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What is FileRepMalware? All you need to know about this threat

FileRepMalware is a malicious file that can cause a potential threat to your device. This malicious file is created to infect the device. FileRepMalware has various functions, which vary from harmless actions like displaying alerts and messages to completely disabling your device. Before, this known as “Win32: Evo-gen [Susp]”. Win32 means that the file was initially developed for the Windows operating system and will not pose any threat to the Mac operating system as well if present. Simultaneously, the Evo-gen in the name means that FileRepMalware is a generic classification of trojan-type files. However, it is not confirmed yet whether FileRepMalware is trojan or not. 

One of the prevalent symptoms of FileRepMalware is the appearance of advertisements that do not originate from websites that an individual is browsing.  FileRepMalware is a type of malware distributed by a fake tool known as KMSpico that attempts to download and install adware on personal computers. FileRepMalware is also considered as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). Such potentially unwanted programs are explicitly designed to deliver advertisements, popups, and banners unpleasant. These advertisements can popup anytime, leading users to malicious and phishing websites. Hence, users are not suggested to click on such ads, which results in the infection of devices. 

Distribution Methods for FileRepMalware

The distribution of FileRepMalware is done using different methods and ways. The majority of the times, intrusive ads in the form of banners, coupons, and popups are distributed using the bundling method. The use of the bundling method installs 3rd party applications together with wanted applications and software. It is also known as stealth installation. Other forms of standard distributing methods for FileRepMalware are as follows; 

  • Infected email attachments
  • External form of media infected with malware
  • Peer to peer file-sharing networks – infected files
  • Fake updates for your PC

According to research, many users click on malicious ads and then skip when there is an option of download or install. However, this user behavior to an unintentional installation of potentially unwanted programs. If your
PC has anti-virus software; the file will be marked as FileRepMalware if the following conditions are met;

  1. The file is not added to the Avast clean set.
  2. If AV doesn’t recognize the signature or the file is not signed by any publisher. 
  3. The file is not popular or prevalent enough. This means not the majority of the users have downloaded or used the file. 

How to Avoid the Installation of Potentially Unwanted Programs?

No user wishes to have potentially unwanted programs on their PC. In order to prevent your personal computer from these programs and advertisements, the user needs to browse carefully. The users have to be extremely careful while downloading any file or software in order to avoid such ads. Moreover, in order to further avoid the installation of potentially unwanted programs, the user needs to download software from their official website. The attackers can invest in multiple resources to make the advertisements and websites look authentic so the users can be redirected to malicious websites. Therefore, if you are experiencing such kind of redirects, or blue screen errors or your PC starts to behave abnormally, there is a high chance that is infected with potentially unwanted programs. 

How to remove FileRepMalware from PC?

If FileRepMalware has infected your device, you can easily remove it from your system with the help of a reliable anti-virus application. Initially, run a full system scan on your PC with the help of a reliable and authentic anti-virus. This will detect and remove any virus or malicious activity. One of the keys to computer safety is being cautious. You can use free virus scanners. For example, Malwarebytes is one of the most authentic and reliable security scanners which are available for free. You can install it to perform a deep scan on your PC system in order to ensure that there are no files infected. Hence, it is essential to be careful while browsing the website and avoiding clicking on unnecessary advertisements in popups, banners, and coupons. 

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