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Top 8 Best Rain Shower heads For Your Bathroom in 2021

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One of the simplest ways to update your bathroom is to replace your old showerhead with a rain showerhead. Even if you can’t install a ceiling-mounted showerhead, there are lots of broad, wall-mounted heads that can simulate the sense of rainfall. Some of these flexible showerheads even feature handheld heads or shower arms to round out your new shower arrangement. Check out the brief evaluations of our top five rain shower heads below, or continue reading for more useful buying advice and complete reviews of those models, as well as additional high-ranking alternatives.

Top 8 Best Rain Shower heads For Your Bathroom in 2021

With so many shower alternatives, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s never been simpler to design your perfect luxury shower experience to help you relax after a hard day. You may even do this without visiting a showroom; simply measure your current rain shower head, select the type you like, and we will send it directly from our warehouse to your door, Australia-wide. Choose from our large selection of showers at rates to fit every budget.

The usual shower lasts eight minutes—that time may be spent attempting to clean your entire body under a little shower head, or it can be spent allowing the warm water to nearly fully cover you due to a larger rain shower head. These oversized rain shower heads simulate bathing in the rain and are intended to promote relaxation. The finest rain shower head with lights provides water that pours down over the top of your head at exactly the correct pressure and is constructed with low-maintenance components. A rain shower seems opulent, but it’s a cheap way to upgrade your bathroom by just replacing your old rain shower head. This information might assist you in determining which rain shower head is ideal for you.

Showering equipment

Shower systems include an overhead shower for a long, sensual bath, as well as a hand-held shower for days when you don’t want to get your hair wet. They provide a comprehensive shower experience that combines the finest of both worlds.

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads are ideal for a relaxing full-body bath. And, surprise, look at the WELS rating; our high-quality branded rain shower heads are tailored to Australian standards, so you can conserve water while enjoying a luxurious shower experience. For days when you don’t want to get your hair wet, rain showers may need to be paired with a hand shower (and mixer diverter).

Wall-mounted Showers

As the name implies, wall shower heads, when coupled with a fixed or adjustable arm, are attached directly to the wall. We provide a wide variety of designs and shower pattern types to meet your needs.

Showers on the Go

Hand-held shower heads are an excellent complement to overhead rain showers and are equally useful on their own. They are portable and may be used to wash your body and hair, as well as to conveniently clean the shower area. WELS ratings are required for all showers marketed in Australia. They consume less water while still providing an excellent shower.

Water pressure and flow rate

Flow rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM), is not synonymous with water pressure, but rather the amount of water used by a showerhead. Most rain shower heads have a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, but if you want to save money on your water bill, look for a showerhead with a flow rate of 2 GPM or less! Some states, such as New York and Colorado, demand a flow rate of 2.0 GPM or less, whereas California has a lower minimum of 1.8 GPM. Showerheads with lesser flow rates, on the other hand, might have higher water pressure. Keep in mind that if your shower already has poor water pressure, a rain shower head may not be the ideal solution for you.

Because a bigger showerhead distributes the same quantity of water across a larger surface area, you may experience less pressure. If this is the case for you, we propose a few two-in-one showerheads that enable you to choose between spray settings—the ideal compromise if you live with individuals who have different tastes.

How We Selected and Rated Them

To find the best rain showerheads, we looked at eight professional sources, including Good Housekeeping, The Spruce, and Wirecutter, as well as customer reviews. Our Consumer Score reflects the percentage of customers who gave the product at least four out of five stars on shopping and review sites such as Amazon and Home Depot.

1. Moen S6320 Showerhead

According to The Spruce, the best adjustable showerhead is the Moen S6320, an eight-inch-diameter circular showerhead with 100 nozzles and a simple lever that allows you to quickly alter the water settings between full and concentrated spray. It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and Moen’s immersion technology, which it says is three times more powerful than competing showerheads. This type does not include an arm, so you may utilize an existing arm or choose a new one, such as Moen’s curved shower arm or overhead shower arm. Though this model is a little expensive, we appreciate that it comes in four different finishes: chrome, brushed gold, brushed nickel, and bronze.

