming interchangeable. However, IP trackers and IP lookups were established in the past for a variety of reasons. The IP tracker was created to check your IP information, whereas the IP lookup was created to check the IP of another person.

3. What is the distinction between generic URL optimizers and customized URL optimizers?

The general shorteners are the domains provided by the site, such as,,, and others. Using customized URLs, you, on the other hand, utilize your trademarks and other domain forms to construct your URL.

Final Words

The URL shorteners described above are only a few examples of the hundreds of URL modifiers available. It is up to you to select the best option for creating a personalized URL with secure domains. Always go with shorter Grabify Alternatives sites that produce branded domains for your business and have more internet traffic. Finally, when using paid or premium domains, be sure the Grabify Alternatives site allows you to try it before paying.

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