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Top 8 Best Rolling Tool Box for Garage & Workshop 2021

Ensuring all of your tools are conveniently available when you need them is the key to completing home DIY chores quickly and successfully. If your rolling tool box collection has outgrown its kitchen drawer or tiny toolbox—or is just dispersed around your home—it’s time to invest in a dedicated tool cabinet.

Top 8 Best Rolling Tool Box for Garage & Workshop 2021

These huge units offer a plethora of organizing choices for a wide range of rolling tool box kinds and sizes, and some are even intended to hold tiny bolts and screws. They are often not inexpensive, but the time and space they save make them an excellent investment.

What to Think About

Choosing a mobile rolling tool box or work cabinet may be difficult, especially if you’re new to the trade. You want to make sure you have adequate space for your tool collection, but you also don’t want to acquire anything that would take up more space than you require. You should also consider your mobility. If you want to move your rolling tool box, you should probably go with one of our alternatives with a lower center of gravity and chunkier wheels—these are much simpler to roll over rough or uneven terrain.

How We Decided

As a former home and commercial carpenter, I spent hundreds of hours in woodshops designing, fabricating, and assembling custom furniture. I depended on high-quality rolling toolboxes to keep all of my tools and accessories within easy reach. And we’ve been evaluating tools and rolling tool box like these at PopMech for decades. We have a wall of them in our shop where we keep everything we need for testing, designing projects, and putting out repair manuals.

We are well-versed in and have preferences for all types of mobile tool chests and work cabinets. We used that knowledge to put up this list of choices, keeping in mind that each client has distinct storage needs and is at a different level in their DIY career. We’re certain that whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, you’ll discover a suitable choice.

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1. WEN Rolling Tool Chest Seat

rolling tool boxDon’t be misled by the inexpensive price of this WEN model; it has just as much capability as higher-priced alternatives. We like the broad cushioned top, which is covered by heavy-duty vinyl and gives a comfy seat while you roll around the garage or workshop. It has three 2.25-inch-high storage drawers and a slotted storage tray on the back of the device with 16 tool slots. Its strong metal frame can handle up to 350 pounds in total weight, and the magnetic trays protect your fasteners from sliding around your workstation.

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  • When not in use, storage trays flip up.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Design that is lightweight


  • There isn’t as much storage capacity as in larger units.
  • There is no lock.

2. TANKSTORM Heavy Duty Rolling Tool Cart

rolling tool box

Those who don’t have a lot of garage space but still need a lot of tool storage may find this Tankstorm model to be precisely what they’re searching for. We like how this choice has a multipurpose design with side-mounted hooks for hanging items, a handle for easier driving, and a side-tray with convenient screwdriver holes built-in. Two of the four rolling wheels may be locked in place, preventing the device from moving about as you work. A pair of drawers provide easy access to frequently used tools, and a locked bottom cabinet is ideal for storing bigger power tools.


  • Powder-coated finish Arrives partially built.
  • There are four color options available.


  • It is possible that the small size will be bothersome.

3. Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box

rolling tool box

This model’s 7-inch rubber tires are our favorite feature since they are significantly more durable and allow for better mobility than most competitors. Its detachable bins are also quite useful, allowing you to easily organize and reach your fasteners, anchors, and other tiny hardware. Instead of a single huge compartment for your heavy tools and equipment, a convenient adjustable partition lets you tailor it to your individual needs. Its 66-pound weight capacity is insufficient for use as a seat, but it is sufficient to accommodate a small tool collection.

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  • cost-effectiveness
  • The mechanism for locking


  • Waterproofing is not possible.

4. Goplus Stackable Rolling tool box

rolling tool box

Its plastic components aren’t tough enough for a high-volume workplace, but for the occasional do-it-yourselfer, this might be a wonderful option. This type is designed to divide into two boxes, allowing you to remove and take only the tools you need while leaving the rest behind. If you truly want to travel light, simply load the tool tray with what you need. The top of the box has eight storage sections to keep your hardware organized, and the translucent lids allow you to take a fast inventory without opening it up.


  • Because it is made of plastic, it is quite light.
  • There are several storage possibilities.
  • Low price


  • not intended for heavy-duty usage.

5. CRAFTSMAN Rolling 10-Drawer Tool Cabinet

rolling tool box

It’s not the cheapest choice, but if you’re looking for a tough tool chest that can withstand frequent usage while still keeping your tools safe and secure, this model could be worth the cost. The outstanding 1,500-pound load capacity implies that you can pack this cabinet with an incredible quantity of tools, and the 2-inch-wide wheels will still rotate and revolve properly. The soft-close slides on its ten drawers are a great addition, giving your cabinet a high-end feel while minimizing noisy bangs and smashes.

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  • Custom-made socket organizers
  • On top of the cabinet, there is a large workstation.


  • It is expensive and quite hefty.

6. Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

rolling tool box

We like the Goplus model’s flexibility, which allows you to detach the lowest drawers and use them as a separate rolling tool box—ideal for times you need to be more mobile than the entire unit allows. You could even put the rolling tool box on top of the chest and utilize the free space underneath to store bulky goods. A side-mounted handle makes it easy to push and drag about your shop, and the glossy surface prevents rust and corrosion. This long-lasting finish, along with the steel structure, makes this an exceptionally sturdy option.

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  • The drawer glides with ball bearings.
  • Four hooks on the outside
  • Drawers with locks


  • heavier than the majority.

7. Keter Rolling Tool Chest

rolling tool box

This Keter model’s polypropylene material makes it both sturdy and lightweight—two crucial characteristics if you intend to use this chest both indoors and outdoors. It will not rust or damage like metal items, and at only 26 pounds, it is easier to move than larger ones. Its 16 detachable storage bins make it ideal for individuals who need to manage a large number of tiny fasteners, washers, and accessories, and dividers let you adapt it to your exact needs. A central locking mechanism secures the drawers, preventing them from unintentionally opening during travel.


  • The wheels are sturdy and may be removed if desired.


  • It is not locked with a key.

8. Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet

rolling tool box

This cabinet’s wooden work surface distinguishes it from comparable versions and makes it more usable than metal or plastic-topped alternatives. We also like how the handle spans the length of the device, making it easy to push and pull anywhere you need to go. The powder-coated steel structure also makes it tough enough to withstand the rigors of a busy workshop, and the rubber covers on the corners protect anything else it could collide with. Separate locks let you choose whether to lock the storage cabinet or the drawers or both.


  • capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Shelves can support up to 40 pounds of weight.
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  • Assembly is difficult.
  • greater weight

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