2. Kohler K-22169-G-CP Forte 1.75 GPM Multifunction Showerhead

The Kohler Forte performed admirably in Good Housekeeping’s lab tests and was simple to install with no tools. Even though it’s smaller, it’ll fit better in tiny showers and still has a full-coverage spray, pulsing massage, and silk spray. The shower arm and flange are also available individually, making it simple to replace your current showerhead with the Forte.

3. Delta Faucet 5-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head

The Delta Faucet 5-Spray In2ition is a fantastic choice if you want a rain showerhead without giving up the convenience of a handheld wand. The handheld wand with a six-foot hose attaches directly to the overhead showerhead, making it flexible while remaining a small solution for most showers. Full body, entire body massage, rapid massage, drenching, and pause are among the five-strong spray modes. Delta’s goods also come with a lifetime limited guarantee.

4. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Rain Shower Head System

A shower head that is mounted straight overhead, rather than slanted towards the shower wall, is the best way to simulate the impression of genuine rainfall. SR Sun Rise manufactures some of the greatest overhead mounts, including this 10-inch head, which is available in chrome, black, nickel, and bronze finishes. It includes a handheld shower wand, a 15-inch shower arm, and a 10-year guarantee. “Unlike most current faucet sets, this thing is constructed of real metal, not chrome-plated plastic,” one Amazon reviewer remarked. It’s made of strong metal and has a thick chrome coating.” If you wish to experiment with a ceiling-mounted showerhead, SR Sun Rise also has a 12-inch ceiling-mounted system available.

5. HotelSpa Giant 10

Anyone who has ever done a bathroom makeover understands how fast the expenses can add up. Fortunately, HotelSpa sells a low-cost square rain showerhead that may bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom without breaking the bank. The 10-inch stainless steel shower head has solid brass, extendable, and height-adjustable arm, which allows you to raise or lower the rain shower head by up to two feet to ensure it works best with your shower and height. HotelSpa also provides a lifetime limited guarantee, but several Amazon reviewers reported that the seam on the head separated after months of usage.

6. American Standard Spectra Plus Rain 11-Inch Shower Head

American Standard provides excellent rain showerheads at an affordable price, such as this 11-inch Spectra+ rain showerhead. Because a shower arm is not included, you can use this round head with an existing arm or buy a new overhead right-angle shower arm. With a maximum flow rate of 2.5GPM and a pressure-compensating mechanism, this head will deliver a steady flow even if you have a broad water-pressure range.

7. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head Combo

When you need the relaxing impact of a moderate downpour, this luxurious 9-inch shower head from DreamSpa can help you relax in the shower. This size is large enough to fall across both shoulders but not so large that it takes up too much space in the shower. This rain shower head combines the best of both sizes, with a 4.75-inch square handheld showerhead and a 5-foot stainless-steel hose that you can switch on for rapid and efficient showers with 2.5 GPM of force. Instead of twisting a dial like other showerheads, the handheld showerhead includes a simple push-button flow control that allows you to modify the setting with one hand. This showerhead is suitable for most showers since it has rub-clean jets for simple cleaning and a high-fashion design with a chrome finish over ABS plastic.

8. SparkPod Shower Head – High Pressure Rain

SparkPod’s rain shower head comes with two water pressure options: 1.8 GPM for conserving water and 2.5 GPM for blasting you with more pressure in the rain mode. This shower head is made of very durable BPA-free ABS plastic and has a chrome-plated finish to complement most household showers. The 6-inch rain shower head features 90 easy-to-clean rubber jets and is rustproof and resistant to water deposits such as limescale, making it a low-maintenance shower head. This rain shower head has a maximum flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which is the highest amount of water pressure available. This rain shower head is simple to install; no tools are necessary. Simply screw it into the wall where your old shower head was.

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