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Uses of ThunderBolt3 port

ThunderBolt 3 is port through which many peripheral types can be connected with the computer or laptop.  The name of this port indicates its speed.  Moreover, it’s a versatile port and it uses the USB-C connector for connecting most of the devices. This advanced port have many advantages. Let’s have some discussion on the  uses of ThunderBolt 3 port. 

More than one Display connection

The ThunderBolt 3 can connect most of the displays to the computer. How it connects the computer with the display is it sends the video through the cable by using the displayport 1.2 video standards. This port allow the user connecting any monitor that is equipped with display port. The another good thing regarding the thunderbolt 3 port is that it supports connecting the two 4K displays at 60 fps another 4k display at 120fps and the 5k display at 60 fps.  So if you have laptop with ThunderBolt 3 you can connect multiple 4k devices with it. 

The External Graphics

ThuderBolt 3 is not just a simple cable that can perform at high speeds, but also its technology is based on PCIe3 bus system use for connecting the computer components.  The component of the system that uses this connectivity is GPU that is housed inside the computer. It uses the PCIe interface inside the computer for connectivity. If you want to connect it externally PCI expansion chassis with a ThunderBolt 3 interface is used.  If your system has ability of connecting the graphics card externally then it would be easy for you to upgrade graphics cards. 


The another best application of ThuderBolt 3 is its charging feature. It delivers 100 watts of power so it can simultaneously charge the device and also it can be charged by another device. So its best part is that you can connect your laptop with external displays and also you can charge it on same time. 

High speed data transfer

As we also have discussed earlier that ThunderBolt 3 transfers data with more speed than any other port. The other old versions cant transfer the data at the speed Thunderbolt 3 do it. It can transfer data at the speed of 40Gbps that is more than enough for a user and it four times speedy than USB-C 3.1. So we have described all the possible uses of ThuderBolt 3 hope you can better understand about it while reading this article.

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